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inclination and here
Not caring for his mode of life, and having a strong inclination for general business, at the age of fifteen, Ezra left home and went to New York city, and here he procured a situation in a mercantile house at three dollars a week, and on this sum had to board himself.

inclination and is
If it is assumed that the formula given by Lodge of cosec Af applies, the pressure difference along the major axes can be calculated from the angle of inclination of the major axis, and from this the interfacial tension can be calculated.
Drag on a flat plate is closer to being linear with the angle of inclination as opposed to acting quadratically at low angles.
Climate ( from Ancient Greek klima, meaning inclination ) is commonly defined as the weather averaged over a long period.
This is even more true of asteroids, since their orbits usually have a greater inclination to the ecliptic than planets.
They believe he is the Son of Man, in that he inherited human nature ( with its inclination to sin ) from his mother, and the Son of God by virtue of his miraculous conception by the power of God.
Obliquity of the ecliptic is a name used by astronomers for the inclination of Earth's equator to the ecliptic, or of Earth's rotation axis to a perpendicular to the ecliptic.
The equinoxes are also the only times when the terminator is inclined 90 ° to the Earth's Equator ( while at solstices, that inclination reaches its minimum of 66. 5 °, corresponding to 90 ° minus Earth's axial tilt ).
In 1563, Elizabeth told an imperial envoy: " If I follow the inclination of my nature, it is this: beggar-woman and single, far rather than queen and married ".
Rabbinic Judaism does not believe that the preceding verses refer to what is nowadays described as a homosexual inclination, nor do these verses refer to lesbian sexual activity.
In a speech given in 1986, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, discussed " individuals who express an inclination towards a particular form of physical relationship in which the libidinal gratification is sought with members of one's own gender ".
The earliest use of the phrase is a quote from the Westminster Magazine of 1774: " He had no inclination for a Broomstick-marriage ", the person in question simply stating that he did not want to go through a ceremony that had no legal validity, it having been suggested to him that he would pretend to be marrying by having a French sexton read the marriage service to him and his young bride.
: where θ is the angle of inclination of the normal, and p is the length of the normal.
Through custom or inclination each person pursues a particular trade, but is capable of pursuing any other in the village.
Let a light beam travel down the vertical line TP and bounce off from P. The beam's angle of inclination from the mirror is, so when it bounces off, its angle of inclination must be equal to.
Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines.
Here, the term " parallax " is the angle or semi-angle of inclination between two sight-lines to the star.
Orbital eccentricity is represented by segments extending horizontally from perihelion to aphelion ; inclination is shown on the vertical axis.
The inclination of a planar structure in geology is measured by strike and dip.
The strike is the line of intersection between the planar feature and a horizontal plane, taken according to the right hand convention, and the dip is the magnitude of the inclination, below horizontal, at right angles to strike.

inclination and accept
The inclination was to accept the statement that there would be no formal negotiations.
Schlechter was a modest gentleman, who was generally unlikely to win the major chess tournaments by his peaceful inclination, his lack of aggressiveness and his willingness to accept most draw offers from his opponents ( about 80 % of his games finished by a draw ).
When Mel Taube left Purdue in 1950, Wooden's inclination was to return and finally accept the head coaching job there.
He understood the importance to Egypt of British assistance and support ; his natural shrewdness made him accept the British conditions ; his natural good feeling kept him from any inclination to intrigue.
However, when Jägerhorn returned, the conspirators decided to lie to their fellow officers, and spread rumors about Catherine's inclination to accept the note.

inclination and de
Her parents married her at twenty-one years of age to her kinsman, Jean Baptiste de la Lande, marquis du Deffand, without consulting her inclination.
In 1861 he retired from active work, but still pursued his studies, his Observations de l ' inclination magnetique and Sur les variations séculaires du magnetisme appearing in 1865.
But during his childhood days, his inclination to the left began by listening to his barber discussing him about the Hukblahap in Ilocos ( kwentong barbero ), as well as studying in a public school in Ilocos ( unlike his relatives ) before entering Ateneo de Manila, then in Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

inclination and rather
" Sperm whales, on the other hand, while having demonstrated the ability and occasional behavior to swallow more than a grown man whole, have not yet been observed to demonstrate the inclination to swallow humans and generally are known to use their teeth to tear their food to pieces rather than swallow whole.
As a result of original sin, according to Catholics, human nature has not been totally corrupted ( as opposed to the teaching of Luther and Calvin ); rather, human nature has only been weakened and wounded, subject to ignorance, suffering, the domination of death, and the inclination to sin and evil ( CCC 405, 418 ).
The spectral resolution of the PDS was rather modest when compared to the gas detectors, but the low background counting rate resulting from the low inclination BeppoSAX orbit and good background rejection capabilities meant that the PDS remains one of the most sensitive high-energy instruments flown.
DPD judgment of others is distorted by their inclination to see others as they wish they were, rather than as they are.
During the late 1920s and especially during the 1929-31 Parliament, in which Labour had no majority but were allowed to continue in office by the Liberals, Simon was seen as the leader of the minority of Liberal MPs who disliked Lloyd George's inclination to support Labour rather than the Conservatives.
Most Christians attribute this inclination to sin to some variant of the doctrine of original sin, rather than to God directly.
About 1971 this trend was reversed with the so-called vertical s & c, in which the rails were held vertical, rather than at the customary 1 in 20 inclination.
It turned out to have a diameter of about 500 m. It is an Apollo asteroid, with perihelion at 0. 88 AU, a rather low eccentricity of 0. 17, an inclination of 17 ° and an orbital period of 1. 11 years.
Despite having fallen in love with Jaye, her refusal to admit her feelings ( caused by the warnings of the muses, rather than her own inclination ) leads him to re-marry Heidi on a whim, and decide to leave Niagara.
" Callicratidas, " far from being effeminised by his sexual predilection for boys ... Callicratidas's inclination renders him hypervirile ... Callicratidas's sexual desire for boys, then, makes him more of a man ; it does not weaken or subvert his male gender identity but rather consolidates it.
When the orbital elements of main belt asteroids are plotted ( typically inclination vs. eccentricity, or vs. semi-major axis ), a number of distinct concentrations are seen against the rather uniform background distribution of generic asteroids.
For geostationary spacecraft the inclination change caused by the gravitational forces of Sun / Moon must be counteracted to a rather large expense of fuel as the inclination should be kept sufficiently small for the spacecraft to be tracked by a non-steerable antenna.
On his view, not all things to which a person might be inclined are " natural " in the morally relevant sense ; rather, only the inclination to the full and proper expression of the human nature, and inclinations which align with that inclination, are natural.
* And if at times, there appears in the Church something that indicates the weakness of our human nature, it should not be attributed to her juridical constitution, but rather to that regrettable inclination to evil found in each individual, which its Divine Founder permits even at times in the highest members of His Mystical Body, for the purpose of testing the virtue of the Shepherds no less than of the flocks, and that all may increase the merit of their Christian faith.
It seems to me rather merciful that I do not, for they were terrible studies, which I pursued more through reluctant fascination than through actual inclination.
Al-Radi himself was not by inclination a theoretician, preferring to concentrate on party organisation and action ; until 1961, he would be content to leave ideological questions primarily to Amir Abdallah, who was the party's dominant intellectual figure during this period and rather more cautious than al-Radi in his political approach.

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