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island and has
The sea was traditionally known as Archipelago ( in Greek, Αρχιπέλαγος, meaning " chief sea "), but in English this word's meaning has changed to refer to the Aegean Islands and, generally, to any island group.
Keem BayAchill Archaeological Field School is based at the Achill Archaeology Centre in Dooagh, which has served as a catalyst for a wide array of archaeological investigations on the island.
The island has a land area of.
An account by Callimachus has it that Hera forbade Leto to give birth on either terra firma ( the mainland ) or on an island.
It has historically been linked with the Muslim Moro people of Mindanao, particularly in the island of Jolo.
He has said that if stranded on an island with only one programming language it would have to be C.
China has had historical trading links with the inhabitants of the island.
The more familiar triangular boundary in most written works has as its points somewhere on the Atlantic coast of Miami ; San Juan, Puerto Rico ; and the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda, with most of the accidents concentrated along the southern boundary around the Bahamas and the Florida Straits.
It also has flights four times weekly from Lisbon to Francisco Mendes the recently opened airport at Praia on Santiago island and four times weekly from Lisbon to Amílcar Cabral International Airport on Sal island.
TACV cabo Verde Airines, the national airline has been a monopoly carrier within the island archipelago ( 2007 ).
A recent report ( 2006 ) by the NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla, California, indicates that the increased rat presence on Clipperton Island has led to a decline in both crab and bird populations, causing a corresponding increase in both vegetation and coconut palms on the island.
On 6 May 2005, President Fidel Castro reiterated that the island nation would not " be part of a disgraceful institution that has only humiliated the honor of Latin American nations ".
The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has continued as the sole internationally-recognized authority on the island ( as well as the UK being internationally recognized with respect to the SBAs ), though in practice its power extends only to the government controlled area.
Cyprus has been divided, de facto, into the Greek Cypriot controlled southern two-thirds of the island and the Turkish-occupied northern third.
The name of the island Crete has the same origin.
The island has two major coal deposits:
Coupled with the Fortress of Louisbourg, it has driven the growth of the tourism industry on the island in recent decades.
The Condé Nast travel guide has rated Cape Breton Island as one of the best island destinations in the world.
* Mayo has Ireland's highest cliffs ( second highest in Europe ) at Croaghaun, Achill island while the Benwee Head cliffs in Kilcommon Erris drop almost perpendicularly into the Atlantic Ocean.
Each island has a president, who shares the presidency of the Union on a rotating basis.
A comprehensive Chinese-assisted treatment campaign has apparently eliminated malaria from the Comorian island of Moheli ( population 36, 000 ).
The lake has one small island near Union Springs, Frontenac Island.
The island has an elongated shape: it spans from east to west, is at its widest point, and narrows to as little as ( close to Ierapetra ).

island and no
It is indeed true, as stated in the famous novel of our day, `` For Whom The Bell Tolls '', that `` no man is an island, entirely of itself ; ;
He gives no precise indication of their geographical situation but states that, together with six other tribes, they worshiped a goddess named Nerthus, whose sanctuary was located on " an island in the Ocean ".
The topography of the island consists of dramatic rock formations in the north ( unlike the rest of Denmark which is very flat with few hills and no mountains ), sloping down towards “ pine and deciduous forests ” ( greatly damaged by storms in the 1950s ) and farmland in the middle and sandy beaches in the south.
The island then was not the popular tourist destination it later became ; the author George Woodbury described it as " no city of homes ; it was a place of temporary sojourn and refreshment for a literally floating population ," continuing, " The only permanent residents were the piratical camp followers, the traders, and the hangers-on ; all others were transient.
Aside from the lagoon and water caught from rain, no other freshwater sources are known to exist on the island.
When Snodgrass and Heller visited Clipperton in 1898, they reported that " no land plant is native to the island ".
There are no coral reefs along the coast, and the island lacks a good harbor for ships.
There are no animals that are dangerous to humans on the island of Crete compared to other parts of Greece.
The city played no major role in the Industrial Revolution, but remained the centre of administration and a transport hub for most of the island.
Prior to this assignment, no women had lived on island since those on the plantation in 1971.
The shallow reef shelf surrounding the island on the ocean side offers no ocean-side anchorage.
Hexes on the main island for which there are no number tokens do not produce resources, but number tokens are moved in such a way so as to avoid rendering a city unproductive ; furthermore, whenever possible number tokens must be reassigned from hexes bordering a player's own settlements and cities, so as to prevent harming another player's economy without harming a player's own economy at the same time.
However, most of its surrounding island nations have no militaries at all.
In his " New Atlantis ", Bacon describes his utopian island as being " the chastest nation under heaven ", in which there was no prostitution or adultery, and further saying that " as for masculine love, they have no touch of it ".
In this work he depicted a land where there would be freedom of religion-showing a Jew treated fairly and equally in an island of Christians, but it has been debated whether this work had influenced others reforms, such as greater rights for women, the abolition of slavery, elimination of debtors ' prisons, separation of church and state, and freedom of political expression, although there is no hint of these reforms in The New Atlantis itself.
There are no pubs or restaurants on the island, and there is but a single primary school.
There are no large inland bodies of water on the island, which consists entirely of the state of Grenada.
Between 60 – 70 percent of the stones used today are made from Ailsa Craig granite, although the island is now a wildlife reserve and is no longer used for quarrying.
This goes badly as foreign military forces have thrown up a cordon around the island, no one gets in and those trying to leave are fired upon.
Caesar had conquered no territory and had left behind no troops, but had established clients on the island and had brought Britain into Rome's sphere of political influence.
From the mid-3rd century onwards, Britain no longer received such a wide range and extensive quantity of foreign imports as it did during the earlier part of the Roman period ; however, vast quantities of coin from continental mints reached the island, whilst there is historical evidence for the export of large amounts of British grain to the continent during the mid-4th century.
The Taino population of the island was rapidly decimated, owing to a combination of new infectious diseases, to which they had no immunity, and harsh treatment by Spanish overlords.

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