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merchants and at
These chatty merchants made amusing and instructive traveling companions, for their business took them to all four corners of the globe, and Florentine gossip had already reached a high stage of development as even a cursory glance at the Inferno will prove.
The Company maintained a store at which products of England could be purchased and brought in goods for the new merchants on the understanding that they refrain from trading in furs.
When my father, who had been appointed by his country as public notary in the customs at Bugia acting for the Pisan merchants going there, was in charge, he summoned me to him while I was still a child, and having an eye to usefulness and future convenience, desired me to stay there and receive instruction in the school of accounting.
Wholesale costume jewelry merchants would traditionally seek out new suppliers at trade shows.
The early capitalists theory is also unsound in that merchants were at the bottom of the four occupations due to Confucianism's hostility to commerce.
Opposition from local seamen and merchants saw the route diverted to Kingswear on the opposite side of the river, but this occurred after the station had been built at Dartmouth.
Despite his lack of capital, Newson was determined to be successful and in 1841, at the age of 29, he moved his family and devoted wife again, this time back to Suffolk, where he bought a barley and coal merchants business in Snape, constructing a fine range of buildings for malting barley.
In Australia, the major Australian banks started issuing debit or EFTPOS cards ( each under a different brand name ) starting in 1986 and merchants started installing EFTPOS terminals at the same time.
The major Australian banks started issuing debit or EFTPOS cards ( each under a different brand name ) starting in 1986 and merchants started installing EFTPOS terminals at the same time.
However, they too struggled to keep the economy going, and many merchants were running at a loss.
The first archaeological evidence for the Hittites appeared in tablets found at the Assyrian colony of Kültepe ( ancient Karum Kanesh ), containing records of trade between Assyrian merchants and a certain " land of Hatti ".
These tablets provide vivid evidence for the operation of a Roman fort at the edge of the Roman Empire, where officers ' wives maintained polite society while merchants, hauliers and military personnel kept the fort operational and supplied.
Others, like Brass, were republics with small senates, and those at Cross River and Old Calabar were ruled by merchants of the ekpe society.
Its wealth came from controlling the trade in ivory from the Limpopo Valley, copper from the mountains of northern Transvaal, and gold from the Zimbabwe Plateau between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers, with the Swahili merchants at Chibuene.
A few were martyred, including the former proconsul Victorian along with Frumentius and other wealthy merchants, who were killed at Hadrumetum after refusing to become Arians.
Bismarck was influenced by Hamburg merchants and traders, his neighbors at Friedrichsruh.
In 1605, armed Dutch merchants captured the Portuguese fort at Amboyna in the Moluccas, which was developed into the first secure base of the company.
Julian soon discovered that wealthy merchants were causing food problems, apparently by hoarding food and selling it at high prices.
The proceeds from the pearling industry were divided on the basis of occupation ; at the top, a stratum of merchants, the core of which composed of the Al Khalifa ), Al-Sabah, Al-Roumi, and Al Jalahma, became the elite.
With a brief interruption in the mid-15th century, Landau had a sizable Jewish community from the Middle Ages until the Nazi era, at one point the largest in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as one of its most prosperous ( many Jews were wine merchants ).
Moving in the wake of German merchants who were now following the old trading routes of the Vikings, a monk named Meinhard landed at the mouth of the Daugava river in present-day Latvia in 1180 and was made bishop in 1186.
Bismarck was influenced by Hamburg merchants and traders, his neighbors at Friedrichsruh.
After the Roman conquest of the Nabataean Empire and the Roman naval presence at Aden to curb piracy, Arab merchants barred Indian merchants from trading in the free port cities of the Arabian Peninsula because of the nearby Roman presence.
The Falklands War was precipitated on 19 March 1982 when a group of Argentinians, posing as scrap metal merchants, occupied the abandoned whaling station at Leith Harbour on South Georgia.

merchants and time
The merchants with whom they were travelling, defended themselves vigorously and for a time successfully, but eventually they were conquered and overcome by the pirates, who took from them their ships and all that they possessed, whilst they themselves barely escaped on.
Although story events are not triggered by the passage of time, it does determine when merchants rotate their stock.
He incorporated the knowledge of Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Far East, gathered by Arab merchants and explorers with the information inherited from the classical geographers to create the most accurate map of the world up until his time.
During this time period, European merchants had the ability to “ roam the high seas and appropriate surpluses from around the world ( sometimes peaceably, sometimes violently ) and to concentrate them in Europe .”
Although it was only a matter of time before Acre also fell, the end of the crusader kingdom was actually instigated in 1290 by newly-arrived crusaders, who rioted in Acre and attacked the city's Muslim merchants.
However, dealing between merchants, an offer can be made ' firm ' or irrevocable for a certain period of time.
The firm of Japy Frères, copper merchants, donated all the copper needed to build the statue, a gift valued at 64, 000 francs ( about $ 16, 000 at the time or the equivalent of US $ in ).
In these early days, local merchants and traders would gather at disparate spots to buy and sell shares and bonds, and over time divided themselves into two classes — auctioneers and dealers.
Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson commanded the British fleet for much of this time, and made himself unpopular with local merchants by enforcing the Navigation Act, a British ruling that only British-registered ships could trade with British colonies.
Dutch merchants in Copenhagen petitioned King Christian IV for permission to establish a West Indian trading company in 1622 but, by the time an eight-year monopoly on trade with the West Indies, Virginia, Brazil, and Guinea was granted on 25 January 1625, the failure of the Danish East India and Iceland Companies and the beginning of Danish involvement in the Thirty Years ' War dried up any interested capital.
Despite the split, Naples grew in importance, attracting Pisan and Genoese merchants, Tuscan bankers, and with them some of the most championed Renaissance artists of the time, such as Boccaccio, Petrarch and Giotto.
" Pantalone is thought to be greatly based on the old Venetian merchants of the time, known for their stingy and less-than-pleasant personalities.
There was much interest in Terra Australis among Norman and Breton merchants at that time.
As was the custom of the time for Hanseatic merchants, he toured Europe for several years to learn different languages after his formal studies, as was necessary for a long-distance trader.
The 7th U. S. Congress passed a measure in 1803 that provided relief for Portsmouth merchants by extending the time they had for remitting tariffs on imported goods.
At the same time, German-speaking merchants and craftsmen constituted the majority of the quickly growing urban population in the area.
As time went on and the local merchants in particular noticed our progress and at once became interested.
At this time, there were many other estates of rich merchants and stadtholders in Hillegom, such as Bethlehem, Oostende, Horstendael, Weeresteyn, Treslong, Duin en Weg, Meer en Dorp, Het Hof, Lapinenburg and Elsbroek ( many of these names survive as neighborhood names ).
Local merchants at the time of incorporation included Joseph Jaqueth and his brother, Sampson Jaqueth, who was also village president.
Sixty or seventy merchants have had full employment here at one time.
At the same time, Antlers residents began shopping at Wal-Mart, which offered greater variety and lower prices than Antlers ' local merchants were able to offer, and to this day many of its customers come from Antlers.
Incrementally, local merchants and residents began relocating to John Day — primarily each time after severe fires in Canyon City: the Grant County Courthouse burned in 1870, Chinatown burned in 1885, and fires in 1898 and 1937 devastated Canyon City's downtown.

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