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highest and Mach
In all cases the highest speed that an airbreathing engine can reach is far short of orbital speed ( about Mach 15 for Scramjets and Mach 5-6 for the other engine designs ), and rockets would be used for the remaining 10-20 Mach into orbit.
On MiG-21 this movement also makes the opening between the intake ( diffusor ) lip and the cone smaller, preventing the inside of the intake section from bursting open from dynamic air overpressure at the aircraft's highest speeds above Mach 2.
The Mach V models were built with components that Falcon Northwest believed to offer the highest performance in PC games.

highest and number
It is one of the ironic quirks of history that the viability and usefulness of nationalism and the territorial state are rapidly dissipating at precisely the time that the nation-state attained its highest number ( approximately 100 ).
His highest count of supporters numbered 72 -- and he needed nearly twice that number to control the 260-member Democratic caucus.
Then, if the middle number is activated to its greatest potential in terms of this square, through multiplying it by the highest number, 9 ( which is the square of the base number ), the result is 45 ; ;
Opgezwolle, a group from Zwolle's latest album, Eigen Wereld ( Own World ) appeared in the ' Album Top 100 ' at number 4 ; the highest notation of a Dutch rap album ever.
The Pribilof Islands boast the highest number of active speakers of Aleutian.
During its first two seasons, it was the number one program in the U. S. During its second season, it earned some of the highest ratings ever recorded for a half-hour sitcom.
The contract is an exchange of the right to establish which suit, if any, is trumps for an undertaking to win ( at least ) the number of tricks specified by the highest bid.
Although 64 is the highest number depicted on the doubling cube, the stakes may rise to 128, 256, and so on.
He also held the record for the highest total number of runs in a Test career, after overtaking Allan Border in an innings of 226 played at Adelaide Oval, Australia in November 2005.
This means that in spite of long having been the Celtic language with the highest number of speakers, the language is now endangered.
Since the elements can be uniquely sequenced by atomic number, conventionally from lowest to highest ( as in a periodic table ), sets of elements are sometimes specified by such notation as " through ", " beyond ", or " from ... through ", as in " through iron ", " beyond uranium ", or " from lanthanum through lutetium ".
* Truncated mean – the arithmetic mean of data values after a certain number or proportion of the highest and lowest data values have been discarded.
Although the college game has a much larger margin for talent than its pro counterpart, the sheer number of fans following major colleges provides a financial equalizer for the game, with Division I programs – the highest level – playing in huge stadiums, six of which have seating capacity exceeding 100, 000.
Dublin has the highest number of Irish-medium schools in the country.
The Nyquist – Shannon sampling theorem states that a signal can be exactly reconstructed from its samples if the sampling frequency is greater than twice the highest frequency of the signal ; but requires an infinite number of samples.
The album's debut at number seventeen on the all-genre Billboard 200 albums chart has been the highest in her career.
Einsteinium is the element with the highest atomic number which has been observed in macroscopic quantities in its pure form, and this was the common short-lived isotope einsteinium-253.
Early clinical trials typically enroll a very small number of patients, and the purpose is to identify major safety issues and the maximum tolerated dose, which is the highest dose that does not produce serious or fatal adverse effects.
This is the average number of concurrent calls during a given one-hour period of the day, where that period is selected to give the highest result.
Among these were psychologists at Colorado University and Hunter College, New York, who completed the studies with the largest number of trials and the highest levels of significance.
Another element supporting this fact is that Paris has the highest density of cinemas in the world, measured by the number of movie theaters per inhabitant, and that in most " downtown Paris " movie theaters, foreign movies which would be secluded to " art houses " cinemas in other places are shown alongside " mainstream " works.
There is, however, no " post " that the winning candidate must pass in order to win, as the winning candidate is required only to have received the highest number of votes in his or her favour.
In a multiple member first-past-the-post ballot, the first candidates in order of highest vote to cross the " line " ( that is, those who have the successivley greater number of votes ) are elected.

highest and reached
With no set standards, there is the tendency to promote to the next highest level when the top of a salary band is reached regardless of performance.
After his impeachment proceedings in 1998 and 1999, Clinton's rating reached its highest point.
" Public support for unilateralism reached its highest level since the 1960s.
They increased the production of oil in 1986, reduced it in 1987 with a subsequent increase in 1988, but not to the levels of 1980 when production reached its highest level.
In his book he asked why, if Saudi Arabia had such an effect on Soviet oil prices, did prices not fall in 1980 when the production of oil by Saudi Arabia reached its highest level — three times as much oil as in the mid-eighties — and why did the Saudis wait till 1990 to increase their production, five years after the CIA's supposed intervention?
During this period and into the Jacobean era that followed, the English theatre reached its highest peaks.
Around the city there are tiny placards on the walls noting where the flood waters reached at their highest point.
Based on the economic reforms, Georgian economy has been diversified showing an upward tendency with average 10 % of annual GDP real growth in 2004-2007 and reached the highest level – 12. 3 percent in 2007.
Overall inflation for 1990 had reached 36. 4 percent — not the hyperinflation experienced by some Latin American counties — but still the highest annual rate for Honduras in forty years.
The external debt burden, one of the highest in Europe, reached 250 % of annual export earnings, while the budget and current account deficits approached 10 % of GDP.
His highest charting album, is his 2004 release Only You which reached No. 5 in the U. S. and No. 6 in Britain.
Serie A has produced the highest number of European Cup finalists: Italian clubs have reached the final of the competition on a record twenty-six different occasions, winning the title twelve times.
He wrote that " the historical trend of our age is the fatal crisis which capitalist production has undergone in the European and American countries where it has reached its highest peak, a crisis that will end in its destruction, in the return of modern society to a higher form of the most archaic type — collective production and appropriation ".
In the summer of 1986, Lake Erie reached its highest level at above datum.
The Latin elegy reached its highest development in the works of Tibullus, Propertius, and Ovid.
The rate of these confiscations reached its highest levels in the years prior to his first crusade, and slowed upon his return to France in 1254.
By May, the leu had reached its highest level since the end of 1999.
The first 250 years of the current era are the period during which Roman law and Roman legal science reached the highest degree of perfection.
In 2006, Slovakia reached the highest economic growth ( 8. 9 %) among the members of OECD and the third highest in the EU ( just behind Estonia and Latvia ).
In 2007, Slovakia reached the highest economic growth among the members of OECD and the EU.
The life expectancy of Shanghai's registered residents in 2010 reached 82. 13 years ( 79. 82 for men and 84. 44 for women ), the highest in mainland China and higher than all but a few countries in the world.
As a result, on the day of the solstice the Sun appears to have reached its highest or lowest annual altitude in the sky above the horizon at local solar noon.
The song, which had been written the previous summer by Damian O ' Neill and Michael Bradley, reached number 9 in the UK charts and would subsequently prove to be the band's highest charting single.
In December 1966 they issued " Georgy Girl ", which became their highest charting US hit when it reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Cashbox Top 100 in February 1967.

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