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last and Assyrian
In 612 BC they destroyed Nineveh, Harran fell in 609 BC, and the last Assyrian army at Carchemish in 605 BC.
After the death of Ashurbanipal, the last great Assyrian king in 627 BC, the Assyrian empire descended into a series of bitter dynastic civil wars.
Nabonidus, was certainly not a Chaldean, ironically he was an Assyrian from Harran, the last capital of Assyria.
Judah prospered as an Assyrian vassal state, despite a disastrous rebellion against Sennacherib ), but in the last half of the 7th century BCE Assyria suddenly collapsed, and the ensuing competition between the Egyptian and Neo-Babylonian empires for control of Palestine led to the destruction of Judah in a series of campaigns between 597 and 582.
Most of the people in the city who could not escape to the last Assyrian strongholds in the north and west were either massacred or deported out of the city.
Taharqa ( 688-663 BC ), the last Kushite pharaoh, was defeated and driven out of the Near East by the Assyrian Emperor Sennacherib.
The temple was built in the 21st century BC ( short chronology ), during the reign of Ur-Nammu and was reconstructed in the 6th century BC by Nabonidus, ( the Assyrian born last king of Babylon ) in the 6th century BC.
The last Babylonian king, Nabonidus ( who was Assyrian born, and not a Chaldean ), improved the ziggurat.
Ashur-uballit, the last Assyrian king, disappears from history.
That finally changed after 620 BC, seven years after the death of the last great Assyrian ruler, Ashurbanipal in 627 BC.
The last Assyrian king, Ashur-uballit II, relocated the capital to Harran where he held out until 608 BC, when he was eventually ejected by the Babylonians and their allies.
Nabonidus and his son, the regent Belshazzar were not Chaldeans or Babylonian, but hailed from the last Assyrian capital of Harran.
A fair number of Akkadian loan words survive in the Mesopotamian Neo Aramaic dialects spoken in and around modern Iraq by the indigenous Assyrian ( aka Chaldo-Assyrian ) Christians of the region, and the giving of Akkadian personal names, along with a number of Akkadian last names and tribal names, is still common amongst Assyrian people.
Ashur-uballit, the last Assyrian king, disappears from history.
However, the last king of Babylon, the Assyrian born Nabonidus, paid little attention to politics, preferring to obsess with worship of the moon god Sin ( mythology ), leaving day to day rule to his son Belshazzar.
Assyrians to this day still use the names of ancient Mesopotamian gods and rulers as both first and last names ; Ashur, Hadad, Shamash, Lilitu / Lilith, Sennacherib, Sin ( Shinu ), Sargon, Semiramis, Ishtar and Lamassu for example are still common names, and some months in the Assyrian calendar are named after ancient gods such as Tammuz, and all periods are listed as being blessed by ancient gods.
The last king of the Neo-Babylonian period, Nabonidus, also originated from Harran as substantiated by evidence from the temple of stele of his mother Adad-Guppi, who is suspected by some to be of Assyrian origin.
Shutruk-Nakhkhunte II, the last Elamite to claim the old title " king of Anshan and Susa ", was murdered by his brother Khallushu, who managed to capture the Assyrian governor of Babylonia Ashur-nadin-shumi and the city Babylon in 694.
Nabopolassar (; Akkadian: Nebû-apal-usur ; 658 BC – 605 BC ) was the king of the Babylonia and played a key role in the demise of the Assyrian Empire following the death of the last powerful Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal.

last and city
At last they saw Calcutta, largest city of Bengal and the Caravan's destination.
The U.N.-chartered plane which was flying from the conference city of Ndola in Northern Rhodesia had been riddled with machinegun bullets last weekend and was newly repaired.
In 1453 when the last vestige of ancient Roman power fell to the Turks, the city officially shifted religions -- although the Patriarch, or Pope, of the Orthodox Church continued to live there, and still does -- and became the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
Salinger said the work President Kennedy, advisers, and members of his staff were doing on the address involved composition and wording, rather than last minute decisions on administration plans to meet the latest Berlin crisis precipitated by Russia's demands and proposals for the city.
Mr. Hawksley, the state's general treasurer, has been a part-time CD director in the city for the last nine years.
Samuel D. Goodis, representing the Philadelphia Hotel Association, objected on Tuesday to a proposed boost by the city in licensing fees, saying that occupancy rates in major hotels here ranged from 48 to 74 percent last year.
* 1914 – World War I: the Battle of Haelen a. k. a. ( Battle of the Silver Helmets ) last cavalry style attack from the German army on the city of Halen Belgium.
Due to the low level of investment in cross-border railway projects, the city has preserved a slot within the Thalys high-speed train network which uses existing tracks on its last 70 km from Belgium to Cologne.
He was the last Byzantine Emperor to reign in Constantinople before the establishment of the Latin Empire, which controlled the city for the next 57 years, until it was recovered by the Nicaean Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos.
In 458 BC, he returned to Sicily for the last time, visiting the city of Gela where he died in 456 or 455 BC.
* In the science fiction movie series The Matrix, the last human city, known as Zion, is a hyperstructure.
* In the film and book City of Ember, the principal city is either the last or one of several underground cities used to escape a devastating war.
Alicante was the last city loyal to the Republican government to be occupied by dictator Franco's troops on 1 April 1939, and its harbour saw the last Republican government officials fleeing the country.
The city remains a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church, Troadensis ; the seat is vacant following the resignation of the last bishop in 1971.
The river flooded this city regularly in historical times, the last occasion being the famous flood of 1966, with 4, 500 m³ / s after rainfall of in Badia Agnano and in Florence, in only 24 hours.
The Sterntor ( star gate ) in the town centre is a reconstruction using the last remnants of the medieval city wall.
The vision in first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus ( 9: 1 ) concerning seventy weeks, or seventy " sevens ", apportioned for the history of the Israelites and of Jerusalem ( 9: 24 ) This consists of a meditation on the prediction in Jeremiah that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy years, a lengthy prayer by Daniel in which he pleads for God to restore Jerusalem and its temple, and an angelic explanation which focuses on a longer time period-" seventy sevens "-and a future restoration and destruction of city and temple by a coming ruler.
( Originally, a team was supposed to be started in Buffalo, but league ownership at the last minute removed that city from their plans in favor of the expansion Boston franchise.
The last known incident of using plague corpses for biological warfare purposes occurred in 1710, when Russian forces attacked the Swedes by flinging plague-infected corpses over the city walls of Reval ( Tallinn ).
According to the book, the Prophet Jeremiah was a son of a priest from Anatot in the land of Benjamin, who lived in the last years of the Kingdom of Judah just prior to, during, and immediately after the siege of Jerusalem, culminating in the destruction of Solomon's Temple and the raiding of the city by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

last and fall
But since last fall the United States has been moving toward a pro-neutralist position and now is ready to back the British plan for a cease-fire patrolled by outside observers and followed by a conference of interested powers.
Then, at last, his day would fall into an ordered pattern and he would be free to read, or garden or just wander through the woods in the late afternoon, accompanied by his dogs.
Hartman, purchased by the A's from the Milwaukee Braves last fall, allowed no hits in his scoreless three-inning appearance, and merited the triumph.
The 22-year-old southpaw enlisted earlier last fall than did Hansen.
National competition was the culmination of work which began with the school year last fall and continued until just before summer vacation.
* Earliest date on which La Tomatina can fall, while August 31 is the latest ; celebrated on the last Wednesday in August.
* Earliest date on which Notting Hill Carnival can fall, while August 31 is the latest ; celebrated on the last Monday in August and the day before.
The last of Ibn Hafsun to fall was Hafs, who stood in his powerful fortress of Bobastro.
* Earliest day on which National Arbor Day can fall, while April 30 is the latest ; celebrated on the last Friday in April.
* Earliest day on which Turkmen Racing Horse Festival can fall, while April 30 is the latest ; celebrated on the last Sunday in April.
After finishing the trios, in the fall of 1808, he began sketching the Choral Fantasy, the work considered to be the " first draft " of the last movement of the Symphony No. 9.
: And he used to repeat that sentence from St. Paul “ It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God ,” and many other verses of Scripture, urging us thereby to awake from the slumber of the soul by thinking in good time of our last hour.
Separate coronation as King of Croatia was gradually allowed to fall into abeyance and last crowned king is Charles Robert in 1301 after which Croatia contented herself with a separate diploma
Beria's fall also led to criticism of Stalin ; the party leadership accused Beria of using Stalin, a sick and old man, to force his own will on the Soviet Union during Stalin's last days.
Easter last fell on the latest possible date, 25 April, in 1943 and will next fall on that date in 2038.
Enniskillen and Derry were the two garrisons in Ulster that were not wholly loyal to James II, it was the last town to fall before the siege of Derry.
After the fall of the Khazars in the 10th century, the middle Volga came to be dominated by the mercantile state of Volga Bulgaria, the last vestige of Greater Bulgaria centered at Phanagoria.
" His last undergraduate class, taught during fall semester 1977, was a freshman seminar titled " Bird and Insect Photography.
* Earliest day on which Mother's Day can fall, while June 30 is the latest ; celebrated on the last Sunday in June.
It resisted the effort of Samori Ture, leader of Wassoulou Empire, in 1887, to conquer it, and was one of the last kingdoms in the area to fall to the French in 1898.
* Earliest day on which Seward's Day can fall, while March 31 is the latest ; celebrated on the last Monday in March.
* Earliest day on which Earth Hour can fall, while March 31 is the latest ; celebrated on the last Saturday in March.
It was this capture of Mazar, the last major city in Afghanistan to fall to the Taliban, that prompted Pakistan's recognition of the Taliban regime.

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