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historic and record
No large earthquake has occurred on the Hayward Fault near Berkeley in historic times ( except possibly in 1836 ), but seismologists warn about the geologic record of large temblors several times in the deeper past, and their current assessment is that a quake of 6. 5 or greater is imminent, sometime within the next 30 years.
The " CAMRA Pub Heritage Group " is a group established to identify, record and help protect pub interiors of historic and / or architectural importance, and seeks to get them listed, if not already.
There were some historic moments for the Cubs as well ; they claimed the ' 35 pennant in thrilling fashion, winning a record 21 games in a row in September.
The principal feature that distinguishes the Iron Age from the preceding ages is the introduction of alphabetic characters, and the consequent development of written language which enabled literature and historic record.
Arguably, any device used to record sound or reproduce recorded sound could be called a type of " phonograph ", but in common practice it has come to mean historic technologies of sound recording.
During winter, average temperatures in the city center fall below freezing levels (− 2 ° C / 28 ° F ) and significant accumulations of snow can occur: the historic average of Milan's area is during the period between 1950 and 2007, with a record of during the snowfall of January 1985.
Although the TypeX has been attributed as having good security, the historic record is much less clear.
While many of these moments were baseball-related — including World Series games, no-hitters, perfect games, and historic home runs — the stadium also hosted boxing matches, concerts, Conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses ( see record attendance ), and three Papal Masses.
It contains an important collection of historic motor vehicles, including four world land speed record holders:
* Detailed historic record for Lincoln Cathedral
McPherson filed his report and it was noted that the report was extensive and quite full showing a careful investigation on the ground as well as an extensive investigation into the historic record.
The Cranford Historical Preservation Advisory Board was established in 1993 to record and help preserve historic buildings in the town.
The Norse saga was written around 1230 ( three centuries after the events they record ) by an unknown Icelandic author and, as was generally the case with Icelandic language writing of this period, the saga is as much a fictional story as a historic document.
The stadium was also the site of Mark McGwire's historic 62nd home run of the 1998 season that broke Roger Maris ' single-season record, and also of McGwire's 70th of that season, for a record which lasted until Barry Bonds surpassed it in 2001.
Based in historic downtown Lincolnton, the family-owned newspaper prints Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and covers all of Lincoln County, for which it is the legal paper of record.
Salisbury has developed a strong record of historic preservation over the last few decades.
In 1962, Decca turned down a chance to record The Beatles with the comment " Guitar groups are on the way out ", a historic mistake.
An archaeological site is a place ( or group of physical sites ) in which evidence of past activity is preserved ( either prehistoric or historic or contemporary ), and which has been, or may be, investigated using the discipline of archaeology and represents a part of the archaeological record.
The district's archaeological record is one of the most-endangered historic sites in Minnesota.
* Read a detailed historic record about Wallsend Roman Fort
The first historic record for Dunfermline was made in the 11th century.
* The Parliamentary Archives holds the original of this historic record
The second entrance through which he escaped has yet to be found and the cave is still called Geronimo's Cave, even though no reference to this event or this cave has been found in the historic or oral record.

historic and well
and now, therefore, do I, John A. Notte, Jr., governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, proclaim the week of april 29th to may 7th, 1961, as Rhode Island Heritage Week, advising our citizens that throughout this week many historic houses and beautiful gardens will be open to visitors as well as industrial plants, craft shops, museums and libraries and I earnestly urge all to take advantage of these opportunities to see as many of these places as they can during this outstanding week.
This area is the traditional homeland of the Tlingit people, and home of a historic settling of Haida as well as a modern settlement of Tsimshian.
Its historic ties, its long military presence as well as its economic influence have also given it a political influence.
However the city of " Polish Cathedrals " is rife with numerous historic synagogues, as well as the noteworthy sacred spaces of other religions.
Ennius continued the nascent literary tradition by writing praetextae, tragedies, and palliatae, as well as his most famous work, a historic epic called the Annales.
It is expected to revitalize some of the most commercial and historic districts in the City of Kabul, which will contain numerous historic mosques and shrines as well as viable commercial activities among and within war-damaged buildings.
It has historic roots in revolutionary France as well as America, as a symbol that was shared by the two nascent republics.
The word is continued in German Deutsch ( meaning German ), English " Dutch ", Dutch Duits and Diets ( the latter referring to the historic name for Dutch or Middle Dutch, the former meaning German ), Italian tedesco ( meaning German ), Swedish / Danish / Norwegian tysk ( meaning German ) and Middle Low German dudesch meaning both Low German and the whole of Dutch / German / Low German, as well its descendant, modern Low German dütsch, meaning only Standard High German.
Visitors come to the city to explore its historic inner suburbs and nationally acclaimed restaurants and cafes, as well as its vibrant music and nightlife culture.
The area ’ s notoriously harsh weather, dramatic underwater topography, the island ’ s central location on historic shipping routes, and the cold, fresh water have culminated in largely intact, well preserved wrecks throughout the park.
The Royals ' recent lack of success, however, as well as the Yankees ' more popular and historic rivalry with the Boston Red Sox has caused this rivalry to lose its prominence.
All species have been adversely affected by historic deforestation but currently large areas of their forest habitat are well protected in reserves and national parks.
The college includes the historic Piula Monastery as well as Piula Cave Pool, a natural spring situated beneath the church by the sea.
Chronologies based on pottery are often essential for dating non-literate cultures and are often of help in the dating of historic cultures as well.
The historic district includes 22 contributing buildings and 42 contributing structures, as well as 49 non-contributing buildings, structures, and objects.
His focus was to faithfully convey, with less poetic license, Khayyam ’ s original religious, mystical, and historic Persian themes, through the verses as well as his extensive annotations.
Programmed with all current Starfleet medical knowledge, the Doctor and all Mark Is are equipped with the knowledge and mannerisms of historic Federation doctors, as well as the physical appearance of their programmer, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman.
Fredric Jameson has said that " Stalinism was [...] a success and fulfilled its historic mission, socially as well as economically " given that it " modernised the Soviet Union, transforming a peasant society into an industrial state with a literate population and a remarkable scientific superstructure.
Ancestor worship is no longer present in modern-day Burma ( except within some ethnic minority communities ), but remnants of it still exist, such as worship of Bo Bo Gyi ( literally " great grandfather "), as well as of other guardian spirits such as nats, all of which may be vestiges of historic ancestor worship practices.
* The Eram Garden ( Bagh-e Eram ) in Shiraz is a striking location for visitors with a variety of plants as well as a historic mansion.
Many people from the nearby French island of Corsica came as well to Gallura during this historic period.
The foreign relations of Pakistan and India remain unstable, but are now exacerbated by the nuclear arsenals of both states, as well as the rise of political parties promoting Hindu nationalism in India, and the rise of al-Qaeda Islamism in Pakistan, as well as intercommunal strife — ranging from the demolition of a historic mosque by communal hooligans with worshipers inside to a terrorist assault on Hindu shrines — could set off a nuclear war.

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