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last and entry
Brahms wrote to Clara Schumann that the inspiration for the dramatic entry of the horn in the introduction to the last movement of his First Symphony was an alphorn melody he heard while vacationing in the Rigi area of Switzerland.
This particular fact was reinforced when TV Guide ranked the series number 10 on its 50 Worst Shows of All Time List in 2002 ... a full 10 years after the last first-run episode aired on May 30, 1992 ( although the entry specifically refers to the Hee Haw Honeys spinoff, not the main show itself ).
An example of this use of lambda in the Python language is this section of computer code that sorts a list alphabetically by the last character of each entry:
Midwives are trained either as nurses obtaining a higher diploma in midwifery which lasts 18 months, or the direct entry who study and practice for 4 years, internship is done on the last year.
On May 22 Jefferson made his last entry in the ' Farm Book ', noting the price of lamp oil at a dollar twenty five cents a gallon and the cost of lighting his estate for the last month.
The gig was a failure ; the band were almost refused entry, Bob Stinson was thrown out as soon as he walked in the door, and the Replacements were the last of five bands, which meant they played in the early morning on a Monday night.
It is said that a block M immediately dominates block N if M dominates N, and there is no intervening block P such that M dominates P and P dominates N. In other words, M is the last dominator on all paths from entry to N. Each block has a unique immediate dominator.
The last digit < u > R </ u > is an error correcting check digit, allowing some errors in scanning or manual entry to be detected.
On 6 October, Pache, Chaumette, Jacques Hébert and others visited him and secured from him admissions of infamous accusations against his mother, with his signature to a list of her alleged crimes since her entry in the Temple, and next day he was confronted with his sister Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte for the last time.
" The last journal entry read: " Well, they have just got through shelling the house like hail.
For example, one of the very first entries in Skeat is for the letter A, which begins: "...( 1 ) adown ; ( 2 ) afoot ; ( 3 ) along ; ( 4 ) arise ; ( 5 ) achieve ; ( 6 ) avert ; ( 7 ) amend ; ( 8 ) alas ; ( 9 ) abyss ..." Further in the entry, Skeat writes: " These prefixes are discussed at greater length under the headings Of, On, Along, Arise ... Alas, Aware, Avast ..." It seems likely that these strings of words prompted Joyce to finish the Wake with a sentence fragment that included the words: "... a way a lone a last a loved a long ..."
The last recorded diary entry was made in 2001
After being denied entry to Tyre, one of the last crusader strongholds, by Conrad of Montferrat, Guy besieged Acre in 1189.
The second one, " Static ", aired on March 10, 1961 as episode 20 ; the third, " The Whole Truth ", appeared on January 20, 1961 as episode 14 ; the fourth was Twilight Zones sole Christmas entry, " The Night of the Meek ", shown as the 11th episode on December 23, 1960 ; the fifth, " Twenty Two ", was seen on February 10, 1961 as episode 17 and the last one, " Long Distance Call ", was transmitted on March 31, 1961 as episode 22.
The first, " The Lateness of the Hour " was seen on December 2, 1960 as episode 8 ; the second, " Static " appeared on March 10, 1961 as episode 20 ; the fourth was the Christmas entry " Night of the Meek " shown as the 11th episode on December 23, 1960 ; the fifth, " Twenty Two " was seen on February 10, 1961 as episode 17 ; and the last one, " Long Distance Call " was transmitted on March 3, 1961 as episode 22.
The last government-run 11-plus exam was held in 2008 ( for 2009 entry ),
A number of Francis singles continued to reach the top 40 in the U. S. Hot 100 through the mid-1960s, with her last top 40 entry being 1964's " Be Anything ( but Be Mine )".
A PTE or TLB entry may also include information about whether the page has been written to ( the dirty bit ), when it was last used ( the accessed bit, for a least recently used page replacement algorithm ), what kind of processes ( user mode, supervisor mode ) may read and write it, and whether it should be cached.
All are under governmental operations, except for the last entry, the privately operated White Knight / SpaceShipOne.
The presenter became confused whilst the voting was taking place, and declared the United Kingdom's entry to be the winner before the last country, Ireland, had announced its votes.
This year's final entry was chosen as the last representative for SFRY even though the participants in the local contest were only from a portion of its former lands.
It was also the second year in a row where the winning entry was performed last on the night and the second year in a row in which Israel won 2nd place.
Her last top 10 entry on the AC chart was a 1989 updating of Dionne Warwick's " Walk On By ".

last and made
The Aricaras made one last desperate charge.
It was practically the last move that McBride made of his own volition.
But it has been during the last two centuries, during the scientific revolution, that our independence from the physical environment has made the most rapid strides.
They made it, killed every last one of the Krauts, took the village on schedule.
But for the safety of Southeast Asia, and for the sake of the Laotian people -- who would not be well-ruled by either militant minority now engaged in the fighting -- this last big effort to seal that country from the cold war had to be made.
He made a will and last testament before we left Paterson.
The last thing in the world that resembled a war was our line of farmers and storekeepers and mechanics perched on top of a stone wall, and this dashing rider made us feel a good deal sharper and more alert to the situation.
he rose at half-past six every morning, made himself some French coffee, had his corn flakes and more coffee, smoked four cigarettes while reading last Sunday's Herald Tribune and yesterday's Pittsburgh Gazette, then put on his high-topped farmer's shoes and walked under a vine bower to his workshop.
But even he will not last indefinitely and the above-noted new arrangements are, quite simply, made to assure qualitative continuity in the Foundation's policies and practices.
Much progress has been made in the last two decades in developing techniques for understanding children, yet in almost any classroom today can be found children whose needs are not being met by the school program.
When we repeat the remark that such suffering was a bad thing, the feeling with which we made it last week may be at or near the vanishing point, but if we were asked whether we meant to say what we did before, we should certainly answer Yes.
Before losing itself in the sands of the 19th Century, the grand stream of Italian Renaissance architectural decoration made a last appearance in the Brumidi frescos of the Capitol Rotunda in Washington.
-- Richard J. Hughes made his Morris County debut in his bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination here last night with a pledge `` to carry the issues to every corner of the state ''.
The early Southwest Conference football leaders -- Texas, Arkansas and Texas A & M -- made a big dent in the statistics last week.
Mrs. Peter Feringa Jr., last year's Achaeans' queen, chose an eggshell white filmy lace short dress made with a wide decolletage trimmed with an edging of tulle.
Conceding that several cities to the north were in worse shape than Baltimore after the last storm, Mr. Schaefer listed several improvements he said should be made in the snow plan here.
About 70 North Providence taxpayers made appeals to the board of tax assessors for a review of their 1961 tax assessments during the last two days at the town hall in Centredale.
Government attorneys, Leavitt said, have questioned him closely about `` five or six loans '' totaling about $40,000 which the liquor company made to Stein in the last year.
Advance publicity on the Los Angeles Blue Book does not mention names dropped as did the notices for the New York Social Register which made news last week.
At a closed-door session on Capitol Hill last week, Secretary of State Christian Herter made his final report to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on U.S. affairs abroad.
Francois D'Albert, Hungarian-born violinist who made his New York debut three years ago, played a return engagement last night in Judson Hall.
Richard thought it a more promising remark than any made during the last conversation, but Charlotte's manner during the gatherings was more flippant and superficial than when she was alone with him and he was sure her remark would lead to nothing much better than the pointless words which had preceded it.
A contraction of a word is made by omitting certain letters or syllables and bringing together the first and last letters or elements ; an abbreviation may be made by omitting certain portions from the interior or by cutting off a part.
During the last three centuries attempts have been made to sift away successively those gems which had no claim to be considered in any sense Gnostic, or specially Basilidian, or connected with Abrasax.

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