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founder and Junior
* Charles R. Floyd, Democratic State Senator who served three four-year terms ; pioneer of the Texas Farm-to-market road system and an original founder of Paris Junior College
There he was introduced as the son of Cornelius Coot and the founder of The Junior Woodchucks, inspired by the book given to him by his father.
The nephews stitch the remaining puzzle together: The British didn't find the library when they reoccupied Drakeborough, but Cornelius Coot, the founder of the City of Duckburg, found it during the late 18th century, and left the book to his son Clinton Coot, the founder of the Junior Woodchucks, who in turn used it as a framework for the very first edition of the Junior Woodchuck's Guidebook, the only one book in the world Scrooge can't buy.
* Eglantyne Jebb, founder of Save The Children Fund, taught at St. Peter's Junior School which was then located at the western end of the High Street ( now the location of the Town Library ).
Within Mormonism, the priesthood authority to act in God's name was said by Mormonism's founder, Joseph Smith Junior, to have been removed from the primitive Christian church through apostasy ( also known as a " falling away "), which Mormons believe occurred due to the deaths of the original apostles.
The early years of Mossley AFC were spent in the Ashton & District League culminating in a superb season in 1914 – 15 when Mossley won the League, Manchester Junior Cup and the Lady Aitken Cup, progressing to the South East Lancashire League in 1915, the Manchester Amateur League in 1916, the Lancashire Combination in 1918 and then were founder members of the Cheshire County League in 1919, finishing runners up in the first season in both League and League Cup and returning to win the League Cup the following season beating Sandbach Ramblers in the final.
* Mary Harriman, founder of the Junior League
At 13, he attended Bishop Kenny High School in Jacksonville, where he was an honor student, letterman, founder of the poetry club, national competitor in speech and debate, Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook, and Executive Officer in the school's Navy Junior Reserve Officers ' Training Corps ( JROTC ).
At the time of his death, Carroll lived in Manassas, Virginia with his wife Anne, the founder of Seton Junior & Senior High School and Seton Home Study School and the author of Christ the King, Lord of History, as well as Christ in the Americas.
* Samuel Enderby Junior ( 1756-1829 ), son of the founder of the whaling company Samuel Enderby & Sons
However, the New York Giants, who had already clinched the National League pennant, refused to play in the 1904 World Series because of a perception of the " Junior Circuit " as being inferior ( and because of alleged animosity between American League founder and first president, Ban Johnson, and the hierarchy of the Giants, owner John T. Brush and his team's Hall of Fame coach, player-manager John McGraw ); thus, there was no World Series that year.
The Walden School was co-founded in 1972 by David Hogan, Pamela Layman Quist, and Lynn Taylor Hebden following the death of Grace Newsom Cushman, the founder of the Junior Conservatory Camp ( also commonly referred to as the " JCC ").
The club was founder members of the Leinster Junior League in 1896 and reached the semi-finals of the Leinster Senior Cup in 1897.
Jones was raised in Jackson, Mississippi, the only child of Debra Martinson Pearsall and James Harrison Jones Junior, and the granddaughter of " Ageless Hero " Gloria Martinson, founder of the non-profit organization, Gleaners, and Mike Martinson, Founder and CEO of the Dobbs Maynard Advertising Agency, who was often referred to as " The King Maker " due to his strong political influence and clout.
* Major General and Governor Sid McMath, founder of " Sid's Kids ," the Catholic High Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.
The Y4 to Y6 classes occupy the former King Henry VIII Junior School site, adjacent to the senior school, which is known as Hales in honour of that school's founder.
* Jacqueline Cass MBE, founder and head coach of the Thames Valley Kings Junior Wheelchair Basketball team was born in Frimley on 22 July 1985
Early in 1929, the organization split and its founder, as well as a number of senior officers, incorporated the Junior Naval Reserve, Inc., on February 19, 1929.
In 1948 Junior were founder members of División Mayor del Fútbol Profesional Colombiano ( commonly known as the Dimayor ).

founder and Competition
Gingold was a founder of the quadrennial Indianapolis Violin Competition.
Gordy Hoffman is the founder of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition -- widely considered one of the best screenplay competitions for finding and fostering undiscovered writing talent.
He is a founder of the Love Song Competition which takes place every year in Berlin.

founder and late
As of late 2005, the area once devoted to a live-action facsimile of Dogpatch ( including a lifesize statue in the town square of Dogpatch " founder ," General Jubilation T. Cornpone ) has been heavily stripped by vandals and souvenir hunters, and is today slowly being reclaimed by the surrounding Arkansas wilderness.
AMD ex-CEO and founder Jerry Sanders developed strategic partnerships during the late 1990s to improve AMD's presence in the PC market based on the success of the AMD K6 architecture.
TFI's founder and prophetic leader, David Berg, who was first called " Moses David " in the Texas press, communicated with his followers via Mo Letters — letters of instruction and counsel on myriad spiritual and practical subjects — until his death in late 1994.
Though his research interests were always in line with those of the German historicists, with a strong emphasis on interpreting economic history, Weber's defence of " methodological individualism " in the social sciences represented an important break with that school and an embracing of many of the arguments that had been made against the historicists by Carl Menger, the founder of the Austrian School of economics, in the context of the academic Methodenstreit (" debate over methods ") of the late 19th century.
* Mani ( prophet ), founder of Manichaeism, a quasi-Gnostic movement of late antiquity.
Sheikh Zayed International Airport in Rahim Yar Khan, in the Punjab province of Pakistan is an example of UAE's economic assistance as the late president and the founder of the UAE Sheikh Zayed donated the airport to the government of Pakistan.
In late January 2003, the founder of the Center for Public Integrity, Charles Lewis, published a leaked draft copy of an Administration proposal titled the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003.
Montanism was an early Christian movement of the late 2nd century, later referred to by the name of its founder, Montanus, but originally known by its adherents as the New Prophecy.
Władysław II was the founder of the Jagiellon dynasty that bears his name, while pagan Jogaila was an heir to the already established house of Gediminids in Grand Duchy of Lithuania ; the royal dynasty ruled both states until 1572, and became one of the most influential dynasties in the late medieval and early modern Central and Eastern Europe.
Stone ’ s eldest son, the late Edward Durell Stone, Jr., was the founder and chairman of EDSA, a planning, landscape architecture and urban design firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
The term " Third Viennese School " is occasionally used to refer to the composers surrounding the Viennese new music ensemble Klangforum Wien, including its founder Beat Furrer and other late modernists such as Helmut Lachenmann, Olga Neuwirth and Bernhard Lang.
Called the Gohonzon, it was originally inscribed by Nichiren, the founder of this branch of Japanese Buddhism, during the late 13th Century.
Elen ( known in Welsh tradition as Elen Luyddog ( Helen of the Hosts ); also known as Saint Helen of Caernarfon ) was a late 4th-century founder of churches in Wales who is remembered as a saint.
Members of rock groups Squeeze and Dire Straits lived on the Crossfield Estate in Deptford in the late 1970s, along with Mark Perry, founder of the punk fanzine Sniffin Glue and punk rock band Alternative TV.
* Hoxton Tom McCourt, influential in the late 1970s and early 1980s mod and oi / punk scenes and founder of the band, the 4-Skins born in Shoreditch in 1961.
The late Thomas Leonard, who was the founder of Coach U, the International Coach Federation, Coachville and the International Association of Coaches was an est employee in the 1980 ‘ s.
The Clark Mansion, a Clarkdale landmark since the United Verde Copper Company heir William Clark III, grandson of Clarkdale's founder William Andrews Clark, built it in the late 1920s, east of town across the Verde River near Pecks Lake.
The chicken farm scenes of the movie were filmed on Ritewood Egg Farms property, and the supervisor's character is loosely based on Marlow Woodward, a late Franklin resident and one of the farm's founder.
Stern interviewed the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the technique, twice.
* The late Charles Ludlam, actor, playwright and founder of the Theater of the Ridiculous in New York City, grew up in Greenlawn and graduated from Harborfields High School.
It was named after Rosendale's founder, Jacob Rutsen, and mined throughout the late 19th century for the dolostone that was used in the manufacture of natural cement.
Among the earliest settlers of the township was Walter Martin, the founder of St. Martin's Church, in the late 17th century.
In late 2006, the Wall Street Journal reported that Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of amazon. com, had acquired of land north of Van Horn to house his fledgling space tourism company, Blue Origin.
* L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology founder, attended Union High School and wrote his early works while living in Bremerton during the late 1930s and early 1940s

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