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interlocking and frame
The design of a mechanical interlocking frame is much like a mechanical puzzle, but once understood, the principles can be applied to any track and signal arrangement.
The sizes of pieces needed for the interlocking frame are shown in the notes within Fig. 7, most of the bars being 1/8'' '' brass in 1/4'' '' and 1/2'' '' widths.
Cathedral Windows is a block type that uses reverse appliqué using large amounts of folded muslin, and features modular blocks of an interlocking circular design that frame small squares or diamonds of colorful light-weight cotton.
A project conceived by Harvard University's Dr. Howard Aiken, the Mark I was built by IBM engineers in Endicott, N. Y. A steel frame long and eight feet high held the calculator, which consisted of an interlocking panel of small gears, counters, switches and control circuits, all only a few inches in depth.
The PHC is constructed with interlocking logs and, originally, without nails in the frame.
The first fully interlocking frame was installed by Saxby at Keymer Junction near Haywards Heath in 1860, where he built a small workshop to undertake private work.
In architecture and structural engineering, a space frame or space structure is a truss-like, lightweight rigid structure constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern.
The simplest form of space frame is a horizontal slab of interlocking square pyramids and tetrahedra built from aluminium or tubular steel struts.
The station now is home to the " Aura Tearooms ", the Puffing Billy Narrow Gauge Museum ( currently closed ), and also boasts a Signal bay containing a 14-lever interlocking frame.
The " Key " is purportedly a synopsis of Roberts ' documents that presents a chronicle of interlocking conspiracies, including claims that world events since the 1950s were shaped by suppressed information, the names of supposed shooters of President John F. Kennedy, and suggested connections between a number of political assassinations which occurred within a relatively short time frame.
The last type of braiding is multi-layer interlocking braiding that consists of a number of standard circular braiders being joined together to form a cylindrical braiding frame.
This frame has a number of parallel braiding tracks around the circumference of the cylinder but the mechanism allows the transfer of yarn carriers between adjacent tracks forming a multilayer braided fabric with yarns interlocking to adjacent layers.
The station was upgraded as part of the Regional Fast Rail project, with the platform re-aligned, the manual interlocking frame and railway crossing gates decommissioned, and new remote controlled computer based signalling provided.
Frame bags often use a kissing lock closure, with two interlocking metal beads set on the top of the frame.
A 45 lever interlocking frame in a signal box was brought into use in 1890, by this time the station had a main platform with a dock platform at the Melbourne end, a main line and crossing loop, turntable, and a number of sidings.

interlocking and built
Noted for its mansard roof, ornamental brackets and stone quoins — the interlocking exterior corners — the station is among the few remaining of its kind that were built during President Grant's administration at the height of railway expansion.
The original buildings were built using a modular system of interlocking concrete slabs, known as the CLASP system.
The entire structure is built with extensions and abutments to provide for interlocking fields of fire.
The design has some similarities to the earlier Eddystone Lighthouse designed by John Smeaton which was also built on an offshore reef using interlocking stones, but also contained newer features, such as rotating lights alternating between red and white.
The PHC was built in 1970 by fitting interlocking logs together from a Norwegian design.
This floodwall was built in the 1960s, to great controversy, out of interlocking prefabricated concrete blocks.
Most large waka were built in several main interlocking sections and stitched together with flax rope.
The Span and Boat Shed were built at approximately the same time using similar techniques ( interlocking steel archways on a concrete base ), and are located at either end of site.
B & O built its first interlocking tower building at the site in 1894, and rebuilt the tower in 1912 and again in 1917.
Personal expression was not permitted ; melodies could only be built through the interlocking of single notes or chords, played in alternation between the groups using the Medieval technique of hocket ( hence the group's name ).
The bellmouths was built originally south of this station to the middle of the present interlocking just north of Jamaica – Van Wyck.
Kumba is one of the first in a line of multi-inversion coasters ( that is, those having six or more inversions ) built by B & M, and featured B & M's first ever diving loop and interlocking corkscrews.

interlocking and at
* V-shaped, when the firing units are distant from the kill zone at the end where the enemy enters, so the firing units lay down bands of intersecting and interlocking fire.
The intricate decorative designs at Alhambra, which were based on mathematical formulas and feature interlocking repetitive patterns sculpted into the stone walls and ceilings, were a powerful influence on Escher's works.
The horns of the European bison point forward through the plane of their faces, making them more adept at fighting through the interlocking of horns in the same manner as domestic cattle, unlike the American bison, which favours charging.
* Star: The original Dodge was a circle, with two interlocking triangles forming a six-pointed star in the middle ; an interlocked " DB " was at the center of the star, and the words " Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles " encircled the outside edge.
It had the alternate script logo of the present Mighty Ducks and old-style laces at the neck, as well as a shoulder patch displaying an interlocking " MD " ( for " Mighty Ducks ").
The two railroad lines crossed at the western edge of Seymour and was protected by an interlocking tower until the Rock Island was abandoned.
The pattern of ground-level arrowslits at Framlingham were similarly innovative for their time, enabling interlocking and flanking fire against attackers.
Denys Lasdun's building for the National Theatre – an " urban landscape " of interlocking terraces responding to the site at King's Reach on the River Thames to exploit views of St Paul's Cathedral and Somerset House.
Spin Magazine has listed MacKaye and Picciotto together at No. 86 on their list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time for their unique and interlocking guitar style in Fugazi.
Burr puzzles are interlocking puzzles known in Europe and Asia since at least the 18th century.
Confronted with these interlocking threats to development, children arrive at school unable to take advantage of learning opportunities.
He used the somewhat unusual, at the time, interlocking grip to hold the club.
) Later on, during the Nuremberg War Criminal Trials, interlocking directorates expressing political, financial and governmental direction were discussed and are precisely what existed at the Kaiser Wilhelm Society.
The ecstatic salve played at religious parties however, is all about percussion – featuring large numbers of tambourines playing interlocking rhythms and a melodic drum called the balsie, whose player alters the pitch by applying pressure with his foot.
Signal box and tracks at Deval interlocking, Des Plaines, Illinois, in 1993
The rear of the Portuguese position, which was in fact its front in the final battle, was at the top of a narrow slope, which came up to a small village, and was further constricted by a complex series of interlocking trenches and caltrops designed to surprise and trap the enemy cavalry.
The middle metacarpals are tightly united to the carpus by intrinsic interlocking bone elements at their bases.
The signalman at Battersea Park, believing there to be a fault with his equipment, overrode the electrical interlocking and allowed the second train into the occupied section.
The transverse rigidity of this structure must therefore come from some source other than interlocking bricks, and the device used is the insertion at regular intervals of wall ties into the cavity wall ’ s mortar beds.
* Roman tiles-flat in the middle, with a concave curve at one end at a convex curve at the other, to allow interlocking.
The interlocking at Woodcrest, which was added in 1980, uses levers 87-98.

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