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model and act
Cold atoms in optical lattices are used as " quantum simulators ", that is, they act as controllable systems that can model behavior of more complicated systems, such as frustrated magnets.
Within his " one party, two factions " model, Li Chen has noted that one should avoid labelling these two groupings with simplistic ideological labels, and that these two groupings do not act in a zero-sum, winner take all fashion.
# Designers do not work this way – extensive empirical evidence has demonstrated that designers do not act as the rational model suggests.
The Letter Spirit project, implemented by Gary McGraw and John Rehling, aims to model the act of artistic creativity by designing stylistically uniform " gridfonts " ( typefaces limited to a grid ).
Several systems of Gnostic thought present the Demiurge as antagonistic to the will of the Supreme Being: his act of creation occurs in unconscious semblance of the divine model, and thus is fundamentally flawed, or else is formed with the malevolent intention of entrapping aspects of the divine in materiality.
Several systems of Gnostic thought present the Demiurge as antagonistic to the will of the Supreme Being: his act of creation occurs in unconscious semblance of the divine model, and thus is fundamentally flawed, or else is formed with the malevolent intention of entrapping aspects of the divine in materiality.
To date, The U. S. Uniform Law Commission, sponsored by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws has not submitted a uniform act or model legislation regarding health care insurance or health care reform.
In 2010 Koenigsegg released information at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show on a new model called the Agera, which translates into " take action / act " in Swedish.
Definitions and licensing requirements in the United States vary among jurisdictions, as each state has enacted its own physical therapy practice act defining the profession within its jurisdiction, but the American Physical Therapy Association ( APTA ) has also drafted a model definition in order to limit this variation, and the APTA is also responsible for accrediting physical therapy education curricula throughout the United States of America.
In some models, for example the object-capability model, any software entity can potentially act as both a subject and object.
The act of simulating something first requires that a model be developed ; this model represents the key characteristics or behaviors of the selected physical or abstract system or process.
Searle argues that a similar process can be applied to any indirect speech act as a model to find the primary illocutionary act ( 178 ).
Speech act theory has been used to model conversations for automated classification and retrieval.
In this model changes to the histone tails act indirectly on the DNA.
Because the rats are encouraged to act via the reward of pleasure, not muscularly compelled to behave in a particular manner, their behavior under MFB stimulation is likened to a carrot-and-stick model of encouraged behavior versus a system of mind control.
Public choice theory attempts to look at governments from the perspective of the bureaucrats and politicians who compose them, and makes the assumption that they act based on Budget-maximizing model in a self-interested way for the purpose of maximizing their own economic benefits ( e. g. their personal wealth ).
:“ even if the model its rational self-interest assumptions proves to be useful in explaining an important element of politics, it does not imply that all individuals act in accordance with the behavioral assumption made or that any one individual acts in this way at all times … the theory of collective choice can explain only some undetermined fraction of collective action.
Accommodation can be understood as the mechanism by which failure leads to learning: when we act on the expectation that the world operates in one way and it violates our expectations, we often fail, but by accommodating this new experience and reframing our model of the way the world works, we learn from the experience of failure, or others ' failure.
Fitts's law is used to model the act of pointing, either by physically touching an object with a hand or finger, or virtually, by pointing to an object on a computer monitor using a pointing device.
In this model, classes act as collections of behavior ( methods ) and structure that are the same for all instances, whereas instances carry the objects ' data.
Although Pamela and the title heroine were popular and gave a proper model for how women should act, they inspired " a storm of anti-Pamelas " ( like Henry Fielding's Shamela and Joseph Andrews ) because the character " perfectly played her part ".
A prototype is an early sample or model built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.
In relativistic cosmology, Weyl's postulate stipulates that in a fluid cosmological model, the world lines of the fluid particles, which act as the source of the gravitational field and which are often taken to model galaxies, should be hypersurface orthogonal.

model and subsequently
However, Neve Monosson is the first example of a full municipal borough actually declared under law by the Minister of the Interior, under a model subsequently adopted in Maccabim-Re ' ut as well.
All were impressed by the new DNA model, especially Brenner who subsequently worked with Crick at Cambridge in the Cavendish Laboratory and the new Laboratory of Molecular Biology.
La Fontaine's model was subsequently emulated by England's John Gay ( 1685 – 1732 ); Poland's Ignacy Krasicki ( 1735 – 1801 ); Italy's Lorenzo Pignotti ( 1739 – 1812 ) and Giovanni Gherardo de Rossi ( 1754 – 1827 ); Serbia's Dositej Obradović ( 1742 – 1811 ); Spain's Félix María de Samaniego ( 1745 – 1801 ) and Tomás de Iriarte y Oropesa ( 1750 – 1791 ); France's Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian ( 1755 – 94 ); and Russia's Ivan Krylov ( 1769 – 1844 ).
This theory has subsequently been known as the Heckscher-Ohlin model ( H-O model ).
The Act has become a model upon which several other countries including Canada and the Republic of Ireland have drawn inspiration when subsequently drafting their own information security laws.
Although the brand originates from the original 1947 model, Land Rover as a company has only existed since 1978, prior to this it was a product line of the Rover Company which was subsequently absorbed into the Rover-Triumph division of the British Leyland Motor Corporation ( BL ) following Leyland Motor Corporation ’ s takeover of Rover in 1967.
The relational model was invented by E. F. ( Ted ) Codd as a general model of data, and subsequently maintained and developed by Chris Date and Hugh Darwen among others.
In the Galileo affair, the acceptance, from 1616 to 1757, of the Greek geocentric model ( Ptolemaic system ) by the Roman Catholic Church, and its consequent opposition to heliocentrism, was first called into question by the Catholic cleric Copernicus, and subsequently disproved conclusively by Galileo, who was persecuted for his minority view.
While subsequently acknowledged to be more viable, this model was rejected at the time by London.
In this model, patients may still be treated at the scene up to the skill level of the attending crew, and subsequently transported to definitive care, but in many cases the reduced skill set of the ambulance crew and the needs of the patient indicate a shorter interval for transport of the patient than is the case in the Franco-German model.
The most recognized is the 1950s bondage model and pin-up girl, Bettie Page who posed for photographer Irving Klaw for mail-order photographs and was subsequently featured in Playboy.
Other revolutions in China, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea were subsequently shaped by the USSR's model of a bureaucratic dictatorship, not by the democratic organization of the working class.
Lakoff's reliance on empirical scientific evidence, i. e. specifically falsifiable predictions, in the 1987 work and in Philosophy in the Flesh ( 1999 ) suggests that the cognitive-metaphor position has no objections to the scientific method, but instead considers the scientific method a finely developed reasoning system used to discover phenomena which are subsequently understood in terms of new conceptual metaphors ( such as the metaphor of fluid motion for conducted electricity, which is described in terms of " current " " flowing " against " impedance ," or the gravitational metaphor for static-electric phenomena, or the " planetary orbit " model of the atomic nucleus and electrons, as used by Niels Bohr ).
Paz beat Roberto Duran by decision twice and lost a title try at world super middleweight champion Roy Jones Jr. in the 1990s, the decade when he also married his girlfriend, a former Penthouse model ; they were subsequently divorced.
All were impressed by the new DNA model, especially Brenner who subsequently worked with Crick at Cambridge in the Cavendish Laboratory and the new Laboratory of Molecular Biology.
In his ideal model, the heat of caloric converted into work could be reinstated by reversing the motion of the cycle, a concept subsequently known as thermodynamic reversibility.
He demonstrated the model flying over many Whitehall carpets in front of various government experts and ministers, and the design was subsequently put on the secret list.
In Pennsylvania, John Fitch, an acquaintance of Henry, made a model paddle steamer in 1785, and subsequently developed propulsion by floats on a chain, obtained a patent in 1786, then built a steamboat which underwent a successful trial in 1787.
The Sebastia model was subsequently copied in Beit El, Shavei Shomron, and other settlements.
There have subsequently been other Institutes of Advanced Study, which are based on a similar model.
It subsequently became the model for the creation of the Universal Postal Union in 1874.
( 2002 ) subsequently confirmed the same model for hydrogen adsorption on magnesia-supported caesium-ruthenium bimetallic catalysts.

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