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majority and Palestinian
Bethlehem has a Muslim majority, but is also home to one of the largest Palestinian Christian communities.
In the January 25, 2006 parliamentary election, the party lost its majority in the Palestinian parliament to Hamas, and resigned all cabinet positions, instead of assuming the role as the main opposition party.
While the majority were born in the Gaza Strip, a large percentage identify as Palestinian refugees, fleeing to Gaza as part of the 1948 Palestinian exodus following the Arab-Israeli War.
If the inhabitants of Palestine were ready for independence under a Class “ A ” mandate, then the Palestinian Arabs that made up the majority of the inhabitants of Palestine in 1922 ( 589. 177 Arabs vs. 83. 790 Jews ) could then logically claim that they were the intended beneficiaries of theMandate for Palestine ” – provided one never reads the actual wording of the document:
Today, the majority of Palestinian Christians live outside of the former Mandate Palestine because of emigration in response to the 1948 War, and the Six-Day War in 1967, occupation by Jordan, Egypt, and most recently Israel, with 78 % of Christians blaming the ongoing exodus of Christians from Bethlehem on the Israeli occupation and travel restrictions on the area ..
Today, the majority of Palestinian Christians live abroad.
" The final article providing that it can only be amended by a vote of a two-thirds majority of the Palestinian National Council ( PNC ) at a special session convened for that purpose was left unchanged.
Although Nasser and his Arab allies had been defeated, Arafat and Fatah could claim a victory, in that the majority of Palestinians, who had up to that time tended to align and sympathize with individual Arab governments, now began to agree that a ' Palestinian ' solution to their dilemma was indispensable.
Jordan was ruled under martial law throughout most of the Cold War period, particularly starting in 1967 when tensions between the Hashemites and the Palestinian majority eventually led to a bloody civil war in 1970.
A majority of Palestinians and Israelis view the West Bank and Gaza Strip as an acceptable location of the hypothetical Palestinian state in a two-state solution.
It is also the fo ­ cus of the majority of PASSIA ’ s activities due, in part, to its centrality to the Palestin ­ ian-Israeli struggle and the now inevitable establishment of a Palestinian state.
While most scholars have recognised finding Jesus within the context of first century Palestinian Judaism, Mack and other proponents go against the majority arguing that Jesus be understood in a Hellenistic context.
William O ' Brien, a professor of Georgetown University, wrote about active participation of Palestinian children in the First Intifada: " It appears that a substantial number, if not the majority, of troops of the intifada are young people, including elementary schoolchildren.
It believes the vast majority of Israelis and Palestinians long for an enduring peace and that security for Israel can only be achieved through the establishment of an economically and politically viable Palestinian state, necessitating an end to Israel's occupation of land acquired during the 1967 war and an end to Palestinian terrorism.
John Wolffe says that while Zionists tend to attribute Palestinian rejection of the plan to a mere intransigence, Arabs have always reiterated that it was rejected because it was unfair: it gave the majority of the land ( 56 percent ) to the Jews, who at that stage legally owned only 7 percent of it, and remained a minority of the population.
Judge Abdul Koroma explained the majority opinion: " The Court has also held that the right of self-determination as an established and recognized right under international law applies to the territory and to the Palestinian people.
*" Zionist forces expelled the Palestinian Arabs to ensure a decisive Jewish majority in the future state of Israel, and Arab armies intervened.
Despite having never left the territory that came to form part of Israel, the majority of the villagers of Maalul, and other Palestinian villages like Andor and Al-Mujidal, were declared " absentees ", allowing for the confiscation of their land under the Absentees Property Law.
Seeing as it concerned the transfer of Palestinians to this hypothetical designated state without their consent, and that Jordan was far from enthusiastic to allocate its own territory for the sake of a Palestinian state ( having reneged on its claim to the West Bank and taken away citizenship of the Palestinians living there in 1988 ), this idea came to be seen as irrelevant by the majority of Israelis and Palestinians.
According to one poll, " fewer than 2 in 10 Arabs, both Palestinian and all others, believe in Israel's right to exist as a nation with a Jewish majority.
The majority of these identify themselves as Arab or Palestinian by nationality and Israeli by citizenship.

majority and Arab
It also remained the spoken tongue of the indigenous Assyrian / Babylonian citizens of all Mesopotamia under Persian, Greek and Roman rule, and indeed well into the Arab period it was still the language of the majority, particularly in the north of Mesopotamia, surviving to this day among the Assyrian Christians.
In the majority of Arab countries, however, Islamic law has been codified in each country according to its own rules, and is interpreted by the judicial system according to the national jurisprudence.
During the whole interwar period, the British, appealing to the terms of the Mandate, rejected the principle of majority rule or any other measure that would give the Arab majority control over the government of Palestine.
In the Report of the Committee dated 3 September 1947 to the UN General Assembly, the majority of the Committee in Chapter VI proposed a plan to replace the British Mandate with " an independent Arab State, an independent Jewish State, and the City of Jerusalem " ..., the last to be under " an International Trusteeship System ".
The Arab countries ( all of which had opposed the plan ) proposed to query the International Court of Justice on the competence of the General Assembly to partition a country against the wishes of the majority of its inhabitants, but were again defeated.
Do we have to accept that the Arab majority will decide?
Until the beginning of the British Mandate in Palestine ( 1922 – 1948 ), the population was predominantly Arab Christian ( majority Orthodox Christians ), with an Arab Muslim minority.
It is the only urban area with over 50, 000 residents in Israel where the majority of the population is Arab.
Likewise in South Sudan the majority of the population is non-Arab and the since succession the state has not indicated any interest in re-joining the Arab League.
Sudanese Arabs are by far the largest ethnic group in Sudan, they are almost entirely Muslims ; while the majority speak Sudanese Arabic ; some other Arab tribes speak different Arabic dialects like Awadia and Fadnia and Bani Arak tribes who speak Najdi Arabic ; Bani Hassan, Al-Ashraf, Kinanah and Rashaida who speak Hejazi Arabic.
However, this had proven to completely backfire both on Iraq and on the part of the Arab states, for Khomeini was widely perceived as a hero for managing to defend Iran and maintain the war with little foreign support against the heavily backed Iraq and only managed to boost Islamic radicalism not only within the Arab states, but within Iraq itself, creating new tensions between the Sunni Ba ' ath Party and the majority Shiite population.
The politics of Western Sahara take place in a framework of an area claimed by both the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco, which controls the majority of the territory.
The character was created largely because Lawrence did not serve with any one Arab leader ( aside from Auda ) throughout the majority of the war ; most such leaders were amalgamated in Ali's character.
Rabin's parliamentary majority rested on non-coalition member Arab support.
The island was split between three Arab emirs, and the majority Christian population rose up against the ruling Muslims.
Jordan did not participate directly in the Gulf War of 1990 – 1991, but it broke with the Arab majority and supported the Iraqi position of Saddam Hussein.
Britain did this by issuing the 1939 white paper which officially allowed a further 75, 000 Jews to move over five years ( 10, 000 a year plus an additional 25, 000 ) which was to be followed by Arab majority independence.
The majority of the population of Madagascar today is a mixture of Austronesian, North Indian, Arab, Somali and Bantu settlers from Southeast Asia, Gujarat, the Arabian Peninsula, Somalia and East Africa, respectively.

majority and hopes
In 1836, the Whig Party nominated different candidates in different regions in the hopes of splintering the electoral vote and denying Martin Van Buren, the Democratic candidate, a majority in the Electoral College, thereby throwing the election into the Whig-controlled House.
However, since the Civil War there have been two serious attempts by Southern-based parties to run regional candidates in hopes of denying either of the two major candidates an electoral college majority.
It did not, however, significantly improve the economic or political fortune of the population ’ s poverty-stricken peasant majority ; only a few Indonesians were able to gain a larger role in commerce, and hopes for democracy were dashed within a decade.
The majority of the enemies are the Kremling Krew, who patrol many areas of the island in hopes of capturing Diddy and Dixie ( the game over screen shows this outcome ).
But, contrary to his hopes, a majority of the monarchists did not follow his pleas for cooperation, many of whom backed the aspirations of Germany, and who had hoped to see the victory of the Kaiser, as another channel to restore the monarchy.
Nkrumah's style and the promises he made appealed directly to the majority of workers, farmers, and youths who heard him ; he seemed to be the national leader on whom they could focus their hopes.
At the time Clann had, not entirely unrealistic, hopes of both replacing Fianna Fáil as the majority republican party and as the leading party of the state.
This result shattered the Centre Party's hopes of being indispensable for obtaining a majority in parliament.
On the other hand, it was predicted that individuals in Taiwan put more emphasis on the collective goal, so they would conform to the majority influence in hopes of avoiding tension and conflict.
Originally, the producers had scripted a montage for the " series-finale cut " that went forty years into the future to show a majority of the gang at Andy's funeral — showing the series coming full circle ; this was never filmed due to budgetary reasons as well as the producers ' hopes that they would receive a fifth season.
Faisal's agreement with Weizmann led the Palestinian Arab population to reject the Syrian-Arab-Nationalist movement led by Faisal ( in which many previously placed their hopes ) and instead to agitate for Palestine to become a separate state with an Arab majority.
The Faisal-Weizmann Agreement led the Palestinian Arab population to reject the Syrian-Arab-Nationalist movement led by Faisal ( in which many previously placed their hopes ) and instead to agitate for Palestine to become a separate state, with an Arab majority.
More controversially, he believed that Bolivia's best hopes lay in a decidedly Western or European orientation, at the expense of majority indigenous culture.
He helped them win the Alliance Premier League title in 1980 – 81 ( they had won it the 1979 – 80 season as well ), but they did not win promotion to the Football League as the re-election system was still in place and the majority of the league's members voting against them joining the Football League, ending Stepney's hopes of a professional comeback.
Ultimately, the CVA hopes that when Christians think about making informed, responsible, faithful decisions about dietary choices, the vast majority of them will choose to substantially reduce or eliminate animal products from their diets.
In May 1848, the vast majority of men departed for the American River gold fields in hopes of striking it rich.
Two dozen other candidates were offered in the hopes that someone else could gain a majority.

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