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introduction and crossbows
The date of the introduction of crossbows, however, can be dated further back: According to the inventor Hero of Alexandria ( fl.
Before the introduction of firearms, bows or crossbows were often used — Saint Sebastian is usually depicted as executed by a squad of Roman auxiliary archers in around 288 AD ; King Edmund the Martyr of East Anglia, by some accounts, was tied to a tree and shot dead by Viking archers on 20 November 869 or 870 AD.
Castles saw an increasing use of arrowslits by the 13th century, especially in England, almost certainly linked to the introduction of crossbows.

introduction and however
A downside, however, would be an increase in aerobic bacteria growth due to the introduction of biomass, leading to more competition for oxygen resources in the deep sea, similar to the oxygen minimum zone.
Ghana gets 97 % of its energy from damming lake Volta and exports much of this to neighboring countries, however organisations such as the Ghana Nuclear Society have advocated the introduction of nuclear power into Ghana and indeed the country now has an atomic energy commission.
The introduction of new DNA does not require the use of classical genetic methods, however traditional breeding methods are typically used for the propagation of recombinant organisms.
2006, however, saw the introduction instead of the Criminal Justice Act 2006, which controversially contained an enormous rewrite of the Firearms Act, virtually rewriting 80 % of the Act completely.
The British, however, kept well ahead in the naval race by the introduction of the highly advanced new Dreadnought battleship in 1907.
Most notable, however, is the statement from his introduction to the Books of Samuel:
In the years that followed, it was the main language of government until the introduction of Polish as the chancellery language of the Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth in 1697 ; however there are also examples of documents written in Ruthenian from the second half of the 18th century.
Zafy's term, however, was marred by economic decline, allegations of corruption, and his introduction of legislation to give himself greater powers.
Because of such significant deviations from the animated series, movies, and subsequent sequels the novels themselves are not considered canonical ; however, the detailed account of past events leading up to the introduction of the mobile suit and early skirmishes of the OYW are more or less accepted in the continuity.
Starting in the late 1980s, however, there was a revolution in NLP with the introduction of machine learning algorithms for language processing.
By 1907, REO had gross sales of $ 4. 5 million and the company was one of the four wealthiest automobile manufacturers in the U. S. After 1908 however, despite the introduction of improved cars designed by Olds, REO's share of the automobile market decreased due in part to competition from emerging companies like Ford and General Motors.
The term did not become widely known and used, however, until the early 1980s, essentially synonymous with the introduction of the IBM PC and numerous related hardware and software products to the consumer market.
The North American populations may, however, be naturalized from early human introduction.
Both hand printing systems, however, were only sporadically used and discontinued after the introduction of Western lead type and the printing press.
In one way, however, they achieved a major success: the introduction of direct dialing revolutionized the country's longdistance telephone system.
Short passages of recitative are, however, sometimes used in operetta, especially as an introduction to a song.
The Ibis however resisted the introduction of these new methods of study and it was not until 1943 that any paper on ecology appeared.
It should also be noted however, that the 1970s saw the introduction of martial-arts film to western audiences.
Even after this initial introduction, however, the Vice will continually reiterate to the audience that his nature is diabolic.
With the introduction of roads and electricity, however, the kingdom has entered trade relations as its citizens seek modern, manufactured goods.
There is, however, no evidence to support this, nor do we know how he gained his introduction to the King, who had Dobson paint himself, his sons and members of the court.
Accompanying Don Juan, however, were eight shorts of musical performances, mostly classical, as well as a four-minute filmed introduction by Will H. Hays, president of the Motion Picture Association of America, all with live-recorded sound.
Gymir is also equated with Ægir in the prose introduction to Lokasenna ; however, the Nafnaþulur added later to the Prose Edda list him among the giants.

introduction and can
For example, in some groups, the group operation is commutative, and this can be asserted with the introduction of an additional axiom, but without this axiom we can do quite well developing ( the more general ) group theory, and we can even take its negation as an axiom for the study of non-commutative groups.
As described in the introduction, BCD takes advantage of the fact that any one decimal numeral can be represented by a four bit pattern:
Growth was limited by economic conditions caused by the great depression but thanks in part to the introduction of the metal can in 1936 Budweiser ’ s sales began to climb again.
B. Rives points out in his introduction to Tacitus's Germania ( book ) and moreover that the name Boiorix can work in Proto-Germanic as well as Celtic.
Although Kent is described in the show introduction as " mild-mannered ", he can be very assertive, often giving orders to people and taking authoritative command of situations, though, as in the Pre-Crisis Superman stories at that time, Clark is still considered the secret identity.
The introduction of non-native species can cause substantial shifts in ecosystem function.
The introduction of non-native species can cause substantial shifts in ecosystem function.
A new wave of lexicography can be seen from the late 15th century onwards ( after the introduction of the printing press, with the growing interest in standardizing languages ).
As an introduction, elementary algebra can be found in books from the early 19th century.
Most general purpose functional programming languages allow unrestricted recursion and are Turing complete, which makes the halting problem undecidable, can cause unsoundness of equational reasoning, and generally requires the introduction of inconsistency into the logic expressed by the language's type system.
This initial introduction does not yet exploit all of the capabilities of GEGL ; as of the 2. 6 release, GIMP can use GEGL to perform high bit-depth color operations ; because of this less information is lost when performing color operations.
Since these concepts are formally defined in the article on structures, the present article can content itself with an informal introduction which consists in examples of how these terms are used.
4 ) The introduction of 100 % Inheritance Tax, so that the superrich elite can no longer pass on their wealth to a select few ( their privileged children ) rather than the Commonwealth.
Synchronic and comparative-historical studies of tone systems show that such a basic system can easily develop more tonal contrasts under the influence of depressor consonants or through the introduction of a downstep.
For example, peroxisome-less mutants can restore peroxisomes upon introduction of the wild-type gene.
Expressing surprise at the ignorance of the poets, Pliny says " There can be no doubt that amber is the product of the islands of the northern ocean ( Baltic Sea )" and attributes its introduction into the Po valley to the Veneti, the last link in a trade route to the north through Pannonia and Germany.
The use of prefixes can be traced back to the introduction of the metric system in the 1790s, long before the 1960 introduction of the SI.
The loss of endemic vegetation, birds and other fauna, much of it within the first 50 years of discovery, can be attributed to the impact of humans and their introduction of goats, pigs, dogs, cats, rats as well as the introduction of non-endemic birds and vegetation into the island.
Sound change can consist of the replacement of one speech sound ( or, more generally, one phonetic feature ) by another, the complete loss of the affected sound, or even the introduction of a new sound in a place where there previously was none.

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