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lower and ground
In many parts of the world, acropoleis became the nuclei of large cities of classical antiquity, such as ancient Rome, which in more recent times grew up on the surrounding lower ground, such as modern Rome.
The real estate market, although not plummeting, ground to a halt and growth is expected to be significantly lower in the short-to-medium run.
Another risk of the hit-and-run is that a caught line drive could result in an easy double play, although this is offset by the lower likelihood of a ground ball double play.
Some early ' skyscrapers ' were made in masonry, and demonstrated the limitations of the material – for example, the Monadnock Building in Chicago ( opened in 1896 ) is masonry and just 17 stories high ; the ground walls are almost thick, clearly building any higher would lead to excessive loss of internal floor space on the lower floors.
Mid-to-high latitude forests have a much lower albedo during snow seasons than flat ground, thus contributing to warming.
In lower quality restaurants, ground meat is used, which is not suitable for İskender kebap.
To the east of the Tiltyard is a lower area of marshy ground, originally flooded and called the Lower Pool, and to the west an area once called the Great Mere.
Pulsed pumping is also required for three-level lasers in which the lower energy level rapidly becomes highly populated preventing further lasing until those atoms relax to the ground state.
These gain media could release stimulated emissions between an excited state and a lower excited state, not the ground state, facilitating the maintenance of a population inversion.
Its waters, for much of its course, flow through a channel considerably lower than the surface of the ground.
In the third phase stolons develop from lower leaf axils on the stem and grow downwards into the ground and on these stolons new tubers develop as swellings of the stolon.
When the pankratiasts fought standing, the combat was called anō pankration ( ἄνω παγκράτιον " upper pankration "); and when they took the fight to the ground, that stage of pankration competition was called katō pankration ( κάτω παγκράτιον " lower pankration ").
Spontaneous emission is the process by which a light source such as an atom, molecule, nanocrystal or nucleus in an excited state undergoes a transition to a state with a lower energy, e. g., the ground state and emits a photon.
If a light source (' the atom ') is in the excited state with energy, it may spontaneously decay to a lower lying level ( e. g., the ground state ) with energy, releasing the difference in energy between the two states as a photon.
Stimulated emission can be modelled mathematically by considering an atom that may be in one of two electronic energy states, a lower level state ( possibly the ground state ) ( 1 ) and an excited state ( 2 ), with energies E < sub > 1 </ sub > and E < sub > 2 </ sub > respectively.
Tempera adheres best to an absorbent ground that has a lower " oil " content than the tempera binder used ( the traditional rule of thumb is " fat over lean ", and never the other way around ).
A positive voltage slightly lower than the plate ( anode ) voltage was applied to it, and was bypassed ( for high frequencies ) to ground with a capacitor.
At extremely high voltages, more than 2, 000 kV between conductor and ground, corona discharge losses are so large that they can offset the lower resistance loss in the line conductors.
Aside from presenting arms and sabres British and Commonwealth colour guards are expected to lower their flags to the ground in full and regular salutes in ceremonies and parades.
In receiving antennas this reduces reception of ground noise, resulting in a lower antenna noise temperature.
Some types of transmitting antenna systems in the VLF, LF, MF and lower SW range depend on a good ground to operate efficiently.
In lower frequency antennas, such as the mast radiators used for broadcast antennas, the Earth itself ( or a body of water such as a salt marsh or ocean ) is used as a ground plane.
Ground losses become lower at lower frequencies, so the attenuation of ground waves decreases with frequency.

lower and floor
Usually, the train floor is at a level above the bogies, but the floor of the car may be lower between bogies, such as for a double decker train to increase interior space while staying within height restrictions, or in easy-access, stepless-entry, low-floor trains.
The lower floor contains a common room equipped with kitchen facilities, couches and a television.
The building consisted of two levels: a stoa on the upper level providing open space, and a palaestra, pool and baths on lower floor.
There is a continuation of the horizontal passage in the south wall of the lower chamber ; there is also a pit dug in the floor of the chamber.
The floor of the Grand Gallery consists of a shelf or step on either side, wide, leaving a lower ramp wide between them.
The dancers are seemingly caught off guard in various awkward poses, leaving an expanse of empty floor space in the lower right quadrant.
A hallway in the lower floor of the Academic Quadrangle
The lower floor is used for non-Schengen flights, the upper floor is used for Schengen flights.
The lower floor contains a common room equipped with kitchen facilities, couches and a television.
In the lower house at Westminster ( the House of Commons ) there are lines on the floor in front of the government and opposition benches that members may cross only when exiting the chamber.
For this deep water mission the Western Union Cable vessel the Lord Kelvin was converted to the ability to lower a cable down several miles, which had a unit attached that fired a hollow dart into the sea bed floor which was then raised with the seabed sample for analysis.
The lower floor housed some art and archaeology, but the upper floor was being used for university functions.
For instance, some floor standing tower speakers include a subwoofer driver in the lower portion of the same cabinet.
Traditionally there is a one-room lower floor for the storage of wood for a stove, a workshop as all monks engage in some manual labour.
The west front ( illustration ) gives the impression of a villa of modest proportions, with a lower floor disguised in the hillside.
In the Late Pleistocene, sea levels were about 140 m lower than in the present day, exposing the floor of the shallow Taiwan Strait as a land bridge that was crossed by mainland fauna.
Numerous basilicas are notable shrines, often even receiving significant pilgrimages, especially among the many that were built above a confessio or the burial place of a martyr – although this term now usually designates a space before the high altar that is sunk lower than the main floor level ( as in the case in St Peter's and St John Lateran in Rome ) and that offer more immediate access to the burial places below.
The entrance to the lower floor was through the upper floor.

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