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maneuvers and were
It was believed that large cities would be targets in a possible war, hence the highways were designed to facilitate their evacuation and ease military maneuvers.
Phalangites were professional soldiers, and were among the first troops ever to be drilled, thereby allowing them to execute complex maneuvers well beyond the reach of most other armies.
All electronic operations were controlled by a command subsystem which could process any of 29 direct command words or three quantitative word commands for mid-course maneuvers.
Harvey A. Silverglate, a prominent defense attorney who represented Milken during the appellate process, disputes that view in his book Three Felonies a Day: “ Milken ’ s biggest problem was that some of his most ingenious but entirely lawful maneuvers were viewed, by those who initially did not understand them, as felonious, precisely because they were novel – and often extremely profitable .”
The Athenian aristocracy, and indeed Greek aristocrats in general, were loath to see one person pre-eminent, and such maneuvers were commonplace.
Part of the game's appeal was the use of special moves that could only be discovered by experimenting with the game controls, which created a sense of mystique and invited players to practice the game, although similar controller motions used for grappling maneuvers in the earlier Brian Jacks Uchi Mata were deemed too difficult.
Harding's appointment of Harry M. Daugherty as Attorney General received at the time more criticism than any other ; Harding's campaign manager's Ohio lobbying and back room maneuvers with politicians were not considered the best qualifications.
Their maneuvers and the results of their battles were calculated via a complex mathematical formula, with scale distances marked off with tape measures.
In 1986, several bills were killed in the U. S. Senate by bipartisan maneuvers which did not allow the bills to come up for a vote.
They were armed with non-standard weapons and tasked with carrying out special reprisals across the state ’ s borders — mainly establishing small unit maneuvers, activation and insertion tactics that are utilized even today.
Planning progressed to the point that Corps-size drops were demonstrated to foreign observers, including the British Military Attache Archibald Wavell, in the Kiev military district maneuvers of 1935.
In due course some of these maneuvers were found to allow aircraft to gain tactical advantage during aerial combat or dogfights between fighter aircraft.
Greece and Israel agreed to hold joint naval maneuvers at the end of the summer 1997, but they were indefinitely postponed by the Greeks.
The Swiss solved the pike's earlier problems and brought a renaissance to pike warfare in the 15th century, establishing strong training regimens to ensure they were masters of handling of the Spiess ( The German term for " skewer ") on maneuvers and in combat, the Swiss having also introduced marching to drums for this purpose.
That June the U. S. Second Army came to Coffee County for maneuvers ; headquarters were established at the high school in Manchester.
The largest military maneuvers ever held in the United States were staged in and around Sabine Parish in May 1940.
Furthermore, many lower-level officers were poorly trained and had difficulty getting their men to perform the sometimes complex maneuvers required in a battle.
Similarly, their pilots were given less training in combat maneuvers, and more in radio-directed pursuit.
With the Roman destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE, Second Temple Judaism was in disarray, but Jewish traditions were preserved especially thanks to the shrewd maneuvers of Yochanan Ben Zakkai, who saved the Sanhedrin and moved it to Yavne.
These maneuvers, and the reverse ( otherwise impossible ) maneuver of bringing the handcuffed hands up behind the back and forwards over the head and then down in front, can be done fairly easily by some people who were born without collarbones because of the inherited deformity called cleidocranial dysostosis.
While the pilots were assigned the majority of the blame, which included accusations of attempting maneuvers that they were not experienced with, Toponar had requested an additional training flight at the airfield where the display was to be performed ; this request was denied.

maneuvers and held
On a misty Sunday morning last month, a small band of militant anti-Communists called the Minutemen held maneuvers in a foggy field about fifteen miles east of here.
Tensions between Georgia and separatist authorities in Ajaria increased after the elections, climaxing on May 1, 2004 when Abashidze responded to military maneuvers held by Georgia near the region by having the three bridges connecting Ajaria and the rest of Georgia over the Choloki River blown up.
Major growth took place in 1938 with the first joint Army and Navy maneuvers held in 1940.
Cabarrus took no part in the maneuvers through which Charles IV was obliged to abdicate and make way for Joseph Bonaparte ( as KIng Jose I of Spain ), brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, but his French birth and intimate knowledge of Spanish affairs recommended him to the emperor as the fittest person for the difficult post of minister of finance, which he held at his death.
During this period he directed important training maneuvers, the largest held since the reintroduction of conscription in 1935.
The summer of 1902 saw the VPI Cadet Band serve as part of the 70th Virginia Infantry during large-scale national military maneuvers held in Manassas, Virginia.
The sarissa, when held upright by the rear ranks of the phalanx ( there were usually eight ranks ), helped hide maneuvers behind the phalanx from the view of the enemy.
The hunt leads Krycek and Mulder to Tunguska, where they are held captive until Krycek maneuvers his own release.
Aside from drug problems similar to his much older brothers, his asthma held him back and his bones were so brittle that he would often break them while performing simple wrestling maneuvers.

maneuvers and secret
The group perfected its initial maneuvers in secret over the Florida Everglades so that, in Voris ' words, "... if anything happened, just the alligators would know.
His secret lay in years and years of training and preparation, but special attention should be given to his equalizing technique: instead of equalizing his ears by the regular maneuvers, he flooded his air spaces ( sinus and middle ears ) with seawater before reaching the depth where ordinary equalization would become hard.

maneuvers and after
* 1965 – After taking evasive maneuvers to avoid a mid-air collision immediately after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, Eastern Air Lines Flight 663 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean and explodes, killing everyone aboard.
According to Herodotus, after the Persian navy began its maneuvers, Aristides arrived at the Allied camp from Aegina.
Napoleon, from whom Frederick Augustus was not able to keep the diplomatic maneuvers concealed, summoned the King urgently to Saxony after he had defeated the Prussian-Russian troops at Lützen on 2 May.
In 1941, the United States Army opened Camp Polk, shortly after the 1939-40 maneuvers.
He graduated in 1935 and after summer maneuvers with the First Army entered the Army War College, graduating 1936.
Hitler was infuriated with the rejection of his candidate, and after a series of political maneuvers, Bodelschwingh resigned and Müller was elected as the new Reichsbischof on 27 September 1933, after the government had already imposed him on 28 June 1933.
The first Type C ration consisted of a ( reduced to after being field tested during the 1940 army maneuvers in Louisiana ) canned ' meat ' unit ( M-unit ).
Cornices and other kinds of jumps are sought after for aerial maneuvers.
: Each officer holding a copy is required to return it after the maneuvers.
For example, some of Formula One's top drivers feel that the chicane after the back straight disrupts the flow of races and impedes overtaking maneuvers.
It embarked for the Pacific Theater in July 1944 after two changes of station and participation in maneuvers in Louisiana and at the California-Arizona maneuver area.
In February 1924, after serving at Marine Corps Headquarters and in the West Indies in connection with joint Army-Navy maneuvers, Smith joined the Marine Brigade on expeditionary duty in Haiti, serving as that unit's Chief of Staff and Officer in Charge of Operations and Training.
However, some important maneuvers like the spiral test still require even more space and still have to be simulated numerically after system identification.
He was given command of the California naval blockade in the last months of the war and, after taking part in further land maneuvers, was ordered home.
Argetoianu indicated that the PCD had not been part of the original cabinet makeup due to Averescu's maneuvers: reportedly, the general presented his group as the main candidate in the elections, and allowed the Conservative-Democrats to have a share in government only after he was validated by the popular vote.
However, after some clever maneuvers, Romeo finally ends up convincing the Boss to demote Vivi from her position to be replaced by him.
In the 1930s Hermann Göring, after having observed Soviet airborne infantry maneuvers, became committed to the creation of Germany's airborne infantry.
Another Half-Life mod, " The Opera ", is named after Hong Kong blood operas, and features akimbo-wielded handguns and stylized gunplay-players are awarded cash for stylish kills performed during flips, cartwheels, and other martial-arts inspired maneuvers.
Although the spacecraft included thrusters, after the planetary encounters they were used only for semiannual conical scanning maneuvers to track Earth in its orbit, leaving them on a long " cruise " phase through the outer solar system.
A practitioner should be aware that if a patient whose symptoms are consistent with BPPV, but does not show improvement or resolution after undergoing different particle repositioning maneuvers, which are detailed in the Treatment section below, need to have a detailed neurological assessment and imaging performed to help identify the pathological condition.
Immediately after its activation and still in its organizational state, the Division began intensive combat training, including new tactics and maneuvers based on lessons learned in Korean War.
Booker Paul Heyman asked Mikey to wrestle competitively in ECW after he watched Whipwreck practice a variety of aerial maneuvers before a live show began ( Joey Styles states on an episode of The History of ECW it was he who suggested that Heyman check Whipwreck out ).

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