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following and year
Exhibited in shows in London in 1935, and in New York the following year, the new, more elaborated abstracts were much favored in the circles of the modernists as three-dimentional dramas of great intellectual coherence.
In the following year her father undertook to give a course in Hebrew theology to Johns Hopkins students, and this brought to the Szold house a group of bright young Jews who had come to Baltimore to study, and who enjoyed being fed and mothered by Mamma and entertained by Henrietta and Rachel, who played and sang for them in the upstairs sitting room on Sunday evenings.
So persistent were these attacks that in March of the following year, Woodruff was finally moved to action, and Pike was to learn his first lesson in frontier politics, the subtle art of diversion.
But Papa's death had further complicated the financing of Tom's hoped-for third year, and for the weeks following it Tom did not know whether his return to Harvard could be arranged.
Fiscal year taxpayers have until the last day of the first month following the close of the fiscal year ( farmers until the 15th day of the 2d month ).
If A taxpayer dies, the executor, administrator, or legal representative must file the final return for the decedent on or before the 15th day of the 4th month following the close of the deceased taxpayer's normal tax year.
Your application must include the following information: ( 1 ) your reasons for requesting an extension, ( 2 ) whether you filed timely income tax returns for the 3 preceding years, and ( 3 ) whether you were required to file an estimated return for the year, and if so whether you did file and have paid the estimated tax payments on or before the due dates.
In addition to direct salaries and wages, the Company paid or accrued during the year the following amounts for the benefit of employees:
The following year he devoted to the customary `` Wanderjahr '', traveling in Germany, France, and the Netherlands, meeting the philosophers Schelling, Fichte, and Tieck.
In the following year, 1803, Oersted, simultaneously with Davy, discovered that acids increased the strength of a voltaic battery more than did salts.
This was extended the following year to include the railroad station agent's office and Thayer's Hotel at Factory Point.
Following the introduction of the talkies, in 1937 he directed child-star Shirley Temple in Heidi and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm the following year.
In the following year he became provisional Principal of the Theological College of Saint Thomas ( from which he had just graduated ), and in 1903 his appointment was made permanent.
Her husband, then Ivo Bligh, took a team to Australia in the following year.
The following year he was put in charge of the Greek games that were staged in honor of the Temple of Venus Genetrix, built by Julius Caesar.
According to the Tanakh, however, Ahab with 7, 000 troops had previously overthrown Ben-hadad and his thirty-two kings, who had come to lay siege to Samaria, and in the following year obtained a decisive victory over him at Aphek, probably in the plain of Sharon at Antipatris ( 1 Kings 20 ).
Reeves reprised the role the following year in the film The Avenger, about Aeneas's arrival in Latium and his conflicts with local tribes as he tries to settle his fellow Trojan refugees there.
The war also marked a watershed in the geo-political history of the region, as together with the Lombard migration the following year, it signalled the end of six centuries of Germanic dominance in the Pannonian Basin.
Joan died in March 1238 in Essex, and in the following year, 1239, Alexander remarried.
Haakon rejected the claim, and in the following year responded with a formidable invasion.
In the following year, on 11 March, Elagabalus was murdered, and Alexander was proclaimed emperor by the Praetorians and accepted by the Senate.
The following year he was called to face German invaders in Gaul, who had breached the Rhine frontier in several places, destroying forts and over-running the countryside.
The following year he decreased the amount of base metal in the denarius while adding more silver – raising the silver purity and weight again to 50. 5 % and 1. 50 grams.
Although not mentioned by Asser or by the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Alfred probably also paid the Vikings cash to leave, much as the Mercians were to do in the following year.

following and Treasures
He received the 1st class of the Order of the Sacred Treasures the following year, and in 1906 was awarded with the 1st class of the Order of the Rising Sun.
In the Mawangdui Silk Texts version of the Tao Te Ching, this traditional " Three Treasures " chapter 67 is chapter 32, following the traditional last chapter ( 81, 31 ).
It is the third and final installment following Midway Arcade Treasures and Midway Arcade Treasures 2.

following and album
The album continued Dylan's artistic comeback following 1997's Time Out of Mind, and was given an even more enthusiastic reception.
The album Rainbow Nation was released the following year with Hellyer returning as lead vocalist, as Foster had dropped out of the project.
The Roy Harper song " All Ireland " from the album Lifemask, written in the days following the incident, is critical of the military but takes a long term view with regard to a solution.
Their debut album, Pretty on the Inside ( 1991 ) garnered them critical praise, and they went on to achieve international critical and commercial success for their following albums, Live Through This ( 1994 ) and Celebrity Skin ( 1998 ).
The album gained a following in the United Kingdom, charting at 59 on the UK Albums Chart, as well as its lead single, " Teenage Whore " entering the country's Indie chart at number one.
The second was their breakthrough album, 2112, released the following year in 1976.
" Starman ", issued as an April single ahead of the album, was to cement Bowie's UK breakthrough: both single and album charted rapidly following his July Top of the Pops performance of the song.
After Wood's departure following the band's debut record, Lynne wrote and arranged all of the group's original compositions and produced every album.
At the peak of Bruce Springsteen's megastardom following the Born in the U. S. A. album and Born in the U. S. A. Tour in the mid-1980s, there were no less than five Springsteen fanzines circulating at the same time in the UK alone, and many others elsewhere.
It would be the band's final album of all-new material, and lead singer Holly Johnson would leave the band following the corresponding world tour, followed by a flurry of lawsuits from ZTT.
However, Brooks had three additional Top 10 hits from the album following the second single, including " The Beaches of Cheyenne ", that also hit number-one.
The following year, he released his second funk album, Star Turtle, which did not sell as well as previous albums, although it did reach No. 38 on the charts.
Connick's album Oh, My NOLA, and Chanson du Vieux Carré were released in 2007, with a following tour called the My New Orleans Tour.
Hatfield began her solo career following the Blake Babies ' breakup in 1991, releasing her first solo album ( Hey Babe ) in 1992.
The following year finally marked the release of Snow Patrol's second album ' When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up ', which, despite slightly disappointing initial sales, would eventually go gold in the wake of the band's later fame, along with their debut ' Songs For Polarbears '.
The album was praised with the following: " For anybody not familiar with this record, it is unconditionally recommended as one greatest ever made.
Critic Billy Altman, whose work has appeared in many publications including Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times, wrote the following for Amazon. com: " One of rock's most overlooked masterpieces, this third album by the L. A. folk-rock outfit led by inscrutable singer-songwriter Arthur Lee sounds as fresh and innovative today as it did upon its original release in 1968.
They later released an album called No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded, which featured some reworked Led Zeppelin songs, and embarked on a world tour the following year.
Their following studio album Meteora, continued the band's success, topping the Billboard 200 album chart in 2003, and was followed by extensive touring and charity work around the world.
The band released its breakthrough album, Hybrid Theory, the following year.
From 1967 Fairport Convention became a mainstay of the London Underground scene, producing their eponymous first album of American-inspired folk rock the following year.
A third live album and video, A Show of Hands ( 1989 ), was also released by Anthem and Mercury following the Power Windows and Hold Your Fire tours, demonstrating the aspects of Rush in the ' 80s.

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