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Page "First Epistle to the Thessalonians" ¶ 4
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following and arguments
On the other hand, for integer order α, the following relationship is valid ( note that the Gamma function becomes infinite for negative integer arguments ):
Moore argued that once arguments based on the naturalistic fallacy had been discarded, questions of intrinsic goodness could only be settled by appeal to what he ( following Sidgwick ) called " moral intuitions :" self-evident propositions which recommend themselves to moral reflection, but which are not susceptible to either direct proof or disproof ( PE § 45 ).
Scotus's arguments remained controversial, however, particularly among the Dominicans, who were willing enough to celebrate Mary's sanctificatio ( being made free from sin ) but, following the Dominican Thomas Aquinas ' arguments, continued to insist that her sanctification could not have occurred until after her conception.
For example, the following arguments fit the slippery slope scheme with the inductive interpretation:
The following arguments have been put against it:
A function call or syntactic form is written as a list with the function or operator's name first, and the arguments following ; for instance, a function f that takes three arguments might be called using.
The following table summarizes the arguments made by those for and against minimum wage laws:
Commands which take no arguments ( e. g., ) require two following spaces.
Proponents of privatization make the following arguments:
By adopting this Responsum, the CJLS found itself in a position to provide a considered Jewish-law justification for its egalitarian practices, without having to rely on potentially unconvincing arguments, undermine the religious importance of community and clergy, ask individual women intrusive questions, repudiate the halakhic tradition, or label women following traditional practices as sinners.
A message can have more arguments, using the following syntax:
The novel is set in the weeks following Nick's recapture after several years on the run, alternating between moral arguments with his interrogator, who is trying to discover why the program's star pupil had absconded, and flashbacks of his career.
Supporters of traducianism present arguments from the Bible such as the following:
The two main arguments in favor of inclusive language are the following:
Someone took notes on what was said, allowing the teacher to summarise all arguments and present his final position the following day, riposting all rebuttals.
According to Aristotle, Eudoxus put forward the following arguments for this position:
Udayana's Nyayakusumanjali gave the following nine arguments to prove the existence of creative God:
There was also a change in coaching, with Floyd being dismissed in favor of assistant coach and former Bulls co-captain Bill Cartwright, following a series of arguments with players and management.
Many plausible arguments were brought forward by both parties, and those of Sthenelas were considered as fair as those of his opponent ; so the people, who were sitting in judgment, put off, they say, the decision to the following day.
Bokassa frequently got into heated arguments with Jean-Paul Douate, the government's chief of protocol, who admonished him for not following the correct order of seating at presidential tables.
William Jennings Bryan resigned as Secretary of State following Wilson's second note, in which Wilson rejected the German arguments that the British blockade was illegal ; was a cruel and deadly attack on innocent civilians ; and that the Lusitania had been carrying munitions.
That argument is obviously bad, but arguments of the same form can sometimes seem superficially convincing, as in the following example imagined by Alan Turing in the article " Computing Machinery and Intelligence ":

following and have
and if a poll had been taken immediately following the dispatch of troops to Little Rock I believe the majority would have been for the Old South.
Regardless of rights and wrongs, a population and an area appropriate to a pre-World-War- 1 great power have been, following conquest, ruled against their will by a neighboring people, and have had imposed upon them social and economic controls they dislike.
As things turned out, however, we have not profited greatly from the lesson: instead of persistently following a national program of our own we have often been satisfied to be against whatever Soviet policy seemed to be at the moment.
Fiscal year taxpayers have until the last day of the first month following the close of the fiscal year ( farmers until the 15th day of the 2d month ).
Your application must include the following information: ( 1 ) your reasons for requesting an extension, ( 2 ) whether you filed timely income tax returns for the 3 preceding years, and ( 3 ) whether you were required to file an estimated return for the year, and if so whether you did file and have paid the estimated tax payments on or before the due dates.
After the factors just described have been computed, they are applied to the following formula: Af
A final class of exceptional lines is identifiable from the following considerations: Since no two generators of Af can intersect, it follows that their image curves can have no free intersections.
While the interpretations that have been given are inferences only, they gain support from such comments as the following, which was made by one of the Kohnstamm-negative subjects who did not, on the first trial, perceive the tilt illusion.
On the morning following the Pratt Hall meeting the editor of the Providence Daily Journal wrote that although the meeting was milder and less extreme than those held in other areas for similar purposes, it could have been avoided completely.
Since I have already discussed his moral position, that discussion is incorporated by reference into the following pages, which will focus on the empirical and analytic side of Fromm's treatment.
Both index words and electronic switches may have been made unavailable before the start of assignment in one of the following ways.
During the first few days of wearing the appliance and immediately following each adjustment, Susan may have a slight discomfort or soreness, but after a short time this will disappear.
A Georgia soldier gave his wife the following description of the cause and consequence of diarrhoea: `` I have bin a little sick with diorah two or three days.
I think everybody is agreed that we need to hear some voice on the national level that would make some sense and in which we would have some confidence in following.
Their Majesties, The Queen of Carnival and The Queen of Comus, have jointly issued invitations for Shrove Tuesday evening at midnight at which time they will entertain in the grand ballroom of a downtown hotel following the balls of Rex and Comus.
The following have been found effective.
If we have not thought and made a decision entirely in these terms, then we need to submit ourselves to the following `` simple test '': `` Have we decided how we are to kill the other members of our household in the event of our being less injured than they are ''??
But one does not have to affirm the existence of an evil order irredeemable in that sense, or a static order in which no changes will take place in time, to be able truthfully to affirm the following fact: there has never been justitia imprinted in social institutions and social relationships except in the context of some pax-ordo preserved by clothed or naked force.
They do not understand how a small magazine with no advertising and no newsstand sale could have achieved such a following.
This continued most of the week following that ill-starred trip to church, during which period Mike stayed in his room and usually in a trance so deep that Jubal would have pronounced him dead had he not seen it before.
The satirical element of the pamphlet is often only understood after the reader notes the allusions made by Swift to the attitudes of landlords, such as the following: " I grant this food may be somewhat dear, and therefore very proper for Landlords, who as they have already devoured most of the Parents, seem to have the best Title to the Children.
Angola and Vietnam have steadfast partners as both transitioned from Cold War-era foreign policies of international communism to pro-Western pragmatism following the fall of the Soviet Union.

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