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from Brown Corpus
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ledger and was
in an instant the doctor was stalking across the room with an antique ledger in his hands, thoroughly eared and big as a table top.
On the other side of the ledger is the fact that he did see his niece and the woman with whom she was staying.
The Sensimatic developed into the Sensitronic which could store balances on a magnetic stripe which was part of the ledger card.
But the customhouse would say that the value of imports exceeded that of exports and was trade deficit against the ledger of France.
A notable contribution to the profession of accounting was the improvement of the general ledger system through the development of the double-entry bookkeeping system for tracking credits and debits.
That year, following gambling losses he was obliged to note John Aspinall-I owe you £ 173, 500 in the accountant's ledger.
She also found a 1734 notation made by Robert Morris the elder in the ledger of the expenses of Robert Morris the younger, who was at the time in Philadelphia, for " one fountain pen ".
Although ledger lines are found occasionally in manuscripts of plainchant and early polyphony, it was only in the early 16th century in keyboard music that their use became at all extensive ( Anon.
Vocal music employed a variety of different clefs to keep the range of the part on the staff as much as possible ; in keyboard notation a common way of avoiding ledger lines was the use of " open score " on four staves with different clefs ( Godwin 1974, 16 – 17 ).
The last entry made in the ledger was Nov. 3, 1873, the sinking of the shaft was abandoned with no reason given.
A ledger was found in Hauptmann's home of all his financial transactions, yet no record of the alleged $ 7, 500 debt was listed.
He started work as a junior clerk in the ledger department of a City firm, but was made redundant after pressing his fellow clerks to join a trade union.
Shortly after his marriage to Sophie Levene on 22 April 1937, Brown was employed as a ledger clerk with the Transport and General Workers Union, and appointed District Organiser for Watford the next year.
Although several multi-user commercial packages ( e. g. sales and purchase ledger systems ) were developed and trialled with customers, this was not commercially successful, and the service was soon withdrawn.
Alexander was in possession of these works until they were interred with the artist's sister at her death, but he had the Bull's ledger book drawings photographed and published.
He was also to keep a ledger over the students and keep guard over incarcerated students.
Certain forecasts for London called for showers sometime during the weekend, which, it was thought, might wipe up to a day of action or more from the ledger.
He was working as a purchase ledger clerk at the time for the Crystal Motor Group.
Certain forecasts for London called for showers sometime during the weekend, which, it was thought, might wipe up to a day of action or more from the ledger.
As Macarthur was debilitated towards the end of his life with mental illness his son William seems to have administered much of the building, and is named in Verge's ledger rather than his father.
On the other side of the ledger, by 1861 Delaware College was forced to close due to a lack of funds, aggravated by a brutal unsolved murder on the campus.

ledger and full
It is theorised that Verge largely worked on a plan provided by Macleay, as his business ledger does not denote amounts that would reflect a full commission.

ledger and most
Instrumental range is usually intermediate ( trumpets going up to a high G, no ledger line ), and most likely will contain chromatic notes, obbligatos, and counter-melodies.
In the first division, the side has held some tremendous matches in the last few years with Real Madrid, with the ledger being most recently squared at 3 wins each.
By focusing on the value and collectability of the accounts receivable ledger, most debtor finance credit lines will automatically increase in response to increases in sales, and provide ongoing working capital to fund the growth of the business.

ledger and information
UN / CEFACT accounting can be used for information interchange of accounting General ledger, balances as well as complete accounting ledger including identifiers ( object oriented accounting, quantity accounting and transparency support ).
Factors often provide their clients four key services: information on the creditworthiness of their prospective customers domestic and international, and, in nonrecourse factoring, acceptance of the credit risk for " approved " accounts ; maintain the history of payments by customers ( i. e., accounts receivable ledger ); daily management reports on collections ; and, make the actual collection calls.
* Data analytics teams in the financial services sector often use sneakernets to transfer sensitive corporate information, such as ledger entries, customer data and financial statistics.
In Stage VI, the application portfolio — tasks like orderly entry, general ledger, and material requirements planning — is completed and its structure “ mirrors ” the organization and information flows in the company.

ledger and date
This journal lists transactions in chronological sequence by date prior to a transfer of the same transactions to a ledger in the process of bookkeeping
They discovered a notation in the birth ledger showing that in 1994, Felipe Almonte had registered his son's birth date as April 7, 1987 at Dr. Toribio Bencosme Hospital.

ledger and number
Black had been granted access to Duplessis ’ s papers, housed in Duplessis ’ s former residence in Trois-Rivières, which included “ figures from the famous Union Nationale Caisse Electorale ( the party war chest ), a copy of the leader of the Opposition ’ s tax returns, gossip from bishops ,” as well as “ historically significant letters from Cardinal Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve side-by-side with hand-written, ungrammatical requests for jobs with the Quebec Liquor Board, unpaid bills, the returns of his ministers who were cheating on their taxes, a number of scribbled notes for Assembly speeches, tidbits of political espionage, compromising photographs, a ledger listing the political contributions of every tavern-keeper in the province .” Black subsequently had the principal items from the papers copied and microfilmed, and donated copies to McGill, York, and Windsor universities.
In Great Britain, expired NI cards were sorted into one hundred separate groups corresponding to the final two numbers of the NI number and were posted to the individual insured person's NI account ( the RF1 ) by the corresponding one hundred ledger sections at the Records Branch of the Central Office of the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance and its later incarnations-Ministry of Social Security, Department of Health and Social Security, Department of Social Security, Contributions Agency, etc.

ledger and first
The first column contains the names of those accounts in the ledger which have a non-zero balance.
In this instance, middle C is centered between the two staves, and it can be written on the first ledger line below the upper staff or the first ledger line above the lower staff.
The first records of Haut-Brion wine found in the wine cellar ledger of the English king Charles II.
Balblair has one of the oldest archives in distilling, with the first ledger entry dated 25 January 1800.

ledger and second
But soon after arriving on Doon, with his heir and son Pall and his concubine the Lady Jazzica, an adept of the galaxy-spanning sisterhood of chefs and event planners known as the Boni Maroni, Duke Lotto and House Agamemnides fall victim to a scheme originated by Baron Vladimir Hardchargin and implemented by the Duke's own accountant Oyeah, who, without the Duke's knowledge, kept a secret second ledger.
" Batman and Bullock have made their peace, agreeing to give each other a second chance after their past disagreements, Batman informing Bullock that he considers the ledger ' erased ' and his opinion of Bullock as a detective restarting as of that moment.
The second slab is incised with the following words within a ledger line: Here lyeth Anne the firste wife of Roberd Poyntz of whos sowle God have mercy Amen.
The third slab retains only part of a female figure with a ledger line containing the words: ... erine the second wyfe of Robert Poyntz.

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