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magazine and published
In January, 1960, the first issue of The Carleton Miscellany, a quarterly literary magazine, was published by the College.
Manuscript, a quarterly literary magazine, is published by the students of the College.
Best known for his novels including Brave New World and a wide-ranging output of essays, Huxley also edited the magazine Oxford Poetry, and published short stories, poetry, travel writing, film stories and scripts.
Her first appearance was in a short story published in The Sketch magazine in 1926, " The Tuesday Night Club ", which later became the first chapter of The Thirteen Problems ( 1932 ).
Additionally, Phage Press published 12 volumes of a dedicated Amber DRPG magazine called Amberzine.
Caricature by Leslie Ward | Spy published in Vanity Fair ( British magazine 1868-1914 ) | Vanity Fair in 1904.
* 1845 – The first issue of Scientific American magazine is published.
Prior to creating the Asterix series, Goscinny and Uderzo had previously had success with their series Oumpah-pah, which was published in the Tintin magazine.
* Audio ( magazine ), a magazine published from 1947 to 2000
* " I foresee a universal information system ( UIS ), which will give everyone access at any given moment to the contents of any book that has ever been published or any magazine or any fact.
In December 1952, Capp published an article in Real magazine titled “ The REAL Powers in America ” that further challenged the conventional attitudes of the day: " The real powers in America are women — the wives and sweethearts behind the masculine dummies ..."
Bardot wrote a 1999 letter to Chinese President Jiang Zemin, published in French magazine VSD, in which she accused the Chinese of " torturing bears and killing the world's last tigers and rhinos to make aphrodisiacs ".
* BEEB, a BBC children's magazine published in 1985
They were also published in PC Plus magazine for a short time, and several books of the stories have also been released.
Two years later, Fate magazine published " Sea Mystery at Our Back Door ", a short article by George X.
Building on this first edition, in 1979, B. Dennis Sustare wrote " Different Worlds Present the World of Druid's Valley: A Bunnies & Burrows Campaign " in Different Worlds, a magazine published by Chaosium.
This was followed by the mini-adventure " The Jackrabbits ' Lair ", written by Daniel J. Maxfield, in Pegasus, a magazine published by Judges Guild.
With a team of contributors Bubbles and Wills art-directed Oz magazine issue 12, dubbed The Tax Dodge Special and published in May 1968.
* Bubble Trouble A detailed analysis of the arcade version, as published in Retro Gamer magazine.
* Commentary ( magazine ), a US public affairs journal, founded in 1945 and formerly published by the American Jewish Committee
In 1958, while still in Singapore, Parkinson published his most famous work Parkinson's Law, a book that expanded upon a humorous article that he had first published in the Economist magazine in November 1955, satirizing government bureaucracies.
In an interview with the magazine N ' Digo published in late June 2008, he spoke of today's mainstream urban music seemingly relishing the addictive euphoria of materialism and sexism, perhaps being the primary cause of many people harboring resentment towards the genre and its future.
The term was first coined by August Derleth, a contemporary correspondent of Lovecraft, who used the name of the creature Cthulhu — a central figure in Lovecraft literature and the focus of Lovecraft's famous short story The Call of Cthulhu ( first published in pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1928 )— to identify the system of lore employed by Lovecraft and his literary successors.

magazine and some
`` It was only the other day that I saw something of yours, about something or other, in some magazine ''.
He soon managed to sell some of them to Judge magazine and then started having success submitting to the Minneapolis-based Calgary-Eye-Opener, a racy men's cartoon magazine of the era.
* In the March 1972 issue of the magazine Shogaku 4-nensei: Doraemon, for some reason, had to go back to the future but fakes a mechanical problem so that Nobita would let him go.
After making some stories for the Dutch publisher Oberon, the publishers of an American Disney children's magazine called DuckTales ( based on of the animated series of the same name ) offered him employment.
The amateur comics magazine Iris ( 1990-1995 ) ( re ) published a number of DirkJan comics, some of which were refused for publication in SjoSji.
In 1894 under pressure from Wilhelm Trompeter, the publisher of the magazine La Esperantisto, and some other leading users, Zamenhof reluctantly put forward a radical reform to be voted on by readers.
Formula fiction is often stereotypically associated with early pulp magazine markets, though some works published in that medium, such as " The Cold Equations ", subvert the supposed expectations of the common narrative formula of that time.
Through the 1960s and 1970s, comic fanzines followed some general formats, such as the industry news and information magazine ( The Comic Reader was one example ), interview, history and review-based fanzines, and the fanzines which basically represented independent comic book-format exercises.
Generally speaking, military and police forces use semi-automatic pistols due to their high magazine capacities ( 10 to 17 or, in some cases, over 25 rounds of ammunition ) and ability to rapidly reload by simply removing the empty magazine and inserting a loaded one.
The online magazine Blogcritics criticized the list for introducing some undeserving guitarists while forgetting some artists perceived being perhaps more worthy, such as Johnny Marr, Phil Keaggy or John Petrucci.
The prefix of the Protector ’ s registration number NTE-3120 ostensibly alludes to some sort of similar space federation, but in reality stands for " Not The Enterprise ", according to visual effects co-supervisor Bill George in a 2000 interview with Cinefex magazine.
However, he did give him some praise saying in an article in the left-leaning New Statesman magazine, " I have never met a man more fair, candid, and honest " and making it clear that he felt the " sinister " image of Stalin was unfair or simply false.
The magazine also ran a series of cartoons called 101 Uses for a John Major ( based on a comic book of some ten years earlier, called 101 Uses for a Dead Cat ), in which Major was illustrated serving a number of bizarre purposes, such as a train-spotter's anorak.
Lewis has long remained popular in Europe: he was consistently praised by some French critics in the influential magazine Cahiers du Cinéma for his absurd comedy, in part because he had gained respect as an auteur who had total control over all aspects of his films, comparable to Howard Hawks and Alfred Hitchcock.
Responding to a question by The Times film critic Kate Muir about his German roots and his comments in a Danish film magazine about the Nazi aesthetic, von Trier claimed to have some sympathy for and understanding of Adolf Hitler, and then jokingly claimed to be a Nazi himself:
The then-West German magazine Bunte speculated that he might have landed there for some time, citing that he changed his clothes somewhere during his flight, and that he took too much time to fly to Moscow considering his plane's speed and weather conditions.
The magazine appearance caused some controversy.
Most newer versions are only commercially available although some have been distributed in the United Kingdom in computer magazine CDs after they became obsolete.
Over their careers, the members of Rush have been acknowledged as some of the most proficient players on their respective instruments, with each band member winning numerous awards in magazine readers ' polls.
It was at this point that the magazine ran some of its most famous stories, including that of the Patty Hearst abduction odyssey.
Though the New Wave is generally considered to have begun in the 1960s, some of its tenets can be found in H. L. Gold's editorship of Galaxy, a science fiction magazine which began publication in 1950.
Todd McCarthy in Variety magazine wrote, " One of the film's indisputable triumphs is its soundtrack, which mixes Carter Burwell's original score with classic pop tunes and some fabulous covers.

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