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main and Breakfast
Since Tuesday, 26 May 2009, those bulletins have been broadcast from TC7 and N6 in Television Centre, the main studios of BBC Breakfast and the BBC News Channel respectively.
* The main character Kendra Tamale of the book Marshmallows for Breakfast by Dorothy Koomson, was said to have grown up or lived in Ealing or nearby.
Kilgore Trout is also a main character in Vonnegut's novel Breakfast of Champions.
However, BBC Breakfast moved to a new studio with a new look on 2 May 2006 and the entire news content was presented by two main presenters.
She joined the BBC's Breakfast programme in January 2001 as a relief presenter, initially presenting on Friday-Sunday alongside Darren Jordon, to cover for main presenter, Sarah Montague, and then later with Jeremy Bowen, to cover for Sophie Raworth.
In May 2005 she was confirmed as the main female presenter of BBC Breakfast, presenting initially alongside Dermot Murnaghan and since January 2008 with Bill Turnbull on Mondays to Thursdays.
The main reporters on London 94. 9 are Jason Rosam ( Breakfast and Vanessa ), Anna O Neil, Louise Pepper and Charlotte Franks.
Pete Mitchell is the main daytime presenter, returning to Golden Square: he was last on Virgin Radio in 2005 hosting the Breakfast show with Geoff Lloyd.
Trout appears in several of Vonnegut's books, in which he performs a variety of roles: he acts as a catalyst for the main characters in Breakfast of Champions, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater and Slaughterhouse-Five, while in others, such as Jailbird, and Timequake, Trout is an active character who is vital to the story.
In Breakfast of Champions, Kilgore Trout has part of his right ring finger bitten off by the book's other main character, Dwayne Hoover, when Kilgore attends an arts festival in the Midwest.
Launched on 3 September 2001, South East Today airs eleven times a day on weekdays: 6 bulletins in the morning during BBC Breakfast, a brief mid-afternoon bulletin at 3pm, a 15-minute programme at 13: 30, the main half-hour programme at 18: 30, a 30-second update at 8pm and a seven-minute bulletin at 22: 25.
GMTV's main rivals included BBC Breakfast ( more news-orientated ), Sky News ' Sunrise, and Channel 4's morning schedule ( which included Friends until Autumn 2011 ).
from Peterlee and Neville Whitehead from Shiney Row. Their main contribution was to the Sunday Breakfast Show Which covered faith and moral values.
From September 2002 to December 2007 Murnaghan was a main presenter of BBC Breakfast, replacing Jeremy Bowen.
She was replaced as the main weekday presenter on Breakfast by Sian Williams.
It had four main syndicated programmes: a weekday mid-morning programme hosted by Phillippa Collins ( this show was only carried on a few stations, when taken over by Global radio the show was rolled out to all stations ) a weeknightly music and showbiz based programme ( formerly called ' Core Control ' and then ' Music Control ') ( weekdays 7pm to 10pm ) presented by Kam and Sally, Kam was replaced by Kevin Hughes, ' Late Night Love ' ( Sunday to Thursday 10pm to 1am ) presented by Graham Torrington ( later the show was replaced by ' the wind down ' presented by Cat James ) and Music On Demand ( 1am till Breakfast, 7 days a week ) presented by Dan Wood or Andy Henley.
The show was briefly revived during 1985 as a three-part sequence shown over a single morning on Breakfast Television but without Glynis Barber in the main role.
In February 2012, Henry moved to Sydney, Australia to join Network Ten's morning show Breakfast as a co-host. The show debuted on 23 February 2012 and trails behind its three main rivals Sunrise on the Seven Network, Today on the Nine Network, and ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 Since moving to Australia, Henry maintains work in New Zealand media as an Australian correspondent for Radio Live and as the host of Would I Lie to you?
Transferring to BBC Wales television, she started as a reporter, before starting to present the main programmes during BBC Breakfast, and then BBC Wales Today.
Hollins ' son, Chris Hollins is the main sports presenter on BBC Breakfast.
He is the main male presenter of Breakfast broadcast on BBC One and BBC News, presenting alongside Susanna Reid each Monday-Wednesday.
In 2008 he became the main weekday presenter of Breakfast rejoining Williams, replacing Dermot Murnaghan.

main and presenters
As of March 2012 the main sports presenters on the channel are Olly Foster, Katie Gornall, Katherine Downes, Damian Johnson, Andrew Lindsay and Jenny Culshaw.
Since December 2007, the main regular presenters on the channel have been Simon McCoy, Carrie Gracie, Matthew Amroliwala, Jane Hill, Jon Sopel, Emily Maitlis, Louise Minchin, Huw Edwards, Ben Brown, Joanna Gosling and Chris Eakin.
The main weekend presenters include Tim Willcox, Maxine Mawhinney, Nicholas Owen, Clive Myrie and Annita McVeigh.
Rico Hizon ( reporting from Singapore ), Babita Sharma and Kasia Madera are the main overnight presenters on the channel, appearing on Newsday and generic BBC News bulletins.
The main relief presenters are Martine Croxall, Gavin Esler ( BBC News at Five ), Sophie Long ( mainly weekday afternoons ), Rachel Schofield ( Monday mornings ), Tim Willcox and Julian Worricker ( Friday afternoons ), while Fiona Armstrong, Ellie Crisell, Ben Geoghagen, Roger Johnson, Kasia Madera, Chris Rogers, Babita Sharma, Julia Somerville, Sue Thearle and Carole Walker also fill in for regular presenters.
The simulcasting of the main national news bulletins has led to the presenters of those bulletins appearing on the channel, including Huw Edwards, Fiona Bruce, George Alagiah, Sophie Raworth, Kate Silverton and Mishal Husain.
During a major news event one or more of the main news presenters may be sent to present live for the channel from the scene of the story, where they will conduct interviews with the people involved, question correspondents, introduce related reports and also give general information on the story, much as a reporter sent to cover a story would.
Vizs founder and main contributor Chris Donald has said that the character of Roger Mellie was inspired by the off-screen behaviour of Rod Griffiths, a 1980s Northern UK regional TV presenter but that Mellie is actually nothing like Griffiths in fact and other presenters have been worked into the character, including Look North presenter Mike Neville.
The first publicly transmitted, live trans-Atlantic program, was broadcast via the Telstar satellite on July 23, 1962 at 3: 00 pm EDT, and Cronkite was one of the main presenters in this multinational broadcast.
Bruce Lewis was one of TWW's main news presenters ; he went on to write various books about his experience during the second world war, " Aircrew, a Few of the First ", plus other titles and how to be a TV presenter.
Chris Tarrant and John Asher retained their roles as the main presenters, although John would leave during this series.
Running from late 1976 to early 1977, Chris Tarrant, Peter Tomlinson and Trevor East were the main presenters.
Although most of its programmes feature one main presenter, when major breaking news reaches the channel it has recently started to revert to the old double-headed style with two presenters anchoring.
A full list of contributors can be found, but the main presenters were:
Its main presenters are Noel Thompson, Donna Traynor, Sarah Travers and Mark Carruthers.
Their main characters as presenters were:
The main presenters were supported, for the first two series, by five newcomers who were picked following a nationally advertised competition: these were Muriel Gray, Gary James, Nick Laird-Clowes, Michel Cremona and Mike Everitt.
She is now one of the main sports presenters at the BBC.
All of ITV News ' main presenters, except Trevor McDonald, also appeared on the channel.
These included the London segment of the Nationwide from Lime Grove Studios ; in this case, the regional presenters for London were also usually the main presenters of the national sequence of the programme which followed.

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