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group and arrived
The Brevard group of 85 arrived at the Gallery at 6 p.m., remaining for about 45 minutes.
Just as Abd al-Rahman launched his boat, another group of Berbers arrived.
The first group arrived in 1898 and throughout late 1898 to early 1899 Western Bahá ’ ís sporadically visited ` Abdu ' l-Bahá.
On April 13, 2007 ( Friday the 13th ), a group of students from The California Tech, Caltech's campus newspaper, arrived and distributed fake copies of The Tech, MIT's campus newspaper, while prospective students were visiting for their Campus Preview Weekend.
An older group arrived in America much earlier, when the Lord confounded the tongues at the Tower of Babel.
When Beaux arrived in Paris, the Impressionists, a group of artists who had begun their own series of independent exhibitions from the official Salon in 1874, were beginning to lose their solidarity.
The facility was named Kamakaiwi Field after James Kamakaiwi, a young Hawaiian who had arrived with the first group of four colonists, was subsequently picked as leader and spent a total of over three years on Howland, far longer than the average recruit.
In Cook Islands history, migrants from French Polynesia are believed to have arrived on the southern island group around 800 AD.
He probably arrived in England with the second group of missionaries, sent at the request of Augustine of Canterbury in 601.
Some modern writers describe Justus as one of the original missionaries who arrived with Augustine in 597, but Bede believed that Justus came in the second group.
If Justus was a member of the second group of missionaries, then he arrived with a gift of books and " all things which were needed for worship and the ministry of the Church ".
A group arrived in Philadelphia in 1731, followed by five more migrations up to 1737.
Laurence was part of the Gregorian mission originally dispatched from Rome in 595 to convert the Anglo-Saxons from their native paganism to Christianity ; he landed at Thanet, Kent, with Augustine in 597, or, as some sources state, first arrived in 601 and was not a part of the first group of missionaries.
The small group of mercenaries arrived in the Maldives smuggling their light arms in diving equipment, but did not carry out the mission because Gayoom had been tipped about their arrival and they found that they had been misinformed about the popularity of Gayoom.
The balance was upset in the early 900s, when yet another group of religious refugees from the east, the Fatimids, arrived in the Maghreb.
He arrived in 601 AD with a group of clergymen sent to augment the mission, and was consecrated as Bishop of London in 604.
García's group discovered Iguazú Falls, crossed the Río Paraná and arrived at the site of Asunción, future capital of the country, thirteen years before it was founded.
The group arrived at a name after Santiago selected the word " pixies " randomly from a dictionary and took a liking to how it looked and its definition as " mischievous little elves ".
They arrived 33 – 34 days before Scott ’ s group.
The samba-funk emerged at the end of the 1960s with pianist Dom Salvador and his group, which merged the samba with American funk, which was then newly arrived in the Brazil.
Hiding in the cellar of the farmhouse are white married couple Harry ( Karl Hardman ) and Helen Cooper ( Marilyn Eastman ) and their daughter Karen ( Kyra Schon ), who sought refuge after a group of zombies turned over their car ; and white teenage couple Tom ( Keith Wayne ) and Judy ( Judith Ridley ) who arrived after hearing an emergency broadcast about a series of brutal murders.
When a group of whites arrived and began pulling at the grating over a window, Bell went outside to confront crowd of 300-400 men.
It was written in 1967 when Sparks and his group arrived in Toledo at 10 p. m. on a Saturday night, and found everything closed.
Ideon's article also mentioned the fact that Meri himself had shown concern for the condition of the then Soviet-era construction ( in one memorable case Meri, having arrived from Japan, led the group of journalists that were expecting him, to the airport's toilets to do the interview there, in order to point out the shoddy condition of the facilities ).
In early September 2001, the Flight 175 group of hijackers arrived in Boston from Florida.

group and St
In 1589 Pope Sixtus V united to the Congregation of St Ambrose the monasteries of a group known as the " Brothers of the Apostles of the Poor Life " ( or " Apostolini " or " Brothers of St. Barnabas "), whose houses were in the province of Genoa and in the March of Ancona.
Another group of cloistered " Nuns of St Ambrose ", also called the Annunciatae ( Italian: Annunziate ) of Lombardy or " Sisters of St Marcellina ", were founded in 1408 by three young women of Pavia, Dorothea Morosini, Eleonora Contarini, and Veronica Duodi.
Amongst these were the group Mars and Venus, the colossal figure of Pius VI, the Pietà, the St John, the recumbent Magdalen.
In 1981, a group in Minneapolis / St.
This group includes the Rylands Library Papyrus P52, containing part of St John's Gospel, and perhaps dating from between 125 and 160.
The criteria adopted for many of the mental disorders were taken from the Research Diagnostic Criteria ( RDC ) and Feighner Criteria, which had just been developed by a group of research-orientated psychiatrists based primarily at Washington University in St. Louis and the New York State Psychiatric Institute.
In St. Maclou at Rouen are three magnificently carved doors ; those by Jean Goujon have figures in niches on each side, and others in a group of great beauty in the center.
Distributist ideas were put into practice by The Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic, a group of artists and craftsmen who established a community in Ditchling, Sussex, England, in 1920, with the motto ' Men rich in virtue studying beautifulness living in peace in their houses '.
Numerous Dominicans were included in the canonization of the 117 martyrs of Vietnam and a group of martyrs in Nagasaki, including St. Lorenzo Ruiz.
In the December 1994 Wild Forest Review, Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair wrote " The mainstream environmental movement was elitist, highly paid, detached from the people, indifferent to the working class, and a firm ally of big government .… The environmental movement is now accurately perceived as just another well-financed and cynical special interest group, its rancid infrastructure supported by Democratic Party operatives and millions in grants from corporate foundations .”
# St. Paul and Amsterdam islands (), a group to the north of Kerguelen ;
St. Ignatius is one of the Apostolic Fathers ( the earliest authoritative group of the Church Fathers ).
In 1911 he participated in the second exhibition of the group Soyuz Molodyozhi ( Union of Youth ) in St. Petersburg, together with Vladimir Tatlin and, in 1912, the group held its third exhibition, which included works by Aleksandra Ekster, Tatlin and others.
The film continues to cause controversy ; in February 2007 the Church of St Thomas the Martyr in Newcastle upon Tyne held a public screening in the church itself, with song-sheets, organ accompaniment, stewards in costume and false beards for female members of the audience ( alluding to an early scene where a group of women disguise themselves as men so that they are able to take part in a stoning ).
The Cup currently has a $ 500, 000 bonus for the owner of the winner if it has also won the group one Irish St. Leger run the previous September.
A group of students had been planning to assassinate Alexander III on the sixth anniversary of his father's death at the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg.
Adopting a new name, the group played its first gig as the Sex Pistols on November 6, 1975, at St. Martin's School of Art and soon attracted a small but ardent following.
The nearest inhabited area lies 303. 2 km, or 163. 7 nmi, east at Hirta, the largest island in the St. Kilda group, which is populated intermittently at a single military base.
Here at the Cistercian Abbey of St Bernard at Aduard near Groningen and at's-Heerenbergh near Emmerich in the south-east he was at the centre of a group of scholars and humanists with whom he kept a lively correspondence.
St Helena has a land area of 122 square kilometres and is part of a wider territory called Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha which includes Ascension Island and the island group of Tristan da Cunha.
In 1806, the Leeward Islands Caribee government was split into two groups, with Antigua, Barbuda, Redonda and Montserrat in one group, and St. Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands in the other.

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