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latter and then
The fact that the allomorph does not appear after stem-final, despite the fact that the latter is voiceless, is then explained by the fact that appears in that environment, together with the fact that the environments are ordered.
Smith claimed that the last prophet to contribute to the book, a man named Moroni, buried it in a hill in present-day New York and then returned to earth in 1827 as an angel, revealing the location of the book to Smith and instructing him to translate and disseminate it as evidence of the restoration of Christ's true church in the latter days.
The latter then provide a micromechanics basis for stochastic finite elements ( SFE ).
The latter was translated into English as Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee by Dutch sinologist Robert Van Gulik, who then used the style and characters to write an original Judge Dee series.
The selfbolting door principle can be used both for hinged doors as for rotating doors, as well as up-and-over doors ( in the latter case, the bolts are then placed at top and bottom rather than at the sides ).
The Euler – MacLaurin summation formula then follows as an integral over the latter.
It is perhaps best, then, to differentiate between the terms thermodynamically stable and kinetically stable by referring to the latter as " inert.
Functional theories of grammar differ from formal theories of grammar, in that the latter seeks to define the different elements of language and describe the way they relate to each other as systems of formal rules or operations, whereas the former defines the functions performed by language and then relates these functions to the linguistic elements that carry them out.
In the latter, the bar was approached diagonally, and the jumper threw first the inside leg and then the other over the bar in a scissoring motion.
This latter policy was understood to mean a decisive shift in economic power from the Chinese to the Malays, who until then made up only 5 % of the professional class.
Only two countries remained neutral in the war: Sweden and Portugal, and Napoleon then looked toward the latter.
If the latter, then Hannibal and his brothers also bore the name ' Barca '.
Since then, pop singers in the latter group have included KK, Baba Sehgal, Alisha Chinai, Shantanu Mukherjee aka Shaan, Sagarika, Colonial Cousins ( Hariharan, Leslie Lewis ), Lucky Ali, and Sonu Nigam, and music composers like Jawahar Wattal, who made top selling albums with, Daler Mehndi, Shubha Mudgal, Baba Sehgal, Swetha Shetty and Hans Raj Hans.
If the former, then justice is arbitrary ; if the latter, then morality exists on a higher order than God, who becomes little more than a passer-on of moral knowledge.
If she did the latter, then it is very possible that, after the judgment, she danced naked in front of the audience as well, accompanied by the chorus.
In the course of Hohenzollern power politics Joachim Nestor and his brother managed to get the latter, Albert of Mainz, first onto the sees of Magdeburg and then its suffragan of Halberstadt, both prince-bishoprics also comprising princely territories.
After the French party split into a reformist and revolutionary party, some accused Guesde ( leader of the latter ) of taking orders from Marx ; Marx remarked to Lafargue, " What is certain to me is if this is Marxism, then I myself am not Marxist " ( in a letter to Engels, Marx later accused Guesde of being a " Bakuninist ").
Without this capacity, which is often the case in practice, to produce a representation with lower resolution or lower fidelity than a given one, one needs to start with the original source signal and encode, or start with a compressed representation and then decompress and re-encode it ( transcoding ), though the latter tends to cause digital generation loss.
The latter underwent electron capture to become < sup > 256 </ sup > Fm, which then decayed by spontaneous fission.
If readers and viewers have a priori views on the current state of affairs and are uncertain about the quality of the information about it being provided by media outlets, then the latter have an incentive to slant stories towards their customers ' prior beliefs, in order to build and keep a reputation for high-quality journalism.
Buddhist remains have been also found in Minicoy Island, then part of the Maldive Kingdom, by the Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI ), in the latter half of the 20th century.
The latter architecture has continued to evolve into their current zSeries mainframes which, along with the then Burroughs and Sperry ( now Unisys ) MCP-based and OS1100 mainframes, are among the few mainframe architectures still extant that can trace their roots to this early period.
The former were funded by private individuals and organisations and the latter by privately funded rewards for catching criminals, who would then be compelled to return stolen property or pay restitution.

latter and took
In the latter year Samuel Hopkins, from whom the Hopkinsian strain of New England theology took its name, asked the Continental Congress to abolish slavery.
On 6 January 1681, the first recorded boxing match took place in Britain when Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke of Albemarle ( and later Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica ) engineered a bout between his butler and his butcher with the latter winning the prize.
( The latter prohibition took effect 1 January 1808, the earliest date on which Congress had the power to do so under Article I, Section 9 of the United States Constitution.
Capellas was able to restore some of the luster lost in the latter part of the Pfeiffer era and he repaired the relationship with Microsoft which had deteriorated under his predecessor's tenure, but the company still struggled against lower-cost competitors such as Dell who took over the top spot of PC manufacturer from Compaq in 2001.
After Eurystheus ' death, the brothers Atreus and Thyestes, whom he had left in charge during his absence, took over the city, the former exiling the latter and assuming the kingship, while Tiryns returned to the overlordship of Argos.
He was assistant to his ex-West Ham boss Ron Greenwood after the latter took over the England job in 1977, player-manager of Telford United and manager of Chelsea from 1979 – 81.
In Roman law, the " contractor himself was considered the party to the contract and it took a second contract between the person who acted on behalf of a principal and the latter in order to transfer the rights and the obligations deriving from the contract to him ".
In the latter case, it took many years to find the methods Shannon's work proved were possible.
He defended Salman Rushdie, the novelist who was subject to a fatwā requiring Rushdie's execution by Ayatollah Khomeini, and took a strongly pro-interventionist position against Serbia during its conflict with Croatia and Bosnia, supporting NATO forces whilst citing defence of civilian populations in the latter countries.
After Sennacherib's fall Hezekiah gained possession of it, but when Josiah was slain by Pharaoh Necho, the latter took it away.
The Spaniards took refuge in Riohacha and sent urgent messages to Maracaibo, Valledupar, Santa Marta and Cartagena, the latter responding by sending 100 troops.
Powell advocated the privatisation of the Post Office and the telephone network as early as 1964, over 20 years before the latter actually took place ; and he both scorned the idea of " consensus politics " and wanted the Conservative Party to become a modern business-like party, freed from its old aristocratic and " old boy network " associations.
Two chorus lines, one of four chorus girls and one of four chorus boys then took turns crossing the stage, the former group entering from stage right and the latter from stage left.
If a short vowel does not precede the sound, the latter spelling is used, as in took, barge, and launch.
His formal coronation took place in June 1974, and soon thereafter the strains between the Wangchucks and Dorjis were relieved with the return that year of the exiled members of the latter family.
Once the latter became king Ghezo, he took revenge by erasing the memory of Adandozan.
According to Roger of Wendover, William was present at Gisors in France in 1188 when Henry II of England and Philip II of France agreed to go on crusade: " Thereupon the king of the English first took the sign of the cross at the hands of the Archbishop of Rheims and William of Tyre, the latter of whom had been entrusted by our lord the pope with the office of legate in the affairs of the crusade in the western part of Europe.
The film was followed by Big City with Luise Rainer and Mannequin with Joan Crawford, the latter of which took good billings at the box office.
Phoenix fled to Peleus, who in his turn took him to Chiron ; the latter restored Phoenix's sight, whereupon Peleus made Phoenix king of the Dolopes.
The latter took up a strong position at Kesselsdorf between Meissen and Dresden, but the veteran Leopold attacked him directly and without hesitation ( 14 Dec .).
Halley took the problem to Newton for advice, prompting the latter to write a nine-page answer, De motu corporum in gyrum, which was later to be expanded into the Principia.
In all matters concerning the welfare of his community or the nation, moreover, he took a deep and constant interest, and was particularly identified with the temperance and anti-slavery movements, his services to the latter constituting perhaps the most important work of his life.
Without Harrison or Buller present to restrain him, the Prince took command from Carey, even though the latter had seniority.
As the Communist Party of China took control of ever larger territories in the latter part of the Chinese Civil War, its People's Bank of China began in 1948 to issue a unified currency for use in Communist-controlled territories.

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