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idea and artifact
Alkon later qualifies this by writing, " It would be stretching our generosity to praise Madden for being the first to show a traveler arriving from the future ", but also says that Madden " deserves recognition as the first to toy with the rich idea of time-travel in the form of an artifact sent backwards from the future to be discovered in the present.
It is sometimes ( as in the work of Robert Barry, Yoko Ono, and Weiner himself ) reduced to a set of written instructions describing a work, but stopping short of actually making it — emphasising that the idea is more important than the artifact.
I mean architect as in the creating of systemic, structural, and orderly principles to make something work — the thoughtful making of either artifact, or idea, or policy that informs because it is clear.
When in the 1930s, the rebellion began that came to be known as human relations theory, there was still not a denial of the idea of structure as an artifact, but rather an advocacy of the creation of a different sort of structure, one in which the needs, knowledge, and opinions of employees might be given greater recognition.
For example, a single artifact generally identified as a Dorset Eskimo burin was also recovered there, and may support the idea that both the burin and the penny could plausibly have come to Maine through native trade channels from Viking sources in Labrador or Newfoundland.
The series takes to the hilt the insight of society as an artifact, and smashes the idea of the necessity of certain institutional arrangements.
Social theory for Unger has failed in its task to take the idea of society as artifact to the hilt.
His goal was to provide a theory of discontinuous change and to carry the idea of society as artifact to the hilt.
Support for the idea that the Coriolis field is a real physical effect and not just a mathematical artifact is justified by Machian theory.
Alkon later qualifies this by writing, " t would be stretching our generosity to praise Madden for being the first to show a traveler arriving from the future ", but he also says that Madden " deserves recognition as the first to toy with the rich idea of time travel in the form of an artifact sent backwards from the future to be discovered in the present.

idea and made
As he made plans for the new Taliesin, Wright also got on paper his conception of a cathedral of steel and glass to house a congregation of all faiths, and the idea for a planetarium with a sloping ramp.
When Ambassador Mikhail Menshikov took it over in 1957 from Georgi Zaroubin, he made a determined effort to change this idea.
Some idea of the competence of the women is indicated in the contribution made by them during the past 25 years that totals $840,000.
It made him pretty hot under the collar, after the idea Miss Sis had given him, to be told by Miss Kiz that her holy spa was all reserved for this summer and next, if you please, and that much as she regretted it, they would be unable to entertain Mrs. Robards and the children.
The animistic idea as the representation of the imaginative reality, is sanctified in the Homeric poems and in Greek myths, in stories of the god Hephaestus ( Phaistos ) and the mythic Daedalus ( the builder of the labyrinth ) that made images which moved of their own accord.
The idea that alternative mathematical systems might exist was very troubling to mathematicians of the 19th century and the developers of systems such as Boolean algebra made elaborate efforts to derive them from traditional arithmetic.
The large amount of travel done by Christie and Mallowan has not only made for a great writing theme, as shown in her famous novel: The Murder on the Orient Express, but also tied into the idea of archaeology as an adventure that has become so important in today ’ s popular culture as described by Cornelius Holtorf in his book Archaeology is a Brand.
Other major ideas in the book of Amos include: social justice and concern for the disadvantaged ; the idea that Israel's covenant with God did not exempt them from accountability for sin ; God is God of all nations ; God is judge of all nations ; God is God of moral righteousness ; God made all people ; God elected Israel and then liberated Israel so that He would be known throughout the world ; election by God means that those elected are responsible to live according to the purposes clearly outlined to them in the covenant ; if God destroys the unjust, a remnant will remain ; and God is free to judge whether to redeem Israel.
The idea of signing the worker's name and birth date on the brick and the place where it was made was not new to the Ming era and had little or nothing to do with vanity.
Guderian said that the tank deployment was “ on too small a scale to allow accurate assessments to be made .” The true test of his “ armoured idea ” would have to wait for the Second World War.
Francis Jennings noted that the statement made by Benjamin Franklin frequently quoted by proponents of the thesis does not support for this idea as it is advocating for a union against these " ignorant savages " and called the idea " absurd ".
Abelard in his Dialectica made an argument against the idea that the copula can express existence based on a reductio ad absurdum.
Even though Confucius denounced them for their practices, the aristocracy was likely attracted to the idea of having trustworthy officials who were studied in morals as the circumstances of the time made it desirable.
According to Alan Ryan, the ideology of the original classical liberals argued against direct democracy, where law is made by majority vote by citizens, " for there is nothing in the bare idea of majority rule to show that majorities will always respect the rights of property or maintain rule of law.
Bruce Sterling in his universe of Shaper / Mechanist suggested an idea of alternative cyborg called Lobster, which is made not by using internal implants, but by using an external shell ( e. g. a Powered Exoskeleton ).
The 19th-century French mathematician Joseph Fourier made important contributions based on the idea that physical laws like
The building was based on an idea by Frits Philips, who originally made a sketch of the building on a paper napkin.
Many arguments have been made both for and against the idea that Frigg and Freyja are really the same goddess, avatars of one another.
In the latter half of his career Hayek made a number of contributions to social and political philosophy, which he based on his views on the limits of human knowledge, and the idea of spontaneous order in social institutions.
These investigations and results of Whipple's gave Minot and Murphy the idea that an experiment could be made to see whether favorable results might also be obtained in the case of pernicious anemia ... by making use of the foods of the kind that Whipple had found to yield favorable results in his experiments regarding anemia from loss of blood.
Dr. Cluny MacPherson of Royal Newfoundland Regiment brought the idea of a mask made of chemical absorbing fabric and which fitted over the entire head to England, and this was developed into the British Hypo Helmet of June 1915.
In the late 1930s, the idea of producing a car made entirely in Australia was conceived, but plans were put on hold after the outbreak of World War II.
Then I say, such an engine may be made large enough to do the work required in employing eight, ten, fifteen, or twenty horses to be constantly maintained and kept for doing such a work …" The idea was later used by James Watt to help market his improved steam engine.

idea and conscious
The idea seems to threaten profound, barely conscious assumptions.
Regarding the primary function of conscious processing, a recurring idea in recent theories is that phenomenal states somehow integrate neural activities and information-processing that would otherwise be independent.
The idea that even if the animal were conscious nothing would be added to the production of behavior, even in animals of the human type, was first voiced by La Mettrie ( 1745 ), and then by Cabanis ( 1802 ), and was further explicated by Hodgson ( 1870 ) and Huxley ( 1874 ).
The scientific data seem to support the idea that conscious experience is created by non-conscious processes in the brain ( i. e., there is subliminal processing that becomes conscious experience ).
Fine Gael's proposals have been criticised mostly by smaller political groupings in Ireland, and by some of the trade unions, who have raised the idea that the party's solutions are more conscious of business interests than the interests of the worker.
When James Braid first described hypnotism, he did not use the term " suggestion " but referred instead to the act of focusing the conscious mind of the subject upon a single dominant idea.
Indeed, Braid actually defines hypnotism as focused ( conscious ) attention upon a dominant idea ( or suggestion ).
The great object in all these processes is to induce a habit of abstraction or concentration of attention, in which the subject is entirely absorbed with one idea, or train of ideas, whilst he is unconscious of, or indifferently conscious to, every other object, purpose, or action.
" No phenomenon is mortal ," Malevich wrote in an unpublished manuscript, " and this means not only the body but the idea as well, a symbol that one is eternally reincarnated in another form which actually exists in the conscious and unconscious person.
However, while this may suggest that perceived OBEs are a type of lucid dream which takes place in a dream environment that mimics the actual environment of the dreamer, this falls short of supporting the idea that some conscious form of the dreamer actually leaves the body and perceives their external environment while still in a sleeping state.
Freud's description of subjective states, involving an unconscious mind full of primal impulses, and counterbalancing self-imposed restrictions, was combined by Carl Jung ( 1875 – 1961 ) with the idea of the collective unconscious, with which the conscious mind fought or embraced.
He speculated that myths arose due to the lack of abstract nouns and neuter gender in ancient languages: anthropomorphic figures of speech, necessary in such languages, were eventually taken literally, leading to the idea that natural phenomena were conscious beings, gods.
Articulating the idea of something not conscious, or, actively denied to awareness, with the constructs of language has been a process of human thought and interpersonal influence for millennia.
The central idea is that, under pressure, it is impossible to visually recognize the precise direction and speed of an attack and make a conscious decision on an effective way in which to react, all within the very brief amount of time you have before your opponent's attack lands.
Whilst the idea that there is some objective sense in which time is flowing can be denied, the fact that conscious beings feel as though it is in some sense flowing cannot.
:( iv ) illumination or insight ( where the creative idea bursts forth from its preconscious processing into conscious awareness ); and
* Seeding Ideas-Erickson would often ensure that the patients had been exposed to an idea, often in a metaphorical form ( hidden from the conscious mind ) in advance of utilizing it for a therapeutic purpose.
This was however a conscious image, an invocation of the Hellenistic idea Tryphe-meaning good life, which the last Seleucids strove to be associated with, as opposed to the exhausting civil wars and feuds which troubled their reigns in reality.
The idea that even if the animal were conscious nothing would be added to the production of behavior, even in animals of the human type, was first voiced by La Mettrie ( 1745 ), and then by Cabanis ( 1802 ), and was further explicated by Hodgson ( 1870 ) and Huxley ( 1874 ).
The basic idea is that one can imagine, and, therefore, conceive the existence of, an apparently functioning human being / body without any conscious states being associated with it.
Expounding upon Leibniz ’ s concept of petites apperceptions and the idea of apperception, Herbart believed the apperceiving mass to be crucial in selecting similar ideas from down in the unconscious to join its forces in the conscious.
This manifested itself not only in the type of imagery that appeared in these works but in the method Rego employed which was based on the Surrealist idea of automatic drawing, in which the artist attempts to disengage the conscious mind from the making process to allow the unconscious mind to direct the image making.
On the eve of the struggle with Napoleon, Alexander, conscious of his unpopularity, conceived the idea of making Speransky his scape-goat, and so conciliating that Old Russian sentiment which would be the strongest support of the autocratic tsar against revolutionary France.

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