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license and favour
In 1982, the sociologists Danny L., and Lin Jorgensen found that, “ when it is reasonable ,-tellers comply with local laws and purchase a business license .” However, in the United States, a variety of local and state laws restrict fortune-telling, require the licensing or bonding of fortune-tellers, or make necessary the use of terminology that avoids the term " fortune-teller " in favour of terms such as " spiritual advisor " or " psychic consultant.
Meadow's medical license was revoked in 2005, after which he appealed to the High Court, which ruled in his favour in February 2006.
In 1629 the king granted Loftus the unusual favour of a general license to visit England when he pleased, leaving the great seal in the hands of the commissioners last appointed, of whom his cousin, Sir Adam Loftus of Rathfarnham, co. Dublin, was one.
At one time the USAF was considering to license its production for the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter, but those plans have been cancelled in favour of the GAU-22 / A.
* A reception desk, office and various storage facilities ( which can be part of the unit lot, a separate lot or the subject of a license or " right to use " in favour of the owner of the caretakers unit )
Emily died 11 September 1869, leaving her second husband's estates, including Broadlands in Hampshire, to her second son, William, who thereupon adopted by Royal license the surname Cowper-Temple, in whose favour the Mount Temple title was revived in 1880.
However, this move became controversial because some of the channels who failed their broadcast license renewal have a reputation to favour the opposition Kuomintang in their programming.

license and BVI
The third license was obtained by BVI Cable TV, a local cable television service.
Digicel then issued court proceedings against the Regulator, arguing that he had acted improperly by imposing an arbitrary limit of three licenses ( although interestingly no complaint was made about the decision to prefer BVI Cable TV's improbable license over Digicel ).

license and Cable
According to Broadcasting & Cable, the challenges raised " the specter of costly legal battles to defend station holdings .... At a minimum, defending against one would cost tens of thousands of dollars in lawyers ' fees and probably delay license renewal about three months.
In 2005 the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority ( JCRA ), the Jersey Telecommunications Regulator, in cooperation with Ofcom, the UK telecommunications authority with responsibility for spectrum allocation in the Channel Islands under the Communications Act 2003 and Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 extended by Order in Council, allotted a 3G spectrum license to JT and 2G and 3G spectrum licenses to Cable and Wireless Jersey, Jersey Airtel and COLT Telecom Group plc to operate mobile services in Jersey.
It is the lowest-powered Canadian television station affiliated with a major network, with just 178 watts of power, as well as the lowest-powered television station operating on a regular license in North America was formerly tied with KJWY in Jackson, Wyoming, until it increased its power to 270 watts at the time of the digital television transition in the U. S. Its main method of distribution is via sister company Shaw Cable, and other cable and satellite services.
The FCC approved the sale and license transfer in April 2011 ; the commission also denied objections from area cable operators Time Warner Cable and Buckeye Cablevision, who claimed that retransmission fees for WBDT would increase as a result of the sale.
It was the first company granted a license to carry out cellular phone services in Pakistan, set up by Cable & Wireless.
In June 2006, Equity under the license name of " Marquette Broadcasting ", acquired WUHQ from P & P Cable Holdings.

license and was
It would be literary license calculated to glamorize life to say that he, oh, dropped his napkin, so startled was he by Mary Jane's beauty.
McClellan, who had once lost his medical license temporarily on a charge of drug addiction, was with her when she died.
When authorities convicted him of practicing medicine without a license ( he got off with a suspended sentence of three years because of his advanced age of 77 ), one of his victims was not around to testify: He was dead of cancer.
The Oldsmobile with the license number JYJ 114 was in stall number five.
I waited until the parking attendant was busy with a customer, then slipped around the back of the car with license number JYM 114, attached the electronic bug to the rear bumper and walked out.
She was complying with the law in regard to registrations but she certainly wasn't checking license numbers or bothering the tenants.
Shayne noted idly that it carried Miami Beach license plates as he approached, and then saw the flare of a match in the front seat as they passed, indicating that it was occupied.
Returning to the school crossing, the officer was informed by the Sisk boy that he recognized the driver, a neighbor, and had obtained the license number.
It was as if foreign duty implied and excused license ; ;
He was expected to follow in his father's footsteps and even obtained his license to practice law in 1764 before turning to a life of science.
IBM maintains that their license was irrevocable, and continued to sell and support the product until the litigation was adjudicated.
The concept of an armored SPAAG was pioneered by Hungary during World War II Hungary by producing the 40M Nimrod based on the Luftvärnskanonvagn L-62 Anti II license acquired from Sweden.
Originally, the B ( wireline ) side license was usually owned by the local phone company, and the A ( non-wireline ) license was given to wireless telephone providers.
In 1954, when Capp was applying for a Boston television license, the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) received an anonymous packet of pornographic Li ' l Abner drawings.
A number of companies wanted to license the COCONET GUI but Coconut Computing chose not to, and as a result, a competing approach called Remote Imaging Protocol ( RIP ) emerged and was promoted by Telegrafix in the early to mid 1990s but it never became widespread.
However, bmobile's main regional competitor, Digicel, was rejected for a license.

license and controversial
The practice of acquiring patents merely to license them is controversial in the software industry.
A 1986 Congressional report found that NRC staff had provided valuable technical assistance to the utility seeking an operating license for the controversial Seabrook plant.
McBride has been controversial in the information technology industry for his role as the CEO of SCO in asserting broad claims of intellectual property ownership of the various UNIX operating systems derivatives developed by IBM under a license originally granted by AT & T.
A controversial idea was originated in 1961 when the League encouraged " incentive licensing ", which sought reversion to the principle that higher levels of license privileges should require higher levels of demonstrated knowledge and cw skill but took away some amateur privileges until licensees requalified at higher levels ; " incentives " are still in effect and only holders of the highest class of license (" Extra ") maintain all amateur privileges.
In May 2007, he wrote in The Guardian in support of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and his government's controversial refusal to renew the broadcasting license of a television station that had been critical of Chávez.
This was controversial, as DEL's president Franz Hofherr had approved their license and certified their finances.
In 2000, one of Fahey's last acts as Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources was to approve the foreshore license for the controversial Corrib gas project.
The most controversial issue in RAND licensing is whether the " reasonable " license price should include the value contributed by the standard-setting organization's decision to adopt the standard.
Despite losing in his quest to build the station from the ground-up, Koplar acquired the station's license in 1958 through controversial circumstances.
As a bishop, Marsh was controversial for preaching against the Evangelicals and for refusing to license clergy with Calvinist beliefs ( for which he incurred the ire of Sidney Smith ).
" He made 12 campaign promises, the most controversial of which was to lower the price of an automobile license to only $ 3, which put them within reach of the poorest farmers.
In 1975, a controversial broadcast on the talk show The Vegetable Report led to an obscenity complaint with the FCC, which found the charges serious enough to decline renewal of the broadcast license.
It was notable and controversial for two reasons: It successfully reverse-engineered Microsoft's proprietary communications protocols, and unlike Ximian's other products, it was not released under a free or open-source license.

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