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lack and RAM
Brian Pollock of software publisher Logotron highlighted the limitations caused by the shortage of RAM ( kept low to keep prices down ), “ My only concern is memory, or lack of it.
Application developers writing in 6301 assembler struggled with the small amount of RAM ( 2k ), and the lack of an operating system.
As with modern computers, paging data between system memory and a hard disk is inherently slower than using an equivalent amount of physical RAM, an effect which was compounded by the lack of " burst " transfer modes and overall slower performance on the hard disks of that era.
This series of microprocessor issues, along with the relatively low-powered graphics boards, lower maximum RAM amount, and relative lack of internal expansion ability compared to the SGI Indigo led to the Indy being pejoratively described amongst industry insiders as " An Indigo without the ' go '.
These cartridges remain the best-known way to create and distribute homebrew games for the GBA ( the other being the GBA Movie Player, which can run specially designed homebrew programs but cannot run illicit copies of commercial GBA Game cartridges due to the lack of onboard RAM for fast data access ).
This is likely due to a lack of computer resources like RAM or processing power, or a corrupted, incomplete or damaged audio file.

lack and expansion
The Gloranthan world is characterised by its complex use of mythology, heavily influenced by the universalist approaches of Joseph Campbell and Mircea Eliade, its Howardian ethos, its long and distinctive history as a setting for role-playing games, its community development and expansion, and ( unusual among early American fantasy role-playing games ) its relative lack of Tolkienesque influence.
This lack of demand for landline voice service has resulted in the expansion of naked DSL availability.
In these individuals with a repeat expansion greater than 200, there is methylation of the CGG repeat expansion and FMR1 promoter, leading to the silencing of the FMR1 gene and a lack of its product, fragile X mental retardation protein ( FMRP ).
Despite the gradual expansion of medical knowledge on SIDS causes and risk factors, definitive diagnosis remains difficult ; infanticide and child abuse cases may be misdiagnosed as SIDS due to lack of evidence, and caretakers of SIDS victims are sometimes falsely accused of foul play.
Following the 2010 season, the Portland Beavers were placed for sale and relocation because of the lack of a suitable stadium in Portland, as PGE Park ( now JELD-Wen Field ) was remodeled into a soccer-only configuration for the MLS's 2011 expansion Portland Timbers.
The airport has suffered from a lack of capacity due to restrictions for expansion, since it is located in a densely-populated area.
Another reason for the slow expansion of the Dutch fleet was a lack of suitable recruits — the Dutch navy paid lower wages than the merchant marine and did not use impressment like the Royal Navy.
The population had a wave of expansion starting in the 1980s, after completion of waste water treatment facilities expansion designed by Kennedy Jenks Engineers ; this lack of infrastructure had previously limited population growth.
Reviewer reactions were mixed ; most focused on the slow processor performance and lack of expansion slots.
This lack of expansion abilities, along with the small screen size and Macintosh's popularity in the burgeoning field of desktop publishing led to such oddities as video displays which connected through the SCSI port by users seeking to connect a larger full-or dual-page display to their Mac.
Some reviewers of the Macintosh Classic focused on the processor performance and lack of expansion slots.
" Similarly, PC Users review concluded, " The slow processor and lack of expansion slots on the Macintosh Classic offset the low prices.
Plans for the construction of a new library have been announced due to the expansion of Crozet and the lack of space in the older facility.
They usually lack the ability to accept standard PCIe expansion cards, limiting their expandability somewhat.
EPIC urged the Senate to oppose ratification because of the convention's sweeping expansion of law enforcement authority, the lack of legal safeguards, and the impact on U. S. Constitutional rights.
Because of this lack of scale these companies generally can find few alternative conduits to secure capital for growth, so access to growth equity can be critical to pursue necessary facility expansion, sales and marketing initiatives, equipment purchases, and new product development.
From 2000-2011, there were no active railway expansion projects in the MARTA system due to lack of additional sales-tax funding, the need to spend its limited capital budget on refurbishing its older rolling stock, replacing the fare-collection system, repairing the tracks and their electrical systems, and other long-term maintenance, repair, and operations requirements.
Suburban counties have opposed expanding MARTA on the basis that it would lead to increased crime, as well as the cost of expansion and the lack of perceived necessity to areas currently outside MARTA transit.
Along with the lack of software, computer dealers quickly identified the PCjr's limited hardware expansion capability as a major disadvantage.
In addition, as the war caught the fleet in the middle of its expansion and reorganization, fully a third of the fleet ( the six new destroyers and the submarine Delfin ) only reached Greece after hostilities had started, necessitating a reshuffling of crews and leading to a lack of necessary familiarization and training time.
Due to the lack of funding for METRO Rail expansion, the policy was mulled over to be extended to light rail vehicles in order to generate additional revenue.
Arguably, one aspect of its completeness is that the concept of error is limited to events like lack of file space and requesting expansion of a string longer than the interpreter's working storage ; what would in many languages be described as illegal operations are dealt with in TRAC by defining a result ( often a null string ) for every possible combination of a function's argument strings.

lack and offered
Although seizing Viipuri offered major advantages, the lack of combat skills of his army and potential for a major counterattack by the enemy in the area or in the south-west made it too risky.
In Operation Desert Shield during the buildup phase of the 1st Gulf War, the U. S. Army were concerned about the lack of mobility, protection and firepower offered by existing rapid deployment ( i. e. airborne ) formations ; and also about the slowness of deploying regular armored units.
UCSD p-System ( Version IV, supplied by SofTech ) was one of three operating systems ( along with PC-DOS and CP / M-86 ) that IBM offered for its original IBM PC ; but the p-System never sold very well for the IBM PC, mainly because of a lack of applications and because it was more expensive than the other choices.
The first television service on mainland Tanzania was not introduced until some twenty years later, but it currently ranks low among African countries due to poor services offered and lack of modern production tools as well as experienced staff.
" The criticism was centered on the habits of winemakers to pull out or give up on local varieties in order to plant more Chardonnay which offered potentially more income but lack the uniqueness and character of local varieties.
Because of Nasser's doubts about the former and his lack of respect for the governments who sponsored the ALA, he offered his services to the Arab Higher Committee led by Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.
Due to Chagall's youth and lack of income, Pen offered to teach him free of charge.
The Spurs were eager to bring Slovenian big man Erazem Lorbek to the team due to the lack of size, which was the main concern for the team with the aging Tim Duncan, but were unable to bring in after his previous club, Barcelona FC offered him the largest contract in team history.
The key points offered by those opposing the new logo are that it lacks professionalism, does not portray Waterloo as the academic institution it claims to be, as well as the lack of student consultation in designing the new logo.
She was offered opera roles by several European houses but, due to her lack of acting experience, Anderson declined all of these offers.
Other explanations include the fact that Microsoft Excel was being offered as part of the Office bundle at marginal rates that were tiny in comparison, as well as several mis-steps during introduction, like the lack of a macro language or undo.
Facing a lack of good challengers, Monzón was offered a high purse to again fight the Colombian.
Irving made much of the lack of any written order from Hitler ordering the Holocaust, and for decades afterward offered to pay £ 1000 to anyone who could find such an order.
A more negative review was offered by Liam Lacey of The Globe and Mail, who wrote that under Nimoy's " choppy " direction there was a lack of comic timing paired with feeble humor.
Owing in part to the lack of a definitive narrative outlining its rationale, proponents offered divergent or seemingly conflicting viewpoints.
During the constitutional referendum on creating a republic in 1999 Duffy in Australian media interviews was critical of the form of presidency being proposed, arguing in particular that the lack of security of tenure offered to the proposed office holder would seriously compromise the office holder's independence and ability to exercise their powers.
The significance of this maxim is that applicants to the chancellors often did so because of the formal pleading of the law courts, and the lack of flexibility they offered to litigants.
However, others criticized the lack of interior room and reduced sight lines despite its full-sized exterior, and Edmunds noted that the eighth-generation Honda Accord ( which competes in the midsize category ) had superior driving dynamics and a more efficient design and offered almost as much interior space as the Taurus despite considerably smaller external dimensions.
After graduating she considered working at Waterstone's bookshop, due to a lack of acting opportunities, but was offered a role as a Bond girl and MI6 agent assigned to aid James Bond in Die Another Day.
Colin Jacobson at DVD Movie Guide said in a review that the episode " offered another decent but unspectacular episode " and further commented that " its early vintage seems clear both through the awkward animation and the lack of appropriate character development.
This, coupled with the lack of biographical details offered up by Klaatu, helped inspire a rumour concocted by Providence Journal reviewer Steve Smith in February 1977 that the album might be an anonymous project by The Beatles themselves.
He protested the decision to the highest authority ( the Grand Duke ), and after being offered a settlement by which he would rescind his complaint in order to attain acceptance into the General Staff school again, Denikin declined, insulted by the lack of integrity represented by the offer.
Palestinians objected to the lack of sovereignty ( they were only offered administrative control ) over Islamic holy sites ( meaning that those were legally still under Israeli sovereignty ), while Israel would be able to retain sovereignty over Jewish holy sites.
The price of five million USD offered for each tank ensured a lack of suspicion on the part of the Russians.

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