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image and man
The horrifying humor, the specifically sexual embarrassment of the joke gone wrong, the monstrous image of the fat man dressed up as a whore dressing up as a baby ; ;
Thus the image of man has suffered complete fragmentation in personal and spiritual qualities, and complete objectification in sub-human and quasi-mechanistic powers.
The image of the world tends to reflect the hostility and indifference of man or else to dissolve into empty spaces and overwhelming mystery.
Magwitch terrifies Pip into stealing a pork pie for him by creating the image in the boy's imagination of a bogy man who may `` softly creep his way to him and tear him open '', `` imbruing his hands '' in him.
It has been truly said that anything man can imagine he can produce or create by projecting this inner image into its counterpart in the objective world.
It is in this one aspect, at least, that man seems to be made in the image of his Creator.
The biblical symbol for this affirmation is expressed in the words: `` So God created man in his own image ; ;
There are some passages in the writings of Irenaeus where the image of God and the similitude are sharply distinguished, so most notably in the statement: `` If the ( Holy ) Spirit is absent from the soul, such a man is indeed of an animal nature ; ;
Thus the image of God is that which makes a man a man and not an oyster ; ;
When he at last did go to his room, he couldn't sleep and instead paced up and down before his little image of Acala, thinking first of Charlotte's tale of the man at Ryusenji, then of his biwa and the invisible Pacific waters.
This embodies the belief that the image was somehow the god or man himself.
* Atlas ( mythology ), a Titan who bore the spheres of the heavens ; inspiring the widely used image of a man carrying a celestial sphere on his back or shoulders ( also known as Atlas Telamon or " enduring Atlas ")
Thus, from the human body, the usual form assigned to the Deity, forasmuch as it is written that God created man in his own image, issue the two supporters, Nous and Logos, symbols of the inner sense and the quickening understanding, as typified by the serpents, for the same reason that had induced the old Greeks to assign this reptile for an attribute to Pallas.
alt = Tapestry image of a man on horseback holding a falcon
The jewel is about long, made of filigreed gold, enclosing a highly polished piece of quartz crystal beneath which is set a cloisonné enamel plaque, with an enamelled image of a man holding floriate sceptres, perhaps personifying Sight or the Wisdom of God.
To the right of the image a man in a peasant's smock cheers approvingly.
These could be the classical virtues — courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom — that promoted the Greek ideal of man as the " rational animal ", or the theological virtues — faith, hope, and love — that distinguished the Christian ideal of man as a being created in the image of God.
Christian Science metaphysics teach that God is Spirit and cites the first chapter of Genesis as the true story of creation, where in the King James Bible, " man " is both " male and female ", created " in the image and likeness " of God.
Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness.
Although Christ, like man, is made in the image of God, he alone shares the likeness of God the Father.
Rabbi Akiva used to say, " Beloved is man, for he was created in God's image ; and the fact that God made it known that man was created in His image is indicative of an even greater love.

image and which
Westbrook further bemoans the Southern writers' creation of an unreal image of their homeland, which is too readily assimilated by both foreign readers and visiting Yankees: `` Our northerner is suspicious of all this crass evidence ( of urbanization ) presented to his senses.
Life is further characterized, in antithesis to Piepsam, as animal: the image of a dog, which appears at several places, is first given as the criterion of amiable, irrelevant interest aroused by life considered simply as a spectacle: a dog in a wagon is `` admirable '', `` a pleasure to contemplate '' ; ;
By `` image '' is meant not only a visual presentation, but also remembered sensations of any of the five senses plus the feelings which are immediately conjoined therewith.
It was symbolized ( at least for those of us who recognized ourselves in the image ) by that self-consuming, elegiac candle of Edna St. Vincent Millay's, that candle which from the quatrain where she ensconced it became a beacon to us, but which in point of fact would have had to be as tall as a funeral taper to last even the evening, let alone the night.
The most articulate Republicans are those who, in their desire to get back at Mr. Kennedy, already have created the image of a Republican leadership which is reluctant to assist the distressed and the unemployed, and which is even more unwilling to help old people who need medical care.
My memory has catalogued for easy reference and withdrawal the image of her pink, scented stationery and the unsloped, almost printed configurations of her neat, studious handwriting with which she invited me to recall our summer, so many sentences beginning with `` Remember when ; ;
Consider a simple, closed, plane curve C which is a real-analytic image of the unit circle, and which is given by Af.
Moreover, from the definitive transformation of intercepts on the generators of Af, it is clear that the only points of Q at which a line can meet its image are the points of Aj.
The most obvious of these is the quadratic complex of tangents to Q, each line of which is transformed into the entire pencil of lines tangent to Q at the image of the point of tangency of the given line.
Now the only way in which all curves of the image family of Af can pass through a fixed point is to have a generator of Af which is not a secant but a tangent of **zg, for then any point on such a generator will be transformed into the point of tangency.
Clearly, any line, l, of any bundle having one of these points of tangency, T, as vertex will be transformed into the entire pencil having the image of the second intersection of L and Q as vertex and lying in the plane determined by the image point and the generator of Af which is tangent to **zg at T.
A conic, C, being a ( 1, 1 ) curve on Q, meets the image of any line of Af, which we have already found to be a Af curve on Q, in Af points.
To do this we must first show that every line which meets **zg in a point P meets its image at P.
By ( 1 ), the image of this pencil is a ruled surface of order Af which is met by the plane of the pencil in a curve, C, of order Af.
On C there is a Af correspondence in which the Af points cut from C by a general line, l, of the pencil correspond to the point of intersection of the image of L and the plane of the pencil.
Since C is rational, this correspondence has K coincidences, each of which implies a line of the pencil which meets its image.
For any pencil in a plane containing a Af-fold secant of **zg has an image regulus which meets the plane of the pencil in Af lines, namely the images of the lines of the pencil which pass through the intersection of **zg and the multiple secant, plus an additional component to account for the intersections of the images of the general lines of the pencil.

image and enters
Information enters the eyes in one direction ( input ), and is then turned into an image by the brain that can be interpreted and recognized as a perception ( output ).
The central religious image of Angkor Wat was an image of Vishnu, and an inscription identifies Suryavarman as " Paramavishnuloka ," or " he who enters the heavenly world of Vishnu.
One enters Shattuck by driving through the stone arch which frames the stone buildings comprising the original campus ; this image has been used in many movies when the director wishes to represent an elite, ivy league type school.
In the example image water enters at 299 mg / L ( NaCL / H < sub > 2 </ sub > O ).
The eyes of many birds have two foveae ( the fovea is the area of the retina the greatest density of light receptors ), and a kingfisher is able to switch from the main central fovea to the auxiliary fovea when it enters water ; a retinal streak of high receptor density which connects the two foveae allows the image to swing temporally as the bird drops onto the prey.
However when light enters the Earth's atmosphere, the different temperature layers and different wind speeds distort the light waves leading to distortions in the image of a star.
* Information enters the visual / auditory image store
Many of Adams ' ideas made their way into the final game, including the suggestion that the game open as a typical text adventure, when the player gets into the movie theater playing the film, Labyrinth ; then, the screen fills with David Bowie's image, and the player enters the full color universe of the Labyrinth as a graphic adventure.

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