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main and recent
This suggests that tax collection in Armenia is improving at the expense of ordinary citizens, rather than wealthy citizens ( who have been the main beneficiaries of Armenia's double-digit economic growth in recent years ).
Not only the fandom, but the main cast members of both Buffy and Angel series, expressed disagreement with the report on Twitter and in recent interviews.
The most recent large excavation was undertaken between 1990-95 in a region of " black earth ", believed to be the site of the main settlement.
More recent developments have seen the conversion of AVLB and truck launched bridge with launching systems that can be mounted on either tank or truck for bridges that are capable of supporting heavy main battle tanks.
Relations have steadily improved in recent years, and Egypt is now one of Iraq s main trade partners ( formerly under the Oil-for-Food Programme ).
In recent years, the agency began undertaking a large-scale effort to consolidate its operations in the Washington Metropolitan Area from its main headquarters in Rockville and several fragmented office buildings in the vicinity to the former site of the Naval Ordnance Laboratory in the White Oak area of Silver Spring, Maryland.
The town of Hilversum has put a great deal of effort into improvements, including a recent renovation to its central train station, thorough renovation of the main shopping centre ( Hilvertshof ), and development of new dining and retail districts downtown including the " vintage " district in the Leeuwenstraat.
In recent decades there have been four main schools of historiography regarding India: Cambridge, Nationalist, Marxist, and subaltern.
In recent years, the town has spent over $ 20 million to upgrade main water lines, and will undergo another $ 6 million project to build a new water treatment plant.
Relations have steadily improved in recent years, and Egypt is now one of Iraq s main trade partners ( formerly under the Oil-for-Food Programme ).
Adenauer was the main motive for one of the most recent and famous gold commemorative coins: the Belgian 3 pioneers of the European unification commemorative coin, minted in 2002.
Current incumbents may also be found in the countries ' articles ( main article and " Politics of ") and the list of national leaders, recent changes in 2007 in politics, and past leaders on State leaders by year and Colonial governors by year.
There are two main perspectives on the origins and basis of nationalism, one is the primordialist perspective that describes nationalism as a reflection of the ancient and perceived evolutionary tendency of humans to organize into distinct grouping based on an affinity of birth ; the other is the modernist perspective that describes nationalism as a recent phenomenon that requires the structural conditions of modern society.
The main approaches in applying tests in these domains have been Classical Test Theory and the more recent Item Response Theory and Rasch measurement models.
A recent phenomenon is that of conservative-minded groups in the PC ( USA ) ( such as the Confessing church movement ) remaining in the main body, rather than leaving to form new, break-away groups, as those most theologically conservative usually did ( e. g., the Presbyterian Church in America, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and the Bible Presbyterian Church ).
Such racial segregation has widely been thought to be the basis of growing ethnic tensions, a measurable deterioration in race relations in poorer areas, a deterioration of the standard of living and levels of education and employment among ethnic minorities in poorer areas as well as being a main precursor to recent race riots.
In practice, the main concerns in recent years have been relations with the US, the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, Iraq, the perceived threat from Iran, the effect of oil pricing, and increasing the influence in the Muslim world of the Wahhabi form of Islam through overseas donations.
The Seychelles President claims that this has opened the door to a new industry for his country and encouraged economic growth by further removing over-reliance on traditional trades like fisheries and tourism, which is now falling rapidly as the country's main income but nevertheless, has experienced significant growth in recent years.
Spam is less popular than Ma Ling Meats, its main competitor in the Hong Kong processed meat market, although recent controversies surrounding high salt content in Ma Ling products may allow Spam to gain market share.
A Blackpool tram killed one of the main characters in 1989 and the most recent faked accident involved a tram ( modelled on the Manchester Metrolink ) careering off a viaduct into the set in 2009.
However, in recent years, combined bus and bike lanes have been built on Tirana's main streets.
The other main theory for the extinction was that it was due to the climate change brought on by the most recent ice age.
Another more recent story involving travel to the future is Louis-Sébastien Mercier's L ' An 2440, rêve s ' il en fût jamais (" The Year 2440: A Dream If Ever There Were One "), a utopian novel in which the main character is transported to the year 2440.
Some units have been opened in recent years with the specific purpose of providing Therapeutically Enhanced Treatment and so form a subcategory to the three main ones.

main and sense
The sense was extended to fossil resin circa 1400, and this became the main sense, as the use of ambergris waned.
Taylor notes the stage management which surrounds much of Orwell's behaviour, and Bowker highlights the essential sense of decency which he considers to have been Orwell's main motivation.
Since the main sensory organs are anatomically located on the head, long hair provides the necessary warmth and protection in a cold climate that allows the use of these organs by exposing them to the elements to " sense ", in for example a hunt, yet still providing necessary warmth and protection to sustain prolonged exposure.
His subsequent main astronomical works were in some sense only further developments of it, concerned with finding more precise inner and outer dimensions for the spheres by calculating the eccentricities of the planetary orbits within it.
The main function of the priests is service at the altar, and only the sons of Aaron are priests in the full sense.
Through a confrontation with Aristotle he began to develop in his lectures the main theme of his philosophy: the question of the sense of being.
Lion actually saved the day in the episode " Seven Little Superheroes ", in which The Chameleon was the main enemy ; with her canine sense of smell, Ms.
Colonialism in this sense refers to Western European countries ' colonization of lands mainly in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania ; the main European countries which were active in this form of colonization were Spain, Portugal, France, the Kingdom of England, the Netherlands, and from the 18th century Great Britain.
One of the main components of these youth groups are the special service projects that the kids participate in, helping them earn a better sense of self worth.
In Cézanne's sense of pictorial structure and colour, Matisse found his main inspiration.
The main reason for assuming The Shrew came first is " those passages in A Shrew [...] that make sense only if one knows The Shrew version from which they must have been derived ;" i. e. parts of A Shrew simply don't make sense without recourse to The Shrew.
The main kind of cymose inflorescence is the cyme ( pronounced ' saim ', from the French cime in the sense ‘ top, summit ’).
The main power of the Seven on their wearers was to excite their sense of avarice, and the Dwarves used their rings to increase their treasure.
Botanical gardens, in the modern sense, developed from physic gardens, whose main purpose was to grow herbs for medicinal use.
With a correct idea of their importance, Simplicius made the most diligent use of the commentaries of Alexander of Aphrodisias and Porphyry ; and although he often enough combats the views of the former, he knew how to value, as it deserved, his ( in the main ) sound critical sense.
He wrote Green Arrow stories as well, where his sense of humor was allowed far more freedom in the loose dialogue of the main character.
While his writing is often hyper-real and its polemic qualities can often be startling, his main strength lies in his ability to discredit almost everything and yet not lose a sense of enraged humanity.
Throughout the novel, all the main characters insist that they have long overcome conventional morality, that they are free agents in the truest sense of the word, but in spite of his hedonism Lynch-Gibbon's residual moral posture just will not go away.
However, its name makes sense when we compare LDA to the other main linear dimensionality reduction algorithm: Principal Components Analysis ( PCA ).
In addition to this trait and to O ' Brian's distinctive literary style, his sense of humour is prominent ( see Humour in main article, Aubrey-Maturin series ).
Clinton's residents could fit into one main elementary school, but because of all the rural area around Clinton it makes more sense to group all the students into three smaller schools.
Thus, commentators such as Matei Călinescu and Carmen Muşat have also argued that a main characteristic of Eliade's fantasy prose is a substitution between the supernatural and the mundane: in this interpretation, Eliade turns the daily world into an incomprehensible place, while the intrusive supernatural aspect promises to offer the sense of life.

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