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leading and military
The Swiss commanders wired the infrastructure leading into the country, and threatening to destroy bridges, railway tunnels and passes in the event of a Nazi invasion, and then they retreated to the heart of the mountain peaks where conditions were harsher and a military invasion would involve difficult and protracted battles.
After leading the diplomatic and military effort to secure the Dayton agreement, the United States has continued to lead the effort to ensure its implementation.
* 1964 Brazilian coup d ' état: President João Goulart is removed from office, leading to a military dictatorship which lasted until 1985.
While the British military historian Sir John Keegan suggested an ideal definition of battle as " something which happens between two armies leading to the moral then physical disintegration of one or the other of them ", the origins and outcomes of battles can rarely be summarized so neatly.
Repeatedly emerging victorious from these decisive wars has allowed Britain to influence world events with its policies and establish its self as great power and one of the world's leading military and economic powers.
From the time of the end of the Seven Years ' War in 1763, Great Britain and its successor the United Kingdom has been one of the leading military and economic powers of the world.
Many military historians say that the battle of Schwetz / Świecino was the turning point of the Thirteen Years ' War, leading to the final victory in 1466.
Albert had a successful military career leading Saxon troops which participated in the First War of Schleswig, the Austro-Prussian War, and the Franco-Prussian War.
The King acquired a reputation for his fondness for military display, leading to his special efforts to hire the tallest men he could find in all of Europe for a special regiment nicknamed the Potsdam Giants.
Lansana Conté died on December 23, 2008, leading to a coup d ' état by the military.
Germanicus held several military commands, leading the army in the campaigns in Pannonia and Dalmatia.
Princip and his accomplices were arrested and implicated a number of members of the Serbian military, leading Austria-Hungary to issue a démarche to Serbia known as the July Ultimatum.
Despite these problems, the growing inflow of American silver from mid-16th century, the justified military reputation of the Spanish infantry and even the navy quickly recovering from its Armada disaster, made Spain the leading European power, a novel situation of which its citizens were only just becoming aware.
Political stability and instability both aided and distracted the economic revolution which transformed Honduras through the development of a plantation economy on the north coast, ultimately leading to military interventions from the United States.
Heinrich Luitpold Himmler ( 7 October 1900 – 23 May 1945 ) was Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel ( SS ), a military commander, and a leading member of the Nazi Party ( NSDAP ) of Nazi Germany.
Since World War II France has been a leading member in the UN, the European Union and NATO, and remains a strong economic, cultural, military and political influence in the 21st century.
In the US, each branch of the military started its own programs, leading to considerable duplication of effort.
* 1966 – A military coup takes place in Upper Volta ( later Burkina Faso ), dissolving the National Parliament and leading to a new national constitution.
* 1964 – Martyrs ' Day: Several Panamanian youths try to raise the Panamanian flag on the U. S .- controlled Panama Canal Zone, leading to fighting between U. S. military and Panamanian civilians.
After World War II, several other forces were also leading the country toward increased equality for blacks, including their accelerated migration to the North, where their political clout grew, and President Harry Truman's desegregation of the military in 1948.
Despite having received no military education, Julian proved to be an able military commander, obtaining an battle of Strasbourg | important victory in Gaul and leading a Roman army under the walls of the Sassanid Empire's capital.
They also played an important role in organising and leading military campaigns.
The king was supported by a team of leading barons with military expertise, including William Longespée, William the Marshal, Roger de Lacy and, until he fell from favour, the marcher lord William de Braose.

leading and power
The transaction will also help finance ArmRosGazprom's acquisition of the Hrazdan electricity generating plant ’ s fifth power bloc ( Hrazdan-5 ), the leading unit in the country.
* 2009 – An accident at the Sayano – Shushenskaya Dam in Khakassia, Russia, kills 75 and shuts down the hydroelectric power station, leading to widespread power failure in the local area.
In 778, Seguin ( or Sihimin ) was appointed count of Bordeaux, probably undermining the power of the Duke Lupo, and possibly leading to the Battle of Roncevaux Pass that very year.
In addition, due to the development of body armor, support personnel required a compact weapon with more penetration than the traditional submachine gun, leading to the development of the personal defense weapon, or PDW, which uses rounds that have better ballistics than simple pistol rounds but less power and range than full rifle rounds.
But underground cables get heated and the resistance of the wire increases leading to waste of power.
Following Lenin's death, Joseph Stalin took power in the Communist Party through the office of General Secretary of the Central Commmittee, the leading Secretary of the Secretariat.
Following Khrushchev's ascension to power, the Central Committee still played a leading role ; it overturned the Politburo's decision to remove Khrushchev from office in 1957.
Before Stalin's consolidation of power, the Central Committee featured open debate, where even leading officials could be criticised.
Decimal fractions are commonly expressed without a denominator, the decimal separator being inserted into the numerator ( with leading zeros added if needed ) at the position from the right corresponding to the power of ten of the denominator ; e. g., 8 / 10, 83 / 100, 83 / 1000, and 8 / 10000 are expressed as 0. 8, 0. 83, 0. 083, and 0. 0008.
Chaos ensued, leading to a year of brutal civil war known as the Year of the Four Emperors, during which the four most influential generals in the Roman Empire — Galba, Otho, Vitellius and Vespasian — successively vied for imperial power.
A group of Quito's leading citizens followed suit, and on August 10, 1809, they seized power in the name of Ferdinand from the local representatives, whom they accused of preparing to recognize Joseph Bonaparte.
The growth of the samurai class from the 10th century gradually weakened the power of the imperial family over the nation, leading to a time of instability.
When Spain became the leading power of Europe, the Spanish armies carried fencing abroad and particularly into the south of Italy, one of the main battlefields between both nations.
For Marx, what defined feudalism was that the power of the ruling class ( the aristocracy ) rested on their control of arable land, leading to a class society based upon the exploitation of the peasants who farm these lands, typically under serfdom.
This decision was criticised by the Opposition, which had initiated the review when in power, and the review process was questioned by a leading academic.
Finland's foreign politics before this deal had been varied: independence from Imperial Russia with support of Imperial Germany in 1917 ; participation in the Russian Civil War ( without official declaration of war ) alongside the Triple Entente 1918 – 1920 ; a non-ratified alliance with Poland in 1922 ; association with the neutralist and democratic Scandinavian countries in the 1930s ended by the Winter War ( 1939 ); and finally in 1940, a rapprochement with Nazi Germany, the only power able to protect Finland against the expansionist Soviet Union, leading to the Continuation War in 1941.
Germany is the leading producer of wind turbines and solar power technology in the world.
As one of the world's leading industrialized countries it is recognized as a major power in European and global affairs.
In an era characterized by almost endless warfare, he led his armies as king from 1611 ( at age 17 ) until his death in battle in 1632 while leading a charge — as Sweden rose from the status of a mere regional power and run-of-the-mill kingdom to one of the great powers of Europe and a model of early modern era government.
For 30 years, Germany struggled against Britain to be Europe's leading industrial power, though both fell behind the United States.
After eight months of liberal rule, the October Revolution brought Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks to power, leading to the creation of the Soviet Union in place of the disintegrated Russian Empire.
Political power was solely executed by leading members ( Politburo ) of the communist-controlled Socialist Unity Party ( SED ).

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