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internal and rendering
The following lunar day, controllers saw the internal temperature of the Lunokhod climb as it was unable to cool itself, eventually rendering the rover inoperable.
KHAD is thought to have had particular success in igniting internal rivalries and political divisions amongst the resistance groups, rendering some of them completely useless because of infighting.
It was based on Apple's internal fork of the KHTML rendering engine, called WebKit.
: Christofori Bartolomeo of Padua died in Florence [...] was the famous harpsichord maker, a distinguished restorer rendering even better good instruments made by other past masters and he was also the inventor of harpsichords with hammers, which produce a different quality of sound both on account of the hammer striking the chord and the completely different internal structure of the body of the instrument, not visible from the outside [...] the best instruments that he made were for Ferdinando de ' Medici Great Prince of Tuscany, his protector and son of the Grand Duke Cosimo III.
Irrlicht supports 3D rendering via OpenGL, DirectX 8 and 9, and internal software rasterizers.
Renoise has a long list of features, including for example full MIDI and MIDI sync support, support for VST 2. 0 plugin technology, ASIO multi I / O cards support, integrated sampler and sample editor, internal real-time DSP effects with unlimited number of effects per track, master and send tracks, full automation of all commands, hi-fi. WAV rendering ( up to 32 bit 96 kHz ), Rewire support, etc.
Currently TrueSpace has two native internal rendering engines and also support for DX9 pixel shader output quality images alongside the traditional style Render engines.
The system also included a system for " wrapping " existing PostScript Type 1 fonts into its own internal format, which added bitmap preview versions for quick on-screen rendering.
However the instruction set itself had changed to reflect the new internal memory layout, thereby rendering it incompatible with the earlier 6600.
The new rendering infrastructure improves several shortcomings of the old design, including removing internal locks and adding proper support for offscreen rendering, so that compositing and XVideo / OpenGL applications are properly managed.
The rise in internal calcium ions causes activation of the proteolytic enzyme calpain, which digests proteins including contractile proteins, rendering the muscle much weaker.
Many PAL television sets use the internal Teletext decoder's graphics rendering system to further reduce costs.
Despite this, the internal architecture of Mesa 3D was designed to be open for attaching to graphics processor-accelerated 3D rendering.
During this period Kesmai focused on reengineering the 3D combat portion of the game to use the studio's internal K3D rendering engine.
* Real-time dynamic imaging: An imaging server allows realtime rendering of images, text, logos and colorization based on internal and external data sources.
The arm was designed to pierce opponents ' armour plating and break their internal components, rendering them impaired or immobile.

internal and all
( B ) That because of the low viscosity of the fluid, the internal pressure is the same in all directions.
The aim is to collect a very broad range of physical, chemical, morphological, and structural data for crystals on an encyclopedic scale and to seek all possible useful and revealing correlations of properties with internal structure.
A perfect crystal is one in which the internal lattice structure extends uninterrupted in all directions.
Under the North American Numbering Plan, almost all North American area codes reserve telephone numbers beginning with 958 and 959 for internal local and long distance testing ( respectively ), sometimes called plant testing.
" This internal destruction can be found as early as the first chapter as Paul comments that, although all the boys are young, their youth has left them.
After settling, all larvae undergo a radical metamorphosis that destroys and rebuilds almost all the internal tissues.
The internal command structure determines all promotions through the rank of colonel.
Plant physiology encompasses all the internal chemical and physical activities of plants associated with life.
Development progresses rapidly – precursors to all major organs appear within 36 hours of fertilization, and hatching takes place 12 – 36 hours later, depending on the embryo's internal conditions and the external temperature, which is ideally.
The cytoplasm is the gel-like substance residing within the cell membrane holding all the cell's internal sub-structures ( called organelles ), outside the nucleus.
Every computer contains an internal clock that regulates the rate at which instructions are executed and synchronizes all the various computer components.
Croatia is asking that the islands be returned because of the Badinter Arbitration Committee decision from 1991 that all internal borders between Yugoslav republics have become international.
The total contact force on the particular internal surface is then expressed as the sum ( surface integral ) of the contact forces on all differential surfaces:
Even for homogeneous " bulk " materials, the free energy functions depend on the composition, as do all the extensive thermodynamic potentials, including the internal energy.
In older classifications, the term Chlorophyceae is sometimes used to apply to all the green algae except the Charales, and the internal division is considerably different.
Internal bus, also known as internal data bus, memory bus or system bus or front-Side-Bus, connects all the internal components of a computer, such as CPU and memory, to the motherboard.
Nonetheless, Wilson believed that, in all cases, corporations “ should be erected with caution, and inspected with care .” The actions of corporations were clearly circumscribed: “ To every corporation a name must be assigned ; and by that name alone it can perform legal acts .” For non-binding external actions or transactions, corporations enjoyed the same latitude as private individuals ; but it was with an eye to internal affairs that many saw principal advantage in incorporation.
Many applications pack all their data files into a single file called archive file, using internal markers to discern the different types of information contained within.
The vast majority of all diodes are the p – n diodes found in CMOS integrated circuits, which include two diodes per pin and many other internal diodes.
It also contains all the information needed ( e. g., metadata, " data about the data ", and internal data structures ) to reconstruct the Conceptual level and External level from the Internal level when needed.
It also contains all the information needed ( e. g., metadata, " data about the data ", and internal data structures ) to reconstruct the Conceptual level and External level from the Internal level when needed.
A common misconception holds that a non-validating XML parser does not have to read document type declarations, when in fact, the document type declarations must still be scanned for correct syntax as well as validity of declarations, and the parser must still parse all entity declarations in the internal subset, and substitute the replacement texts of internal entities occurring anywhere in the document type declaration or in the document body.

internal and curves
They can be finely controlled and provide high torque from rest, unlike internal combustion engines, and do not need multiple gears to match power curves.
It extends vertically in the chest and curves posteriorly to the left carotid artery and left internal jugular vein at the C7 vertebral level to empty into the junction of the left subclavian vein and left jugular vein, below the clavicle, near the shoulders.
Fifth-and sixth-order curves are sometimes useful, especially for obtaining continuous higher order derivatives, but curves of higher orders are practically never used because they lead to internal numerical problems and tend to require disproportionately large calculation times.
This experience could be called operant conditioning for internal states even though no research has yet demonstrated that clear operant response curves occur under those scenarios.
When the internal carotid artery enters the canal in the petrous portion of the temporal bone, it first ascends a short distance, then curves anteriorly and medially.
In more detail, given a list of words, and a single word, we define a tangle from to to be a disk D in the plane, with points around its circumference labelled in order by the letters of, with internal disks removed, indexed 1 through k, with the i-th internal disk having points around its circumference labelled in order by the letters of, and finally, with a collection of oriented non-intersecting curves lying in the remaining portion of the disk, with each component being labelled by an element of the label set, such that the set of end points of these curves coincide exactly with the labelled points on the internal and external circumferences, and at the initial points of the curves, the label on the curves coincides with the label on the circumference, while at the final points, the label on the curve coincides with the involute of the label on the circumference.

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