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market and price
Such payments shall be made to small domestic producers of lead as long as the market price for common lead at New York, New York, as determined by the Secretary, is below 14-1/2 cents per pound, and such payments shall be 75 per centum of the difference between 14-1/2 cents per pound and the average market price for the month in which the sale occurred as determined by the Secretary.
Such payments shall be made to small domestic producers of zinc as long as the market price for prime western zinc at East Saint Louis, Illinois, as determined by the Secretary, is below 14-1/2 cents per pound, and such payments shall be 55 per centum of the difference between 14-1/2 cents per pound and the average market price for the month in which the sale occurred as determined by the Secretary.
There must be a restriction in the deed to provide that the customer may not be charged more than the current market price for the oil, an obvious precaution, since the account is permanently wedded, just like with gas or electricity.
There sit men who make moving averages of weekly volume, monthly averages of price-earnings ratios, ratios of the number of advances to the number of declines, ratios of an individual stock's performance to overall market performance, ratios of rising price volume to falling price volume, odd-lot indices, and what not.
Similarly, at the opposite end of the market cycle, towards the end of an intermediate or major decline, usually while the bottom is being formed on the price chart, it is characteristic that an increase is noticed in odd-lot selling again alerting the chartist that a bottom is becoming a greater likelihood.
`` I feel confident the stock will qualify for the ' national list ' '', he said, meaning its market price would be quoted regularly in newspapers all over the country.
Both of those have had dynamic run-ups in price on the market in recent months, both were selling at higher price-earnings and yield bases than Morton was coming to market at, and everyone who knew anything about it expected the Morton stock to have a fast run-up.
Put another way, Ford innovated its way to a lower price point and by doing so turned a huge potential market into a reality.
As a result, producers in these countries often receive 2-3x the world market price.
In economics and finance, arbitrage () is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices.
Arbitrage is not simply the act of buying a product in one market and selling it in another for a higher price at some later time.
In the simplest example, any good sold in one market should sell for the same price in another.
When the price of a stock on the NYSE and its corresponding futures contract on OCX are out of sync, one can buy the less expensive one and sell it to the more expensive market.
The standard example is the stock of a company, undervalued in the stock market, which is about to be the object of a takeover bid ; the price of the takeover will more truly reflect the value of the company, giving a large profit to those who bought at the current price — if the merger goes through as predicted.
Usually the market price of the target company is less than the price offered by the acquiring company.

market and vanilla
A good crop, coupled with decreased demand caused by the production of imitation vanilla, pushed the market price down to the $ 40 per kilogram range in the middle of 2005.
Madagascar is the world's leading producer of vanilla and accounts for about half the world's export market.
In 1993 Comoros remained hostage to fluctuating prices on the international market for such crops as vanilla, ylang-ylang, and cloves.
It is the world's third most expensive spice by weight, outstripped in market value only by saffron and vanilla.
In 2006, the Los Angeles Times reported that chefs from " hipster hangouts and retro landmarks " are using " macerated farmers market strawberries, Valrhona chocolate and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla " to make new milkshake flavors.
The market that filled this plaza consisted of stalls made with sticks and cloth offering regional products such as vanilla as well as products from other parts of Mesoamerica such as jaguar skins, exotic birds such as the parrot and the macaw and quetzal feathers.
Also on the market is imitation vanilla extract, a wood by-product usually made by soaking alcohol into wood which contains vanillin.
It is similar to a vanilla contract, but with two additional features: It has a low vega, meaning that the option price is much less affected by the implied volatility of the stock market, and it is highly geared due to the possibility of knockout.
However, it began to be grown more cheaply elsewhere and the creation of synthetic vanilla collapsed the market for authentic Mexican vanilla.

market and rose
He brought down a mini-budget in an attempt to slow consumption, control inflation and reduce the deficit, but it triggered the worst credit squeeze since 1945 — the economy was driven into recession, the stock market slumped, private investment, housing activity and motor vehicle sales fell, unemployment rose to almost 2 percent ( the highest rate since the Depression ) and several major companies collapsed.
In 1980, the silver price rose to a peak for modern times of US $ 49. 45 per troy ounce ( ozt ) due to market manipulation of Nelson Bunker Hunt and Herbert Hunt.
However, these countries debased their coins by switching to cheaper metals as the market value of silver rose above that of the face value.
The total market capitalization of all publicly traded companies in the world was US $ 51. 2 trillion in January 2007 and rose as high as US $ 57. 5 trillion in May 2008 before dropping below US $ 50 trillion in August 2008 and slightly above US $ 40 trillion in September 2008.
Each time the stock rose, sellers would enter the market and sell the stock ; hence the " zig-zag " movement in the price.
Although small, the village rose to the status of " town " around 1265 when the inhabitants were allowed to hold a market and to build a market hall.
Near the tracks, a large market ( Central Market ) and a railroad station rose on the north side of the Mall.
As the price of rubber rose in the market, the demand for it grew, and the race to the Amazon increased.
By not following the devaluations of the U. S. currency in 1971 and 1973, the dinar rose to a value of US $ 3. 3778, before a 5 percent devaluation reduced the value of the dinar to US $ 3. 2169, a rate which remained until the Gulf War, although in late 1989, the black market rate was reported at five to six times higher ( 3 dinars for US $ 1 ) than the official rate.
The market agreed, and automobile production rose from 21, 881 in 1927 to 73, 195 for the following year, when the cars became known as Graham-Paiges.
The bubble of the late 1920s was reflected by the extension of credit to a dangerous degree, including in the stock market, which rose to record high levels.
It rose to prominence in the early 1980s and competed in the market with the Synclavier from New England Digital.
The airline's market share rose to 30 % that year, up from 10 % in 1950, the year the airline adopted the name TPA-The Aloha Airline.
Gracchus rose to office at a time when the Roman Republic was bloated with the effects of extensive expansion abroad ; a huge influx of slave labor and foreign wealth, a change in the function of agriculture and devaluation in the crop market were causing a massive domestic crisis, challenging the fundamental values of Roman culture ( there is a debate over whether it was a grain crisis or a manpower crisis ).
Within two years of Pan Am's introduction of jet equipment on the bulk of its internal German services from / to West Berlin, its market share rose from 58 % to 68 % while BEA's declined from 38 % at the beginning of this period to 27 % at its end.
The price rose to ( HK $ 5 ) with the 11th issue so as " to reflect its real strength and worth in the market ", according to the editorial board.
When the tourism market faltered with the arrival of cheap foreign package holidays in the 1960s, and the closure of the railway, unemployment levels rose.
Within a year, Marlboro's market share rose from less than one percent to the fourth best-selling brand.
This view is taken, for example, by film journalist Peter Biskind, who wrote that all studios wanted was another Jaws, and as production costs rose, they were less willing to take risks and therefore based blockbusters on the ' lowest common denominators ' of the mass market.
The variety of bobbleheads on the market rose exponentially to include even relatively obscure popular culture figures and notable people.
The stock price of Bre-X rose to CA $ 280 per share by 1997 ( split adjusted ) and at its peak it had a market capitalization equal to US $ 4. 4 billion, equal to US $ billion in current terms adjusted for inflation.
During the 1940s and 1950s Kölsch still could not match the sales of bottom-fermented beer, but beginning in the 1960s it rose in popularity and achieved hegemony in the Cologne beer market.
Despite an economic recession that cut into new car sales industrywide, and especially affected the medium-priced car market that Olds competed in, Oldsmobile saw only a slight decline in sales for 1958 and even rose in industry standings to fourth-place behind the " Low-Priced Three " of Chevrolet, Ford and Plymouth, while surpassing a now-floundering sister division Buick on the sales charts for the first time in many years.

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