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method and used
It was going to be hard going all the way because he hadn't written seriously for a while, except for a few stories, was tired of the old method of realismo he had so successfully used in The Sky Is Red.
Since conventional methods are insensitive at the low frequencies of these molecular transitions, the paramagnetic resonance method is being used instead.
The method used for computing the respective Federal and State shares in total program costs is specifically set forth in the Act.
Since the same method of shaping and fitting the dogs and notches is used throughout, we will only describe the construction of one locking bar.
This method of computing compression ratio cannot be used accurately for engines that have pistons with either domed or irregularly shaped heads.
Based on this phenomenon, a number of investigators have used this method to `` look through '' human organs.
The method used to scan the eye ultrasonically is illustrated in Fig. 6.
While we had expected that compulsive children in the unstructured school setting would have difficulty when compared to those in the structured, we were surprised to find that the achievement of the high compulsives within the schools where the whole-word method is used in beginning reading compares favorably with that of the low compulsives.
Each dictionary form is looked up in the text-form list by the same method used to look up a new text occurrence in the form list during text reading.
This test method is intended for determining the dimensional changes of woven or knitted fabrics, made of fibers other than wool, to be expected when the cloth is subjected to laundering procedures commonly used in the commercial laundry and the home.
This method was used until the Los Angeles Times announced the winners before the ceremony began ; as a result, the Academy has used a sealed envelope to reveal the name of the winners since 1941.
It also means that their letters can be used as an alternative method of " numbering " ordered items, in such contexts as numbered lists.
While Zhuyin is not used as a mainstream writing system, it is still often used in ways similar to a romanization system — that is, for aiding in pronunciation and as an input method for Chinese characters on computers and cellphones.
Star hopping is a method often used by amateur astronomers with low-tech equipment such as binoculars or a manually driven telescope.
") This method cannot, however, be used to show that every countable family of nonempty sets has a choice function, as is asserted by the axiom of countable choice.
These properties and ratios are used to determine the age of rocks by the method of K-Ar dating.
Conium maculatum has been used as a sedative and in treatments for arthritis and asthma in addition to its most famous use: as a “ humane ” method of killing criminals and philosophers.
In statistics, the term analysis may refer to any method used
* Boolean analysis – a method to find deterministic dependencies between variables in a sample, mostly used in exploratory data analysis
Beginning with Reginald Fessenden's audio demonstrations in 1906, it was also the original method used for audio radio transmissions, and remains in use today by many forms of communication —" AM " is often used to refer to the mediumwave broadcast band ( see AM radio ).
To illustrate this method, AppletGuard was used to observe and control any applet in a browser successfully.

method and computing
This technique is the most widespread method of computing amplitudes in quantum field theory today.
The number of legitimate walks and at-bats are known for all players that year, so computing averages using the same method as in other years is straightforward.
The chain rule gives a method for computing in terms of and.
In computing, multitasking is a method where multiple tasks, also known as processes, are performed during the same period of time.
In mathematics, the Euclidean algorithm, or Euclid's algorithm, is an efficient method for computing the greatest common divisor ( GCD ) of two integers, also known as the greatest common factor ( GCF ) or highest common factor ( HCF ).
In computing, floating point describes a method of representing real numbers in a way that can support a wide range of values.
( 1999 ) achieves lower communication requirements for parallel computing with the help of a fast multipole method.
In practice, this method is only feasible for small numbers ; computing prime factorizations in general takes far too long.
At this time the work of Cavalieri with his method of indivisibles, and work by Fermat, began to lay the foundations of modern calculus, with Cavalieri computing the integrals of x < sup > n </ sup > up to degree in Cavalieri's quadrature formula.
Wallis generalized Cavalieri's method, computing integrals of x to a general power, including negative powers and fractional powers.
In computing, JPEG ( ) is a commonly used method of lossy compression for digital photography ( image ).
: The neural-network-like computing method is called neural gas.
The basic radiosity method has its basis in the theory of thermal radiation, since radiosity relies on computing the amount of light energy transferred among surfaces.
Working with DuPont chemist Rudolph Pariser, Parr developed a method of computing approximate molecular orbitals for pi electron systems, published in 1953.
These methods ( sometimes called Lin – Kernighan – Johnson ) build on the Lin – Kernighan method, adding ideas from tabu search and evolutionary computing.
* Loop ( computing ), a method of control flow in computer science
Robert Sanderson Mulliken ForMemRS ( June 7, 1896 – October 31, 1986 ) was an American physicist and chemist, primarily responsible for the early development of molecular orbital theory, i. e. the elaboration of the molecular orbital method of computing the structure of molecules.
** Cut, copy, and paste, a method of reproducing text or other data in computing
* Sideband computing is a distributed computing method using a separate channel than the main communication channel.
This is because the original specification only allowed for remote method invocation through CORBA ( and optionally other protocols ), even though the large majority of business applications actually do not require this distributed computing functionality.
This method eases modularity and nomadic computing.

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