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largest and protected
The Antarctic hosts the world largest protected area comprising 1. 07 million km < sup > 2 </ sup >, the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Marine Protection Area created in 2012.
As the largest and most spectacular forest antelope, the western / lowland bongo is both an important flagship species for protected areas such as national parks, and a major trophy species which has been taken in increasing numbers in Central Africa by sport hunters during the 1990s.
Ballochbuie is also protected as a Special Area of Conservation by the EU Habitats Directive, as " one of the largest remaining continuous areas of native Caledonian Forest ".
The Kalahari has a number of game reserves — Tswalu Kalahari, South Africa's largest private game reserve, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve ( the world's second largest protected area ), Khutse Game Reserve and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.
This is the world's largest shark sanctuary, extending the worldwide ocean area in which sharks are protected from to.
Additionally, tourism is drawn to central Africa's largest protected wetland Akagera National Park, with its populations of hippopotami, cape buffalo, zebras, elephants, elands, and other big game animals.
The caldera being 400m deep makes it possible for all but the largest ships to anchor anywhere in the protected bay ; there is also a newly built marina in Vlychada on the southwestern coast.
The Menai Bay Conservation Area is Zanzibar's largest marine protected area.
Tsavo National Park in southeastern Kenya, crossed by the Nairobi-Mombasa road and railway axis, is the country's largest protected area ( 8, 200 square miles, or 21, 000 square kilometers ) and was declared a national park in 1948.
Although both provinces admitted it will take years to plan, work with Aboriginal and local communities and ultimately map out precise boundaries of the areas off-limits to development, the measures are expected to create some of the largest protected areas networks in the world once completed.
Lombardy counts many protected areas: the most important are the Stelvio National Park ( the largest Italian natural park ), with typically alpine wildlife: red deer, roe-deer, ibex, chamois, foxes, ermine and also golden eagles ; and the Ticino Valley Natural Park, instituted in 1974 on the Lombard side of the Ticino River to protect and conserve one of the last major examples of fluvial forest in Northern Italy.
These three protected areas in conjunction with surrounding National Forests constitute the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which at almost, is one of the largest intact mid-latitude temperate ecosystems in the world.
* Ölberg, literally “ Oil mountain ”, Germany ’ s largest original working class district, is protected as a historic monument.
The resultant length of the flood-protected river comprises 2, 940 km ( out of 4, 220 km of all Hungarian protected rivers ) which forms one of the largest flood protection systems in Europe ; larger than the Netherlands ' 1, 500 km, the Po River's 1, 400 km, or the Loire Valley's 480 km.
The dugong is heavily dependent on seagrasses for subsistence and is thus restricted to the coastal habitats where they grow, with the largest dugong concentrations typically occurring in wide, shallow, protected areas such as bays, mangrove channels and the lee sides of large inshore islands.
More than one-fifth of the island is protected as Quttinirpaaq National Park ( formerly Ellesmere Island National Park Reserve ), which includes seven fjords and a variety of glaciers, as well as Lake Hazen, North America's largest lake north of the Arctic Circle.
The second largest component of protected areas are the Indigenous Protected Areas while only 0. 3 % are privately owned.
The importance is in fact that all this together make the Guiana Shield one of the best protected and largest ecological corridor of tropical rainforests in the world.
The Broads are Britain's largest protected wetland and are home to a wealth of wildlife, especially birdlife.
Ocean County is also a gateway to New Jersey's Pine Barrens, one of the largest protected pieces of land on the East Coast.
It also contains the Irish Wilderness, the largest federally protected wilderness area in the state.
With of the Chattahoochee National Forest, a national protected area, located within its boundaries, Rabun County hosts the largest portion of the Chattahoochee National Forest of any of the 18 counties with land included in the Forest.
It is the UK's largest protected wetland.
* List of largest protected areas in the world

largest and areas
The largest of these level areas, the Great Karoo, is a dry, barren region, and a large tract of the plateau proper is of a still more arid character and is known as the Kalahari Desert.
The sub-zones are ( clockwise from the north ): the Colli Fiorentini which is located south of the city of Florence ; Chianti Rufina in the northeastern part of the zone located around the commune of Rufina ; Classico in the centre of Chianti, across the provinces of Florence and Siena ; Colli Aretini in the Arezzo province to the east ; Colli Senesi south of Chianti Classico in the Siena hills, which is the largest of the sub-zones and includes the Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano areas ; Colline Pisane, the westernmost sub-zone in the province of Pisa ; Montespertoli located within the Colli Fiorentini around the commune of Montespertoli ; Montalbano in the north-west part of the zone which includes the Carmignano DOCG.
Production in 1991 dropped 92 % from the previous year, as a presidential decree suspended mining operations at the largest mine, in response to increasing fears of deforestation, although reforestation of mined areas was in progress.
In reality, Mount Isa is the second largest city in Australia ; there are several cities around the world with larger incorporated areas.
The Great Victoria is the largest desert in Australia and consists of many small sandhills, grassland plains, areas with a closely packed surface of pebbles ( called desert pavement or gibber plains ) and salt lakes.
The partnership brought vast Lithuania-controlled Rus ' areas into Poland's sphere of influence and proved beneficial for the Poles and Lithuanians, who coexisted and cooperated in one of the largest political entities in Europe for the next four centuries.
The largest resistance group, the National Liberation Front ( EAM ), was controlled by the Communists, as was ( Elas ) led by Aris Velouchiotis and a civil war soon broke out between it and non-Communist groups such as the National Republican Greek League ( EDES ) in those areas liberated from the Germans.
The history of Kazakhstan describes the human past in the Eurasia's largest segment of the steppe belt that was the home and crossroads for numerous human groups starting with extinct Pithecanthropus and Sinanthropus 1 mln – 800, 000 in the Karatau Mountains, Caspian and Balkhash areas ; Neanderthals 140 – 40 thousand years ago in the Karatau Mountains and Central Kazakhstan, and the arrival of the modern Homo Sapiens 40 – 12 thousand years ago in the Southern, Central, and Eastern Kazakhstan.
The four largest urban areas are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia.
* The largest expenditure for Nevis, approximately 29 percent of the Nevis Island Administration's recurrent budget, is education and health services, but the Nevis Island Legislature has no power to legislate over these two areas.
These areas were mainly agricultural, with the exception of Upper Silesia which was the second largest centre of German heavy industry.
The Persian Gulf and its coastal areas are the world's largest single source of crude oil, and related industries dominate the region.
One of the largest application areas is thin films and coatings, which can be produced on a piece of substrate by spin coating or dip coating.
It is these areas west of the Carpathians that contain the highest concentrations of the nation's largest ethnic minorities -- Hungarians, Germans, and Serbs.
Although the provisions pertain to all areas of law, the largest part is dedicated to private law and civil procedure.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company ( Saudi Aramco ) technicians have determined that very deep aquifers lie in many areas of northern and eastern Arabia and that the Wasia, the largest aquifer in Saudi Arabia, contains more water than the Persian Gulf.
The world's largest oil spill, estimated at as much as, fouled gulf waters and the coastal areas of Kuwait, Iran, and much of Saudi Arabia's Persian Gulf shoreline.
The largest metropolitan areas, based on 2007 population, were:
Nature conservation planning for Saaremaa now includes protection of the largest and most unusual alvar areas.
The largest urban areas in Sumatra by population, based on 2010 census, are:
The majority of recent population growth in Canada's three largest metropolitan areas ( Greater Toronto, Greater Montreal, and Greater Vancouver ) has occurred in non-core municipalities, although this trend has already reversed itself in Toronto, where a building boom has begun to take place.
In Malaysia, suburbs are common, especially in areas surrounding the Klang Valley, which is the largest conurbation in the country.
The desert is underlain by the Great Artesian Basin, one of the largest inland drainage areas in the world.

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