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great and age
At age seventy-four, he became what he shyly terms a `` pupil '' of Andres Segovia, the great guitarist of the Western world.
A contrast of the scripture reading of, let us say, St. Augustine, John Bunyan, and Thomas Jefferson, all three of whom found in such study a real source of enlightenment, can tell us a great deal about these three men and the age that each represented and helped bring to conscious expression.
And most of the great periods are represented, because we will compare Plato and Aristotle from the golden age of Greece ; ;
Isaac Newton, at the age of twenty-three, industriously calculating logarithms `` to two and fifty places '' during the great plague year in England, 1665 ; ;
He is confronted with the recurrent crises, such as great natural catastrophes and the great transitions of life -- marriage, incurable disease, widowhood, old age, the certainty of death.
Although no national norms exist for the social development of children, the teacher can find a great deal of information concerning types of social behavior normally displayed by children at various age levels.
Indeed, in some periods of our history and in some neighborhoods the job opportunities have been so good that undoubtedly a great many boys who were potential members of the professions quit school at an early age and went to work.
The English never again developed a strong native music that could obliterate the traces of an earlier great age the way, say, the opera in Italy blotted out the Italian madrigal.
My dad did it, and he lived to a great age ''.
The woman ( she must have been a tiny baby when Hetty and Delia had stood arm in arm, watching great age grow small ) answered the nod with her own.
Rod Dreher writes the following: “ unshakable devotion to the land, to localism, and to the dignity of traditional life makes him both a great American and, to the disgrace of our age, a prophet without honor in his native land.
Typical adults of Albertosaurus measured up to 9 metres ( 30 ft ) long, while rare individuals of great age could grow to over 10 metres ( 33 ft ) in length.
" Ever since the time of my ancestor Ali, the first Imam, that is to say over a period of thirteen hundred years, it has always been the tradition of our family that each Imam chooses his successor at his absolute and unfettered discretion from amongst any of his descendants, whether they be sons or remote male issue and in these circumstances and in view of the fundamentally altered conditions in the world in very recent years due to the great changes which have taken place including the discoveries of atomic science, I am convinced that it is in the best interest of the Shia Muslim Ismailia Community that I should be succeeded by a young man who has been brought up and developed during recent years and in the midst of the new age and who brings a new outlook on life to his office as Imam.
In 1184, in spite of his great age, he still had sufficient energy to relieve his son Dom Sancho, who was besieged in Santarém by the Moors.
Coming to the throne at such an early age, Alfonso had served no apprenticeship in the art of ruling, but he possessed great natural tact and a sound judgment ripened by the trials of exile.
Two small sanctuaries, with terracotta votive offerings of Graeco-Phoenician age, lie not far off, but the location of the great shrines of Adonis and Aphrodite have not been identified ( M. Ohnefalsch-Richter, Kypros, i. ch. 1 ).
This mentality is difficult to understand in our modern age but the ancients took great stock in success as a sign of favoritism by the gods.
She studied book illustration from a young age and developed her own tastes, but the work of the picture book triumvirate Walter Crane, Kate Greenaway and Randolph Caldecott, the last an illustrator whose work was later collected by her father, was a great influence.
The Battle of the Nile has been called " arguably, the most decisive naval engagement of the great age of sail ", and " the most splendid and glorious success which the British Navy gained.
Because of the relatively young age and great thickness of the system, Cretaceous rocks crop out in many areas worldwide.
To have held each office at the youngest possible age ( suo anno, " in his year ") was considered a great political success, since to miss out on a praetorship at 39 meant that one could not become consul at 42.
They are of great importance for the light which they throw upon the method of instruction usual of that age, as well as upon the liturgical practises of the period, of which they give the fullest account extant.
In July 592 BCE, at the age of 30, Ezekiel describes his calling to be a prophet, by going into great detail about his encounter with God who rode upon a chariot of four wheels guided by Cherubs.
While the standard argument for utilizing a modern text supports distillation of information into a form relevant to modern society, perennialists argue that many of the historical debates and the development of ideas presented by the great books are relevant to any society, at any time, and thus that the suitability of the great books for instructional use is unaffected by their age.

great and homes
Motorists like myself who can remember the old `` tourists accommodated '' signs on farm houses and village homes before World War 2, can only marvel at the great size and the luxury of the relatively new and fast-grossing motel business.
Destruction of natural resources by the tourism industry and construction of new homes for investors is becoming a great concern to local citizens.
He also says that " Singulary little change followed the 1928 decree ; a fair number of slaves returned to their original homes, but the great majority remained in the villages in which their former masters had placed them or their parents.
Its creation largely stemmed from the great public outcry over the Excise Act of 1754, which gave tax collectors unlimited powers to interrogate colonists concerning their use of goods subject to customs and permitted the use of a general warrant known as a writ of assistance, allowing them to search the homes of colonists and seize “ prohibited and uncustomed ” goods.
Many of these men left their families, possessions, and homes to live a mendicant life, and in the eyes of their followers demonstrated great spiritual attainment or enlightenment.
Also mentioned are the homes of the Lords, gardens, and other structures indicating that Xibalba was at least a great city.
It retains many parks and open spaces hinting at the great estates and large homes which once stood in the area.
Mesa's residents exhibit a great deal of economic diversity, with low-income areas constructed somewhat close to high-scale neighborhoods with expensive custom homes.
The great majority of these homes remain today, although most have been substantially altered.
Hapeville has been discovered by young professionals seeking historic neighborhoods close to downtown Atlanta, and there has been a great deal of new residential construction, including single-family homes, townhomes, and upscale apartments.
Flowers and trees and fine homes shall grace this great valley from one end to the other.
Many of these lots were purchased by displaced hurricane victims from Cheniere Caminada whose homes were destroyed in the great unnamed 1893 storm.
Early histories have erroneously ascribed all the of the great early homes to the Sulivane family.
Since then, Webster Groves ' tree-lined streets and abundance of single family homes have continued to attract people to the area as a " great place to live, work and play ," not solely for the wealthy commuter suburb that early developers envisioned but for families that cut across all socioeconomic lines.
Residents of the three Historic Districts ( North Union, South Union, and Edgewood ) take great pride in maintaining the historical and architectural greatness of their homes.
“ Located ten miles from Philadelphia, on the line of the Central Division of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad, three minutes walk from Morton Station – it is reached in from 20 to 30 minutes by 21 trains daily … To the west lies the magnificent Swarthmore College, and to the southeast, three miles away, lies the Delaware River … its school is one of the finest in the county ; its houses are neat and attractive, and their owners take great pride in their homes and the adornment of their grounds .”
Since the 1990s, the Zimbabwean government under Robert Mugabe has seized a great deal of land and homes of mainly white farmers in the course of the land reform movement in Zimbabwe.
By 1910, Elgin was enjoying a period of great prosperity as families from out on the prairie and surrounding communities moved to Elgin and built nice homes.
Ward then develops a new and better feature for his invention, which is on its way to becoming a great electric refrigerator for homes.
They were temporary " homes " for the long distance drovers, moving their cattle to London, and the great fairs and markets of England.
Yaquis built homes of scrap lumber, railroad ties and other materials, eking out an existence while taking great pains to continue the Eastern Lenten ceremonies so important to community life.
During the 1920s most players had to travel great distances from their homes and only joined their teams on game day.
He also made a great deal of money and was welcomed into the homes of the wealthy and influential.
Even among many Christian Igbos, these pythons are treated with great care whenever they happen to wander into a village or onto someone's property ; they are allowed to roam freely or are very gently picked up and placed out in a forest or field away from any homes.

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