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justification and for
If Wilhelm Reich is the Moses who has led them out of the Egypt of sexual slavery, Dylan Thomas is the poet who offers them the Dionysian dialectic of justification for their indulgence in liquor, marijuana, sex, and jazz.
There is no justification for such misrepresentation.
The strongest appeal of the Copernican formulation consisted in just this: ideally, the justification for dealing with special problems in particular ways is completely set out in the basic ' rules ' of the theory.
Boniface had to uphold the sacredness of the feudal contract at all costs, for it was only as suzerain of Sicily and of the Patrimony of Peter that he had any justification for his Italian wars, but in the English-Scottish-French triangle it was almost impossible for him to recognize the claims of any one of the contestants without seeming to invalidate those of the other two.
This comment and others similar to it, would seem to indicate a possible justification for continuing the status quo.
( This provides whatever real justification there is for the talk about `` reality ''.
but I do not believe that these examples are meant to be used as justification for our own crimes.
The justification in Christian conscience of the use of any mode of resistance also lays down its limitation -- in the distinction between the persons against whom pressure is primarily directed, those upon whom it may be permitted also to fall, and those who may never be directly repressed for the sake even of achieving some great good.
There is no justification for systematizing the random statements of Irenaeus about the image of God beyond this, nor for reading into his imprecise usage the later theological distinction between the image of God ( humanity ) and the similitude of God ( immortality ).
One can even argue -- though this is a delicate matter -- that every justification existed for their returning the Public Lecture to the First Church, and so to suppress it, rather than let Parker use it as a sounding board for his propaganda when his turn should come to occupy it.
When individuals repent and believe in Christ ( saving faith ), they are regenerated and brought into union with Christ, whereby the death and righteousness of Christ are imputed to them for their justification before God.
The ostensible motive for the assassination was a desire to avenge Asahel, and this would be a sufficient justification for the deed according to the moral standard of the time.
These papal bulls came to serve as a justification for the subsequent era of slave trade and European colonialism.
The Exodus Rabbah argues that when the Pharaoh instructed midwives to throw male children into the Nile, Amram divorced Jochebed, who was three months pregnant with Moses at the time, arguing that there was no justification for the Israelite men to father children if they were just to be killed ; however, the text goes on to state that Miriam, his daughter, chided him for his lack of care for his wife's feelings, persuading him to recant and marry Jochebed again.
An apology is basically a defense or justification for a belief that aims to convince or persuade an audience of a particular point of view.
The argument continues that the only justification humanity could give for its continued existence would be the past creation and continued creation of things like a Shakespeare play, a Rembrandt painting or a Bach concerto.
The concept of a secular day of rest, not directly related to a religious day of rest, has been cited as justification for retention of restrictions on commercial activity on Sunday.

justification and life
In July of the same year, in Seoul, South Korea, the Member Churches of the World Methodist Council ( WMC ) voted to approve and sign a " Methodist Statement of Association " with the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification ( JDDJ ), the agreement which was reached and officially accepted in 1999 by the Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation and which proclaimed that " Together we confess: By grace alone, in faith in Christ ’ s saving work and not because of any merit on our part, we are accepted by God and receive the Holy Spirit, who renews our hearts while equipping and calling us to good works ... as sinners our new life is solely due to the forgiving and renewing mercy that God imparts as a gift and we receive in faith, and never can merit in any way ," affirming " fundamental doctrinal agreement " concerning justification between the Catholic Church, the LWF, and the World Methodist Council.
#* " Consequently, just as the result of one trespass was condemnation for all men, so also the result of one act of righteousness was justification that brings life for all men.
#* " Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all men.
His sermon was marked by his consideration of the Bible as his sole authority and the doctrine of justification by faith alone, two elements that would remain in his thoughts throughout the rest of his life.
But God, on the basis of the life, death, and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ alone ( solus Christus ), grants sinners judicial pardon, or justification, which is received solely through faith.
Adherents of sola fide respond that Jesus was not instituting keeping a higher moral code as means of salvation, and tend to see the exclusion of " works of the law " ( as the means of obtaining justification ) as referring to any works of the Mosaic law, and by implication, any " works of righteousness which we have done " ( Titus 3: 5 ) or any system in which one earns eternal life on the basis of the merit of works.
This book deals with the themes of exile, bereavement, religious justification of mass violence against humanity / sentience in war, and the mores associated with life within a technologically and energetically unlimited anarchist utopia.
The Free Grace doctrine views the person's character and life after receiving the gift of salvation as independent from the gift itself, which is the main point of differentiation from the traditional Calvinist view, or, in other words, it asserts that justification ( that is, being declared righteous before God on account of Christ ) does not necessarily result in sanctification ( that is, a progressively more righteous life ).
Lee believes the key point is that Mookie was angry at the death of Radio Raheem, and that viewers who question the riot's justification are implicitly valuing white property over the life of a black man.
Above all, Machiavelli argues, a prince should not interfere with the property of their subjects, their women, or the life of somebody without proper justification.
While traditional sources do not seem to be aware of the possibility of abortion as relevant to the health of the mother, modern Buddhist teachers from many traditions – and abortion laws in many Buddhist countries – recognize a threat to the life or physical health of the mother as an acceptable justification for abortion as a practical matter, though it may still be seen as a deed with negative moral or karmic consequences.
Sanctifying grace is the divine life that infuses our soul at justification ( normatively at baptism ) and, through the spirit of adoption, transforms the sinner into a holy child of God.
Johnny Shawnessy tends to view the events of his life through the prism of one or more of these contexts, and to draw parallels to these legends, frequently with considerable justification.
People may even go to such extremes as the victim's faults in " past life " to pursue justification for their bad outcome.
He also spoke sharply against the tenet called Sola fide, which means that justification based upon imputed righteousness before God is achievable by a gift of God's grace (" Sola gratia "), through faith alone, not on the basis of the person's deeds in life.
" Since ' without faith it is impossible to please ' and to attain to the fellowship of His sons, therefore without faith no one has ever attained justification, nor will anyone obtain eternal life ` but he who endures to the end ,'" ( Vatican I, Dei Fillius 3 ; cf.
It may well be considered noble to sacrifice your own life to protect others, but morally or legally allowing murder of an innocent person in order to save five people may be insufficient justification.
We believe that salvation ( regeneration, sanctification, justification and redemption ) has been provided for all mankind through the redemptive work ( life, death, resurrection, ascension, and intercession ) of Jesus Christ, and that this salvation can be received only through repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord
Roman Catholicism sees justification as a communication of God's life to a human being, cleansing him of sin and transforming him truly into a son of God, so that it is not merely a declaration, but rather the soul is made actually objectively righteous.
Once accused, Miss Gilchrist broke down in a flood of complaints of the unbearable hardships of her life, her convoluted justification for the murder of an innocent woman.
He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.
In Roman Catholic and Lutheran doctrines, as expressed under section 4. 7 no. 37, " we confess together that good works-a Christian life lived in faith, hope and love-follow justification and are its fruits.
When they view the good works of Christians as the fruits and signs of justification and not as one's own ' merits ', they nevertheless also understand eternal life in accord with the New Testament as unmerited ' reward ' in the sense of the fulfillment of God's promise to the believer.

justification and objects
The word " anathema " in might suggest that they who love not the Lord are objects of loathing and execration to all holy beings ; they are unrepentant of a crime that merits the severest condemnation ; they are exposed to the sentence of " everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord " for they do not embrace saving beliefs, as was the sentence of all mankind before the atonement, justification and sanctification of the blood of Christ that allowed for the redemption of sins.
This can be seen as a giving a sort of justification to the Platonist view that the objects of our mathematical theories are real.
They also provided a moral justification for many paintings of attractive objects.
Controversies have developed over interpretations of spiritual warfare methods, and purposes, by Christian groups who have used spiritual warfare as a justification to persecute others, even amongst the Christian community as well as other groups, such as practitioners of transcendental meditation, Freemasons, women accused of witchcraft, and owners of occult objects ( e. g. native American art, Oija boards, tarot cards ).
The justification for this relies on the Manifestos themselves: on the one hand, the Rosicrucians clearly adopted through the Manifestos the Pythagorean tradition of envisioning objects and ideas in terms of their numeric aspects, and, on the other hand, they directly state, " We speak unto you by parables, but would willingly bring you to the right, simple, easy and ingenuous exposition, understanding, declaration, and knowledge of all secrets.
The notion of the body ( but not the mind ) being associated with women has served as a justification to deem women as property, objects, and exchangeable commodities ( among men ).
In textiles, wallpaper and other objects where the decoration may be the main justification for its existence, the terms pattern or design are more likely to be used.

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