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front and page
Usually a veteran has to hang himself to get space on the front page.
Sipping their coffee, discussing the weather, the day's shopping, Fritzie's commitments at the network ( all of which he would cancel ), they avoided the radio, the morning TV news show, even the front page of the Santa Luisa Register, resting on the kitchen bar.
Isn't that where most of them are already -- right out on the front page of our newspapers??
Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre is yet another example of fictional autobiography, as noted on the front page of the original version.
* Arcology. com (" An arcology in southern China " on front page )
The 9 February 1958 edition of the Los Angeles Times reported on the front page that Bardot was recovering in Italy from a reported nervous breakdown.
Both novels had been seen as favourites to win leading up to the prize and the dramatic " literary battle " between two senior authors made front page news.
Embittered Bacardi helmsman José Pepín Bosch bought a surplus B-26 bomber with the hopes of bombing Cuban oil refineries ( the bold plan was foiled when a picture of the bomber appeared on the front page of The New York Times ).
It could be opened flat at any page, allowing easier reading ; the pages could be written on both front and back ( recto and verso ); and the codex, protected within its durable covers, was more compact and easier to transport.
Few newspapers still run half-page strips, as with Prince Valiant and Hagar the Horrible in the front page of the Reading Eagle Sunday comics section.
3D Realms featured it on the front page of their website and contracted with Kline to use it to promote their Xbox Live release of Duke Nukem 3D.
The Danish flag from the front page of Christiern Pedersen ’ s version of Saxo ’ s Gesta Danorum, 1514.
Portions of Misskelley's statements to the police were leaked to the press and reported on the front page of the Memphis Commercial Appeal before any of the trials began.
New York Times front page November 5, 1919
* US Navy Military Sealift Command front page
The controversy was exacerbated by a photograph published on the front page of the tabloid newspaper The Globe depicting Price posed next to a comatose, intubated Coleman, under the headline, " It Was Murder!
Gesta Danorum ( Angers Fragment ), page 1, front.
The full front page reads ( with abbreviations expanded ) in Latin:
* It most often refers to the initial or main web page of a web site, sometimes called the " front page " ( by analogy with newspapers ).
if the user first accesses the front page of the website with HTTP where he only after that clicks an HTTPS link to the log-in page, the session has already been compromised.
The next day's Detroit Free Press ran the Hebrew lettering for " Happy New Year " across its front page.
His work during the flood brought Herbert Hoover to the front page of newspapers almost everywhere, and he gained new accolades as a humanitarian.
Journalist John Corry, wrote a 6, 000-word feature article in The New York Times in November 1982, responding and defending Kosiński, which appeared on the front page of the Arts and Leisure section.

front and offers
Normal Variation ( B45 ) · 0 – 1 Polgár uses a novelty to break up Shirov's pawn front and even offers to sacrifice her queen.
Buoyed by his military successes, Bruce's forces also invaded Ireland in 1315, purportedly to free the country from English rule ( having received a reply to offers of assistance from Donal O ' Neil, king of Tyrone ), and to open a second front in the continuing wars with England.
This points to the second front on which they believe anthropology offers people enlightenment:
XPConnect glues the front end to the C ++ or C programming language-based components in XPCOM, and it can be extended to include scripting support for other languages: PyXPCOM already offers support for Python, PerlConnect and plXPCOM provide support for Perl, and there are efforts underway to add CLI and Ruby language support for XPConnect.
Union Beach has recently undergone extensive restoration of its beach front, which offers a view of the New York City skyline.
Some of the job offers are scams appealing to a " get rich quick " mindset but in fact require an investment up front with no pay off at the end.
The residence also hires a Residence Life Coordinator, a Dean of Residence, and a front desk staff that offers 24 hour security to the building.
; Old Market: In Bristol skittles the term Old Market refers to the felling of the front pin, the middle pin and the back pin with one ball and is considered slightly bad luck because the remaining frame of pins offers less chance for a decent frame score with the middle column of pins felled.
* Squad ( fire helmet front color: ) is a company that responds as a rescue engine, making it the most versatile company the FDNY offers.
Business Class offers passengers individually reserved seats, more spacious seating with all seats facing the front of the train ( except for two 4-seaters per car ), window blinds, inclusive hot three-course meals complete with complementary wine and liqueurs, in-seat AC power outlets and free Wi-Fi access.
One particular manufacturer offers a plastic bag type solution with a watertight seal, and a glass port front.
Y10 Touring: The Touring version remains unchanged in price but offers more equipment that includes front electric windows, central locking and digital clock.
Y10 Turbo: The Y10 Turbo ( similar to the Touring ) now offers standard front electric windows, central locking and internal digital clock.
These front cover advertisements were often simply subscription offers.
CCF called PCRM a front for PETA, arguing that when PCRM offers health advice, they " do a very slick job of obscuring their real intentions ," which is simply to oppose the use of meat, dairy products and alcohol.
An integrated motorhome will have a large and expensive front window which offers a good view of the road and surrounding landscape.
In front of the steering wheel was a black circle with the Chevrolet logo placed in the center, it offers leather and cloth seats and wood trim on 3 panels, windows on doors, air conditioning and Radio.
After that, he severs their heads and offers them as a sacrifice in front of the deity statue in the temple.
Unlike other crew cabs, the Honda Ridgeline lacks the option of six-passenger seating, as it only offers bucket seats and not bench seating in the front.
:" There, about a quarter league is Fajã, called " Big " to its name Great / Grande Fajã which offers bread and woad on elevated land, with a few berths for Caravels, it produces at least 50 moios unit of solid measure of bread and woad, and where, also, there is shellfish and fish of all kinds, and along its cape a beach, half a league in size, where there is always a strong ocean current ; and from there, another half a league, the cliffs are covered with much urzela lichen, and large rocks, that spawn an infinity of seafood and large crabs, and from here, there is an explosion of rocks that fall to the sea, like a guns spray, where we find limpets and cowrie shells ; and in front of this point, which forms a bay, where many type of ships anchor, including Carracks from India.
The 4WD HI Full-Time position adds the same traction benefits that the part-time 4WD setting offers, but features an open differential between the front and rear axles to allow the two axles to spin at independent speeds and eliminate drive line binding and wheel-hop.
The leaders in national experience with PWRs, offering reactors for export, are the United States ( which offers the passively-safe AP1000, a Westinghouse design, as well as several smaller, modular, passively-safe PWRs, such as the Babcock and Wilcox MPower, and the NuScale MASLWR ), the Russian Federation ( offering both the VVER-1000 and the VVER-1200 for export ), the Republic of France ( offering the AREVA EPR for export ), and Japan ( offering the Mitsubishi Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor for export ); in addition, both the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Korea are both noted to be rapidly ascending into the front rank of PWR-constructing nations as well, with the Chinese being engaged in a massive program of nuclear power expansion, and the Koreans currently designing and constructing their second generation of indigenous designs.
In Man Hsiang the procession of lanterns or torches, starts in the forest village, afterwards goes to the elder sister fairy tower and carries on to the village to grandfather's elder brother tower and in front Li Linghsien does obeisance and offers a sacrifice to him.
Having in mind the historical evidence of Richard II's personal regal iconography of the anointed king and the documented Biblical allusions, it seems that the motif of youthful Joseph honoured in his dream by the sun, representing the Christ, the moon, representing the Virgin and eleven stars representing his brothers offers a significant parallel to the vision of the heavenly court with Jesus Christ, the Virgin and eleven angelic courtiers appearing in front of the eyes of King Richard II.
These are the advantages V-Model offers in front of other systems development models:

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