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last and English
Of course, the crowning event that has dramatically upset the traditional pattern of English religious history was the friendly visit paid by Dr. Fisher, then Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, to the Vatican last December.
George ( his last name is never revealed ) is a stereotypical English valet who enters Poirot ’ s employment in 1923 and does not leave his side until the 1970s, shortly before Poirot ’ s death.
The last words of it may be quoted ; they form a fitting epitaph for the noblest of English kings.
Historians are divided on the detail of Ælle's life and existence as it was during the least-documented period in English history of the last two millennia.
Translated to English by John Bester, the book was a biography of one of the last traditional Yakuza bosses in Japan.
In Ramillies the Allied infantry, now reinforced by the English troops brought down from the north, at last broke through.
A few English banks continued to issue their own notes until the last of them was taken over in the 1930s.
Though native speakers of English have been working in non-English speaking countries in this capacity for years, it was not until the last twenty-five years or so that there was any widespread focus on training particularly for this field.
Charles's last years were marked by the English Civil War, in which he fought the forces of the English and Scottish parliaments, which challenged his attempts to overrule and negate parliamentary authority, whilst simultaneously using his position as head of the English Church to pursue religious policies which generated the antipathy of reformed groups such as the Puritans.
David Holbrook, who has written three books about Thomas, stated in 1962, " the strangest feature of Dylan Thomas's notoriety-not that he is bogus, but that attitudes to poetry attached themselves to him which not only threaten the prestige, effectiveness and accessability to English poetry, but also destroyed his true voice and, at last, him.
In British English it is not necessary to indicate an abbreviation with a full stop ( period ) after the abbreviation, when the last letter of the abbreviation is the same as the unabbreviated word, while the opposite holds true in North American English.
Eschatology ( from the Greek, eschatos / eschatē / eschaton meaning " last " and-logy meaning " the study of ", first used in English around 1550 ) is a part of theology, philosophy, and futurology concerned with what are believed to be the final events of history, the ultimate destiny of humanity — commonly referred to as the " end of the world " or " end time ".
The Oxford English Dictionary defines eschatology as " The department of theological science concerned with ‘ the four last things: death, judgement, heaven, and hell ’.
However, many last names were altered slightly due to the disparity between English and other languages in the pronunciation of certain letters of the alphabet.
However, most of these projects are specific to individual nationalities ( riism from English speakers, for example ), and the only changes that have gained acceptance in the Esperanto community have been the minor and gradual bottom-up reforms discussed in the last section.
Galaxy reviewer Groff Conklin placed the novel " among the great works of the imagination written in English in the last decade or more.
In English speaking countries, " Xavier " is one of the few names starting with X, and until recently was likely to follow " Francis "; in the last decade, however, " Xavier " by itself has become more popular than " Francis ", and is now one of the hundred most common male baby names in the US.
* 1646 – Battle of Torrington, Devon – the last major battle of the first English Civil War.
Coming Up for Air, his last novel before World War II is the most ' English ' of his novels ; alarums of war mingle with images of idyllic Thames-side Edwardian childhood of protagonist George Bowling.
This last phrase ( from 1 Timothy 6: 20 ) is the origin of the title of the book by Irenaeus, On the Detection and Overthrow of False Knowledge, that contains the adjective gnostikos, which is the source for the 17th Century English term " Gnosticism.
In addition to this, the final defeat of the uprising led by the Welsh prince, Owain Glyndŵr, in 1412 by Prince Henry ( who later became Henry V ) represents the last major armed attempt by the Welsh to throw off English rule.

last and translation
Much scholarship over the last 50 years has been dedicated to the translation of conversatio morum.
According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, " a comparison of the Masoretic text with the Septuagint throws some light on the last phase in the history of the origin of the Book of Jeremiah, inasmuch as the translation into Greek was already under way before the work on the Hebrew book had come to an end ...
A prime example of such a claim is the translation of the last line Job speaks ( 42: 6 ), which is extremely problematic in the Hebrew.
Verdi's last opera, Falstaff, whose libretto was also by Boito, was based on Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor and Victor Hugo's subsequent translation.
After Jesus slays al-Dajjāl at the Gate of Lud, he will bear witness and reveal that Islam is indeed the true and last word from God to humanity as Yusuf Ali's translation reads: " And there is none of the People of the Book but must believe in him before his death ; and on the Day of Judgment He will be a witness against them.
Letronne was at last able to complete his commentary on the Greek text and his new French translation of it, which appeared in 1841.
Accepting Aradia as the source of skyclad practice, Robert Chartowich points to the 1998 Pazzaglini translation of these lines, which read " Men and Women / You will all be naked, until / Yet he shall be dead, the last / Of your oppressors is dead.
Ferruccio Busoni later used the text of this translation for the last ( choral ) movement of his Piano Concerto Op.
Several of his works, including the last two volumes of The Metamorphosis of the Gods ( L ' Irréel and L ' Intemporel ) are not yet available in English translation.
In the last two cases, the new or modified translation goes into the database.
having been designed in consultation with him, it is the last fruit of a partnership that began in 1903 with our translation of Lucian.
Jacques owned a trendy nightclub and restaurant in Montreal called Newtown, which is the English translation of his French last name (' Ville ' means ' Town ', and ' Neuve ' means ' new ').
In a translation of an ancient Nabataean text by Kuthami the Babylonian, Ibn Wahshiyya ( c. 9th-10th century AD ), adds information on his own efforts to ascertain the identity of Tammuz, and his discovery of the full details of the legend of Tammuz in another Nabataean book: " How he summoned the king to worship the seven ( planets ) and the twelve ( signs ) and how the king put him to death several times in a cruel manner Tammuz coming to life again after each time, until at last he died ; and behold!
When released he returned to Milan, and there gave the last touches to his Ortis, published a translation of and commentary upon Callimachus, commenced a version of the Iliad and began his translation of Lawrence Sterne's Sentimental Journey.
Arthur Waley published a six-volume translation of all but one chapter, with the first volume published in 1921 and the last in 1933.
To counteract this, Simon announced his intention of publishing an annotated edition of the Prolegomena, and added to the Histoire critique a translation of the last four chapters of that work, not part of his original plan.
The last translation may lead to confusion, because the subdivision of " oblast " is called " raion " which is translated as " region " or " district ", depending on the context.
( translation: At this location, Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was burned on 18 March 1314 ), located by the stairs from the Pont-Neuf bridge.
Ptolemy, the Alexandrian astronomer ( 2nd century ) wrote a treatise, Phaseis —" phases of fixed stars and collection of weather-changes " is the translation of its full title — the core of which is a parapegma, a list of dates of seasonally regular weather changes, first appearances and last appearances of stars or constellations at sunrise or sunset, and solar events such as solstices, all organized according to the solar year.
The first edition of Niebuhr's Roman History was translated into English by F. A. Walter ( 1827 ), but was immediately superseded by the translation of the second edition by Julius Hare and Connop Thirlwall, completed by William Smith and Leonhard Schmitz ( last edition, 1847 – 1851 ).
The last three scholars prepared a complete scholarly translation under the auspices of the Berlin Humboldt University, which was published in 2001.
His last works were Introduction à l ' histoire du Bouddhisme indien ( 1844 ), and a translation of Le lotus de la bonne loi ( The Lotus Sutra, 1852 ).
He worked to establish Buddhist temples in Loyang and organized the translation of Buddhist scriptures into Chinese, testifying to the beginning of a wave of Central Asian Buddhist proselytism that was to last several centuries.

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