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following and year
Exhibited in shows in London in 1935, and in New York the following year, the new, more elaborated abstracts were much favored in the circles of the modernists as three-dimentional dramas of great intellectual coherence.
In the following year her father undertook to give a course in Hebrew theology to Johns Hopkins students, and this brought to the Szold house a group of bright young Jews who had come to Baltimore to study, and who enjoyed being fed and mothered by Mamma and entertained by Henrietta and Rachel, who played and sang for them in the upstairs sitting room on Sunday evenings.
So persistent were these attacks that in March of the following year, Woodruff was finally moved to action, and Pike was to learn his first lesson in frontier politics, the subtle art of diversion.
But Papa's death had further complicated the financing of Tom's hoped-for third year, and for the weeks following it Tom did not know whether his return to Harvard could be arranged.
Fiscal year taxpayers have until the last day of the first month following the close of the fiscal year ( farmers until the 15th day of the 2d month ).
If A taxpayer dies, the executor, administrator, or legal representative must file the final return for the decedent on or before the 15th day of the 4th month following the close of the deceased taxpayer's normal tax year.
Your application must include the following information: ( 1 ) your reasons for requesting an extension, ( 2 ) whether you filed timely income tax returns for the 3 preceding years, and ( 3 ) whether you were required to file an estimated return for the year, and if so whether you did file and have paid the estimated tax payments on or before the due dates.
In addition to direct salaries and wages, the Company paid or accrued during the year the following amounts for the benefit of employees:
The following year he devoted to the customary `` Wanderjahr '', traveling in Germany, France, and the Netherlands, meeting the philosophers Schelling, Fichte, and Tieck.
In the following year, 1803, Oersted, simultaneously with Davy, discovered that acids increased the strength of a voltaic battery more than did salts.
This was extended the following year to include the railroad station agent's office and Thayer's Hotel at Factory Point.
Following the introduction of the talkies, in 1937 he directed child-star Shirley Temple in Heidi and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm the following year.
In the following year he became provisional Principal of the Theological College of Saint Thomas ( from which he had just graduated ), and in 1903 his appointment was made permanent.
Her husband, then Ivo Bligh, took a team to Australia in the following year.
The following year he was put in charge of the Greek games that were staged in honor of the Temple of Venus Genetrix, built by Julius Caesar.
According to the Tanakh, however, Ahab with 7, 000 troops had previously overthrown Ben-hadad and his thirty-two kings, who had come to lay siege to Samaria, and in the following year obtained a decisive victory over him at Aphek, probably in the plain of Sharon at Antipatris ( 1 Kings 20 ).
Reeves reprised the role the following year in the film The Avenger, about Aeneas's arrival in Latium and his conflicts with local tribes as he tries to settle his fellow Trojan refugees there.
The war also marked a watershed in the geo-political history of the region, as together with the Lombard migration the following year, it signalled the end of six centuries of Germanic dominance in the Pannonian Basin.
Joan died in March 1238 in Essex, and in the following year, 1239, Alexander remarried.
Haakon rejected the claim, and in the following year responded with a formidable invasion.
In the following year, on 11 March, Elagabalus was murdered, and Alexander was proclaimed emperor by the Praetorians and accepted by the Senate.
The following year he was called to face German invaders in Gaul, who had breached the Rhine frontier in several places, destroying forts and over-running the countryside.
The following year he decreased the amount of base metal in the denarius while adding more silver – raising the silver purity and weight again to 50. 5 % and 1. 50 grams.
Although not mentioned by Asser or by the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Alfred probably also paid the Vikings cash to leave, much as the Mercians were to do in the following year.

following and finally
The day following his intervention the palace issued a statement reassuring the citizens that `` the possibility of introducing appeals concerning the establishment of electoral lists, lists of candidates and finally the holding of the consultation itself '' would be supported by the King himself.
The crowd staged its own mad scene in salvos of cheers and applause and finally a standing ovation as Miss Sutherland took curtain call after curtain call following a fantastic `` Mad Scene '' created on her own and with the help of the composer and the other performers.
They made it possible by measuring the Amazon downstream to the beginning of the tidal estuary of Canal do Sul and then, after a sharp turn back, following tidal canals surrounding the isle of Marajó and finally including the marine Waters of the Río Pará bay in its entire length.
The NCS finally accepted female members the following year.
Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur ( 14 February 148326 December 1530 ; sometimes also spelt Baber or Babar ) was a conqueror from Central Asia who, following a series of setbacks, finally succeeded in laying the basis for the Mughal dynasty in the Indian Subcontinent and became the first Mughal emperor.
Over the following centuries the system grew until finally almost anyone who wished to become an official had to prove his worth by passing written government examinations.
He encouraged Darwin to publish, and following the 1859 publication of On the Origin of Species, Lyell finally offered a tepid endorsement of evolution in the tenth edition of Principles.
The Nicaraguan government finally withdrew the complaint from the court in September 1992 ( under the later, post-FSLN, government of Violeta Chamorro ), following a repeal of the law requiring the country to seek compensation.
On 26 May 2002, DES was finally superseded by the Advanced Encryption Standard ( AES ), following a public competition.
Meanwhile the parties in the ED subgroup were growing restless and finally left following the 2009 elections, when the Czech Civic Democratic Party and United Kingdom Conservatives formed their own European Conservatives and Reformists group on 22 June 2009, abolishing the ED subgroup from that date.
In July, following the Allied landings in France and the huge Soviet advances in Belarus, Hitler finally agreed to grant both of them increased powers.
Henry, reoccupying most of the Lancaster lands, was made constable of Kenilworth and Edward was transported there in late 1326 ; Henry's legal title to the castle was finally confirmed the following year.
During the season, the Vikings had many distractions, including trading for Randy Moss and then waiving him only a month later, Brett Favre's NFL investigation for allegedly sending inappropriate text messages to Jets ' employee Jenn Sterger while he was with the team in 2008, the Metrodome's collapse and resulting venue changes, and finally head coach Brad Childress ' firing on November 22 following a 31 – 3 loss at the hands of the rival Green Bay Packers.
Davis finally left the group following a confrontation with Parker at the Royal Roost.
Over the following centuries the system grew until finally almost anyone who wished to become an official had to prove his worth by passing written government examinations.
The Nicaraguan government finally withdrew the complaint from the court in September 1992 ( under the later, post-FSLN, government of Violeta Chamorro ), following a repeal of the law requiring the country to seek compensation.
It was then seen on the following three days in the surrounding countryside, and finally on the sixth, near Lansing.
During the Middle Ages, Parma became an important stage of the Via Francigena, the main road connecting Rome to Northern Europe ; several castles, hospitals and inns were built in the following centuries to host the increasing number of pilgrims who passed by Parma and Fidenza, following the Apennines via Collecchio, Berceto and the Corchia ranges before descending the Passo della Cisa into Tuscany, heading finally south toward Rome.
The poll tax was effectively lifted in the 1930s following the invasion of China by Japan, and was finally repealed in 1944.
The United States finally recognised the Court's jurisdiction in, following a long and drawn out process.
The following year, Bruce finally resigned as joint Guardian and was replaced by Sir Gilbert de Umfraville, Earl of Angus.
In the following years, Škoda became the fourth brand of the German group, as the Volkswagen Group raised its equity share first on December 19, 1994 to 60. 3 %, followed on December 11, 1995 to 70 % and finally taking 100 % ownership of the company on May 30, 2000.

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