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majority and hits
Because the majority of time during a reading is spent dwelling on the " hits " the reader obtains, while the time spent recognizing " misses " is minimized, the effect gives an impression that the cold reader knows far more about the subject than an ordinary stranger could.
However, his power potential was apparent from the fact that the majority of his extra base hits and home runs were hit the opposite way — including a blast to center field on July 5, 2004, at Pro Player Stadium – and his minor league statistics indicated that his plate discipline should improve.
" From 1987 until late 1993 the band recorded seven albums and had a string of 16 country-music hits ( the majority of which were in the country Top Ten ) and a number of Academy of Country Music awards before disbanding in 1994.
Some of the group's early hits were written by band members and some of Motown's rising singer-songwriters such as Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye, who played drums on a majority of their early recordings.
The majority of his songs during this period were uncertified covers of successful hits of Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and others.
Except for perhaps a few other artists, the majority of Native American hip hop is to be found in the underground scene, rarely gaining exposure beyond regional hits.
When drought hits the area following a poor rainfall, surface water is not available at a majority of these points, and water scarcity becomes a serious problem ( mainly in the eastern part of the sanctuary ).
Burgess was the lead voice of the majority of their hits in the early ' 70s.
Ibáñez played the majority of the 1999 season with the Mariners, however, he did spend 8 games with the Triple-A Tacoma Rainiers and batted. 335 with 11 hits.
Locorriere tours as " The Voice of Dr Hook ," as referenced to the fact that his voice was most prominent on the majority of Dr. Hook hits.
Hodgson composed and sang the majority of the band's hits, including " Dreamer ", " Give a Little Bit ", " The Logical Song ", " Breakfast in America ", " Take the Long Way Home " and " It's Raining Again ".
In addition, a majority of the adult album alternative and classic hits songs were removed.

majority and were
It is noteworthy that the majority of the delegates to the Congress were from the less developed, former colonial nations.
One of the obvious conclusions we can make on the basis of the last election, I suppose, is that we, the majority, were dissatisfied with Eisenhower conservatism.
When, in March, 1640, the two towns were united under Coddington, Gorton claimed the union was irregular and illegally constituted and that it had never been sanctioned by the majority of freeholders.
In 1957 Nixon delivered a significant opinion that a majority of Senators had the power to adopt new rules at the beginning of each new Congress, and that any rules laid down by previous Congresses were not binding.
During the years when Israel was passing from crisis to crisis -- the Sinai campaign, the infusion of multitudes of penniless immigrants -- it was felt that the purpose of national unity could be best served if the secular majority were to yield to the religious parties.
There were fusion tickets in which all of Lincoln's opponents combined to support the same slate of Electors in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, but even if the anti-Lincoln vote had been combined in every state, Lincoln still would have won a majority in the Electoral College.
" The Republicans gained majorities in both House and Senate for the first time since Democrats in the 1856 elections, they were to be seated in numbers which Lincoln might use to govern, a national parliamentary majority even before pro-slavery House and Senate seats vacated.
This means that the individual atoms can be treated as if each were in isolation, as the vast majority of the time they are.
The Germanic elites were Arians, and the majority population was Nicene.
In a culture that set a high value on oratory and public performances of all kinds, in which the production of books was very labor-intensive, the majority of the population was illiterate, and where those with the leisure to enjoy literary works also had slaves to read for them, written texts were more likely to be seen as scripts for recitation than as vehicles of silent reflection.
He was the first who had a godly zeal for the truth in philosophy and despised the views of the majority, which were a disgrace to philosophy.
It has been estimated that during his entire career Aalto designed over 500 individual buildings, approximately 300 of which were built, the vast majority of which are in Finland.
These were larger than the great majority of German woodcuts hitherto, and far more complex and balanced in composition.
Although clubs from other states were at times invited, the final was almost always between the premiers from the two strongest state competitions of the time — South Australia and Victoria — and the majority of matches were played in Adelaide at the request of the SAFA / SAFL.
The governors were appointed from both Catholic and Protestant cantons and since they changed every two years, neither faith gained a majority in the County.
Important early anthroposophists who were Jewish included Karl König, the founder of the Camphill movement, and a majority of the executive board of the original Anthroposophical Society.
Artillery is the most lethal form of land-based armament ; in the Napoleonic Wars, World War I and World War II the vast majority of combat deaths were caused by artillery.
The services in the majority of the chapels were in Welsh.
" When Li ' l Abner made its debut in 1934, the vast majority of comic strips were designed chiefly to amuse or thrill their readers.
His superior command of Greek, and the fact that the vast majority of his writings were in Greek, led some in the West to claim that he was a Greek born in Alexandria.
Amok was officially classified as a psychiatric condition in 1849 based on the numerous reports and case studies which showed that the majority of individuals who committed amok were, in some sense, mentally ill.
A few years later, in 1981, IBM introduced the first DOS based IBM PC, and due to the overwhelming popularity of PCs and their clones, DOS soon became the operating system on which the majority of BBS programs were run.
While Disraeli's government survived until the December general election, the initiative had passed to the Liberals, who were returned to power with a majority of 170.
Pompey had the backing of a majority of the senators, of whom many were optimates, and his army significantly outnumbered the veteran Caesarian legions.

majority and co-written
The album featured a popular song, " Slam Dunk ," which, like a majority of the album, was co-written by rising guitar hero and longtime David Lee Roth fan, John 5.
The majority of Fear of Flying was co-written and co-produced by Harrison and many of the album ’ s songs are about female empowerment.
The majority of Moodring was co-written and co-produced by Mýa and was influenced by different subjects and music styling's including techno, pop rock, soul, hip-hop, r & b, quiet storm, etc. The first single, the Missy Elliott-produced " My Love Is Like ... Wo " became a smash hit and a summertime anthem for women.
The majority of the album was co-written with Bill DeMain of Swan Dive.

majority and by
To guard against the tyranny of a numerical majority, Calhoun developed his theory of `` concurrent majority '', which, he said, `` by giving to each portion of the community which may be unequally affected by the action of government, a negative on the others, prevents all partial or local legislation ''.
In that decade the partisan zeal to defend Mr. Hoover, and the party's failure to anticipate or cope with the depression, caused a great majority of Americans to see the Republican party as cold and lacking in any sympathy for the problems of human beings caught up in the distress and suffering brought on by the economic crash.
Two strong dissents from the majority report of the Joint Economic Committee ( May 2 ) by Senators Proxmire and Butler allege that the New Deal fiscal policy of the Thirties did not work.
The Fisher Body division, long controlled by the Fisher brothers under a voting trust even though General Motors owned a majority of its stock, followed an independent course for many years, but by 1947 and 1948 `` resistance had collapsed '' and its purchases from Du Pont `` compared favorably '' with purchases by other General Motors divisions.
Mr. Justice Black led a reversing majority: `` Strict local rules of pleading cannot be used to impose unnecessary burdens upon rights of recovery authorized by federal law ''.
Further, and as an evidence of legislative intent only, the Senate of the United States recently defeated by a substantial majority the `` Holland Amendment '' to the Fair Labor Standards Act, which would have specifically limited the regulatory authority of the Secretary in these matters.
`` The majority of children in the United States could benefit by some form of orthodontic treatment '', says Dr. Allan G. Brodie, professor and head of the department of orthodontics at the University of Illinois and a nationally recognized authority in his field.
With the return of our soldiers, it soon became apparent that the belief was not shared by the great majority of citizens.
An action once universally condemned by all Christian churches and forbidden by the civil law is now not only approved by the overwhelming majority of Protestant denominations, but also deemed, at certain times, to be a positive religious duty.
This viewpoint has now been translated into action by the majority of people in this country.
To try to oppose the general religious and moral conviction of such a majority by a legislative fiat would be to invite the same breakdown of law and order that was occasioned by the ill-starred Prohibition experiment.
Two members of the Democratic-endorsed majority on the school board said they probably would vote to appeal a ruling by the state Board of Education, which said yesterday that the school committee acted improperly in its appointment of the coordinator, Francis P. Nolan 3rd, the Democratic-endorsed committee chairman, could not be reached for comment.
He denounced secession as anarchy, and explained that majority rule had to be balanced by constitutional restraints in the American system.
He said " A majority held in restraint by constitutional checks and limitations, and always changing easily with deliberate changes of popular opinions and sentiments, is the only true sovereign of a free people.
In the majority of species of caecilians, the young are produced by vivipary.

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