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family and has
The son and heir of a prominent family marries a girl who has tell-tale shadows on the half-moons of her finger nails.
Some of the children of the family could not pronounce this name and called her Paula, a soubriquet Carl liked so much she has been Paula ever since.
A driver of a dairy truck, who begins work at 1 a.m. finishes before breakfast, then goes out and grows a garden, and who has used the cannery to save and feed a family of five, asked, `` What in the world will we do ''??
Toys he has can be made to act as substitutes for family temptations such as refrigerator and gas stove.
For it is the family that, in China, has always provided social security for the indigent, the sick, the down-and-out members of the clan.
Jemela ( surname: Gerby ), 23, seems Hong Kong Oriental but has a Spanish father and an Indian mother, was born in America and educated at Holy Cross Academy and Textile High School, says she learned belly dancing at family picnics.
After the family has settled in the shelter, the housekeeping rules should be spelled out by the adult in charge.
but he has not worked out by lexicostatistics one comprehensively complete classification of even a single family other than Salish.
later he flees in panic from the family table just as his theft is about to be discovered and is blocked at the front door by a soldier who accusingly holds out a pair of handcuffs which he has brought to Gargery's forge for mending.
Sir Julian Huxley in his book Uniqueness Of Man makes the novel point that just as man is unique in being the only animal which requires a long period of infancy and childhood under family protection, so is he the only animal who has a long period after the decline of his procreativity.
Mr. Shoettle has agreed to do a portrait of the family of the person who wins the door prize.
`` Furhmann's faculty is proud that this has been a spontaneous effort, started largely among the students themselves, because of fondness for Vicky and sympathy for her entire family, Pohly said.
Even the two-year-old feels miffed if the family has a prayer-time without her.
Every family of Riviera Presbyterian Church has been asked to read the Bible and pray together daily during National Christian Family Week and to undertake one project in which all members of the family participate.
The suite has been in the same family since the early 1800's.
The local `` family of God '' has failed its new members through neglect and unconcern for their spiritual welfare.
After Larkin has been persuaded to restock his tangled acres with pheasants, he poaches only what he needs for the nourishment of his family and local callers.
Television has yet to work out a living arrangement with jazz, which comes to the medium more as an uneasy guest than as a relaxed member of the family.
But while she is able to tell her retarded family about the new world she has seen open before her, Ronnie has not been able to observe her progress, and instead of appearing at a family party to be looked over like a new bull, he sends Beatie a letter of dismissal.
That you have refused to drive him into the family business or push him into a profession so you can say at the club, `` Of course David has known since he was twelve he wanted to be an engineer '' -- or a lawyer, or an editor??
Another cue is having the same family name, especially if rare, and this has been found to increase helping behavior.

family and worldwide
The family includes some 150 species with a worldwide distribution, excluding Europe and northern Asia.
The iris family contains about 70 genera and over 1, 600 species with a worldwide distribution.
The broadly defined family is large, with some 153 genera and 2480 species, and occurs worldwide.
The family has a worldwide distribution, and is most common in the arid and semi-arid regions of subtropical and lower temperate latitudes.
Although not known with certainty the total number of species in the family, conservative estimates indicate approximately 2. 600 species worldwide, distributed in 109 genera.
The family is present worldwide, but is most diverse in the North Temperate Zone.
However, four main family groups of NGOs can be found worldwide:
Dave Edmunds ' band Love Sculpture included the Mars movement on their 1970 album " Forms and Feelings ," though this was only included in the U. S. version of the album due to Holst's family preventing worldwide release of the track.
Formed in 1990, IFE produced and distributed family entertainment and information programming worldwide.
The title of Young Steinway Artist gives talented young pianists between the ages of 16 and 35 the opportunity of being affiliated with the Steinway Artist family, and access to the worldwide resources of Steinway and its network of dealers.
A few decades ago, worldwide, buyers and sellers were individual investors, such as wealthy businessmen, usually with long family histories to particular corporations.
It went on to make $ 120 million in the U. S. and Canada as well as $ 304 million worldwide, placing it the second highest family film of the year, behind A Bug's Life, and the 7th highest of the year overall.
There have also been episodes for the series produced for the Disney comic books worldwide, in USA, Denmark and the Netherlands, from the 1940s up to the present day, 2012 .< REF >" Brer Rabbit " at Inducks </ REF > Brer Bear and Brer Fox also appeared frequently in Disney's Big Bad Wolf stories, although here, Brer Bear was usually cast as an honest farmer and family man, instead of the bad guy in his original appearances.
* Scarab beetles – family Scarabaeidae-Scarab beetles may be any one of around 30, 000 beetle species worldwide that are compact, heavy-bodied and oval in shape.
" This family occurs worldwide, but the greatest variety is in the Indomalaya and Australasia ecozones.
The family Scarabaeidae as currently defined consists of over 30, 000 species of beetles worldwide.
Boraginaceae, the Borage or Forget-me-not family, include a variety of shrubs, trees, and herbs, totaling about 2, 000 species in 146 genera found worldwide.
The family has a worldwide distribution in tropical, subtropical and temperate climates.
There are approximately 183 species in this family, which are found worldwide.
Other orders and groups belong within the Augustinian family either because they follow the Rule of Augustine, exist as independent societies, or have been formally aggregated through their constitutions into the worldwide Augustinian Order.
Gibb began his career as part of the family trio and when the group found their first success they returned to the United Kingdom where they achieved worldwide fame.
Aspidistra () is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Nolinoideae, native to Asia, common worldwide as house plants.
The significant amount of vacation travel, and travel back to family homes, means that Christmas Eve is also frequently linked to social events and parties, worldwide.
In his remembrance, Strummer's friends and family have established the Strummerville Foundation for the promotion of new music, and each year there are many festivals and both organised and spontaneous ceremonies worldwide to celebrate his memory.

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