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logo and created
" DK " logoThe original logo was created by Winston Smith.
File: Toronto Dominion Centre logo. png | Toronto-Dominion Centre logo includes the font text created by Mies
In 1963, it changed its trade name from " Mobilgas " to simply " Mobil ," introducing a new logo ( created by a prominent New York graphic design firm, Chermayeff & Geismar ).
Rand created a 100-page brochure detailing the brand, including the precise angle used for the logo ( 28 °) and a new company name, NeXT.
With the introduction of black as an official color, in 1999 an alternate team logo was created.
In 1969, Alan Siegel, who oversaw the design of Jerry Dior's Major League Baseball logo a year prior, created the modern NBA logo inspired by the MLB's.
* In 1952, the logo was redesigned as a matte painting created by Jan Domela.
* In early June 2012, Paramount released a graphic poster, created by Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, that celebrated their centenary with 100 films represented as badges around their logo.
At the same time, SGI announced a new logo consisting of only the letters “ sgi ” in a proprietary font called “ SGI ”, created by branding and design consulting firm Landor Associates, in collaboration with designer Joe Stitzlein.
The IEEE logo is a diamond-shaped design which illustrates the right hand grip rule embedded in Benjamin Franklin's kite, and it was created at the time of the 1963 merger.
In 1956, John J. Graham created an abstraction of an eleven-feathered peacock logo for American broadcaster NBC.
In 2008, the Regulatory Council for the La Rioja Denomination of Origin created a new logo to go on all bottles of wine produced under this designation.
This logo was created by Texas professional graphic artist Patrick B. StarkIn 1979, businessman Don Carter and partner Norm Sonju requested the right to bring an NBA franchise to Dallas, Texas.
Fishbone created their self-titled debut EP logo on an Apple IIe.
He also created the revised logo and record label designs of Blue Goose Records that were used from 1974 onward.
" The tri-color, nested cube logo was created by Tom Lamar in 1996.
In 1994, WAPA was the first television station in Puerto Rico to use high-end graphic animations to animate a new logo, created and animated by Pixel Light Studios in New York.
The band's logo was created by artist Raymond Pettibon to symbolize their themes of rebellion and anarchy.
The original city logo was created by Bill Botts Sr. in 1957. It consisted of a double-circular seal, with the inner circle containing an adobe arch featuring the Rancho Azusa de Duarte " d " brand ( inside the arch is the original date of the Rancho's establishment, 1841 ) while the outer circle features the year of Duarte's incorporation ( 1957 ).
The current city logo was created in early 1982 to mark Duarte's 25th anniversary of cityhood.
The photography for the album " First Issue " was shot by Dennis Morris who also created the iconic P. I. L logo.
In his brief time in office, Hatfield created a brand new logo for the town.

logo and by
Their logo of the anchor and dolphin is represented today in the symbols and names used by some modern publishers such as Doubleday.
The former Amiga logo, as used by Commodore-Amiga Inc
At first, the falcon crest logo was also put on the jersey sleeves, but it was replaced by a red and white stripe pattern four years later.
* AD ))), logo used by ABC to mark programs that are augmented with an audio description track
When in “ 7800 ” mode ( signified by the appearance of the full screen Atari logo ), the graphics are generated entirely by the MARIA graphics processing unit, all system RAM is available and game data is accessed in larger 48K blocks.
The various services all took on a common interface device, an " i-bar " branded with the BBCi logo, which sought to emphasise the brand across different technologies by providing similar navigation.
The new designs also featured a dynamic set of titles for the channel ; the globe would begin spinning from where the main story was taking place, while the headline scrolled around in a ribbon ; this was occasionally replaced by the BBC News logo.
The titles concluded with a red globe surrounded by a red stylised clamshell and BBC News ribbons forming above the BBC News logo.
The logo was raised using a heavy black drop shadow, and the body of the lettering and its yellow trim were separated by a subtle 3D groove effect.
Often these were accompanied by quirky logos such as the face logo for Blockhead, advertisements and promotional items.
However, in 1991, as part of Major League Baseball's two-team expansion ( they also added the former Florida ( now Miami ) Marlins ), an ownership group representing Denver led by John Antonucci and Michael I. Monus were granted a franchise ; they took the name “ Rockies ” due to Denver's proximity to the Rocky Mountains, which is reflected in their logo.
The standards do require discs to meet precise requirements in order to be called Compact Discs, but the other discs may be called by other names ; if this were not true, no DVD drive could legally bear the Compact Disc logo.
Furthermore, if the same device with no explicit performance specs beyond the Compact Disc logo initially handles nonstandard discs reliably, there is no assurance that it will not later stop doing so, and in that case, there is no assurance that it can be made to do so again by service or adjustment.
CPRR logo on a gilded " Staff " uniform button ( 1867 ) Construction of the road was financed primarily by 30-year, 6 % U. S. Government Bonds authorized by Sec.
After the Nissan rebrand, the logo remained the same, with " Datsun " replaced by " Nissan ".
The logo was designed by Josh Beatman of Brainchild Studios and DC executive Richard Bruning.
The rectangular Exxon logo, with the blue strip at the bottom and red lettering with the two interlinked ' X's, was designed by noted industrial stylist Raymond Loewy.
The name and logo for EFTPOS in Australia were originally owned by the National Australia Bank and were trade marks from 1986 until 1991.
The official band logo, designed in 1976 by artist Kosh, was first seen on their 1976 album A New World Record and is based on a 1946 Wurlitzer jukebox model 4008 speaker.
The historic logo made by the W3C
On June 28, 1977, in the Philadelphia Federal District Court, a lawsuit was filed by the Norlin Corporation, the parent company of Gibson Guitars against Elger / Hoshino U. S. A .' s use of the Gibson headstock design and logo.
The Radura logo, as required by U. S. Food and Drug Administration regulations to show a food has been treated with ionizing radiation.

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