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monument and records
Pausanias, writing in the late 2nd century, records five different versions of what happened to Medea's children after reporting that he has seen a monument for them while traveling in Corinth.
Signpost near the Clear Lake crash siteIn 1988, Ken Paquette, a Wisconsin fan of the 1950s era, erected a stainless steel monument depicting a steel guitar and a set of three records bearing the names of each of the three performers.
In 1988, Ken Paquette, a Wisconsin fan of the 1950s era, erected a stainless steel monument depicting a steel guitar and a set of three records bearing the names of each of the three performers.
" A beautiful Rock of Ages monument in front of the Baptist church on Washington Street in Barre now records the formation of that troop as the first in the country.
When he exhibited it in 1836, Constable appended a text to the title: " The mysterious monument of Stonehenge, standing remote on a bare and boundless heath, as much unconnected with the events of past ages as it is with the uses of the present, carries you back beyond all historical records into the obscurity of a totally unknown period.
An inscription on the monument lists the twenty-six Swiss officers who died on 10 August and 2 – 3 September 1792, and records that approximately 760 Swiss Guardsmen were killed on those days.
* From 1995 to 2004, Viroinval was the location of the geographical centre of the European Union, at coordinates in Oignies-en-Thiérache, and a monument there records that finding.
When the names were transcribed from the records onto the monument, there was an error in deciphering the flowing hand in which many of the original burial dockets were written.
The court records of Genesee County and the files of the Batavia Advocate, kept in the Recorders office contain the history of the events that caused the erection of this monument.
A stone inscription found in Lumbarda ( Lumbarda Psephisma ) and which is the oldest written stone monument in Croatia ( and, until recently, in former Yugoslavia ), records that Greek settlers from Issa ( Vis ) founded another colony on the island in the 3rd century BC.
He was buried in St. Nicolas ' Church, North Stoneham, where a stately monument records the numerous successes of his career.
A 1901 monument records the names of the 52 settlers who voted to establish the provisional government at the 1843 meeting.
Whilst visiting the monument in 1666, Aubrey noticed five circular cavities in the ground and noted them in his records.
The earliest records we have are of the Kulku or Kulha, an Asian community speaking an agglutinative language, the name being carved into a monument left by the Urartu king Sardur II, who conquered the area for his kingdom ( 765-735 BC ).
* 15 members: Using the same techniques, the IGN has identified the geographic centre of the 15-member Union ( 1995 – 2004 ) to be in Viroinval, Belgium, at coordinates, and a monument there records that finding.
Cybele monument located at Akpınar on the northern flank of Mount Sipylus, at a distance of from Manisa on the road to Turgutlu is, along with the King of Mira rock relief at Mount Nif near Kemalpaşa and a number of cuneiform tablet records are among the principal evidence of extension of Hittite control and influence in western Anatolia based on local principalities.
A monument erected to commemorate this first landing on the island erroneously records the date as 1605.
The area where Lustleigh now stands has been inhabited since before records began as shown by the remains of stone hut circles, which can still be seen in the ' Cleave ' ( meaning ' Cliff ' or ' Cleft ', which is the defining geological feature of the valley ) and the presence of an ancient burial monument " Datuidoc's Stone " which dates from before AD 600.
However, almost as soon as the building was completed most of it was destroyed, killing some of the workers who were then buried in a communal grave at St John's church where a monument records their names.

monument and Lord
Also, a monument to him was placed in Westminster Abbey in 1732 by a printer with the surname Barber, and the Lord Mayor of London.
The earliest monument in the town is the motte-and-bailey castle, now known as Millmount Fort, which overlooks the town from a bluff on the south bank of the Boyne, and which was probably erected by the Norman Lord of Meath, Hugh de Lacy sometime before 1186.
* 1375-Edward Despenser, Lord of the Manor of Tewkesbury, is remembered today chiefly for the effigy on his monument, which shows him in full colour kneeling on top of the canopy of his chantry, facing toward the high altar
In summing-up, Lord O ' Donnell stated that their crimes, " a catalogue of horror ", were " a lasting monument to blind sectarian bigotry ".
It is 30 m high and was built to Flitcroft's design in 1747 – 48 to commemorate the defeat of the Jacobite rebellion, in which Lord Malton and his surviving son took part ; his defensive efforts for the Hanoverian Whig establishment were rewarded with the Lord Lieutenancy of Yorkshire and the title Marquess of Rockingham: thus the monument indirectly reflects the greater glory of the family.
The centrepiece of this regeneration was to be a replacement monument for Nelson's Pillar, the Spire of Dublin, chosen from a large number of submissions in an international competition by a committee chaired by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Joe Doyle.
In February 1838 a group of 121 peers, MPs and other gentry formed a committee to raise a monument to Lord Nelson, funded by public subscription, and the Government agreed to provide a site in Trafalgar Square, in front of the newly completed National Gallery.
The most important works that occupied Flaxman in the years next following this appointment were the monument to Mrs Baring in Micheldever church, the richest of all his monuments in relief ( 1805 – 1811 ); that for the Worsley family at Campsall church, Yorkshire, which is the next richest ; those to Sir Joshua Reynolds for St Paul's ( 1807 ); to Captain Webbe for India ( 1810 ); to Captains Walker and Beckett for Leeds ( 1811 ); to Lord Cornwallis for Prince of Wales's Island ( 1812 ); and to Sir John Moore for Glasgow ( 1813 ).
The monument is both a shrine to the Lord Buddha and a place for Buddhist pilgrimage.
Lord Anglesey died April 29, 1854, and was buried at Lichfield Cathedral, where a monument is erected to his honour.
In an attempt to prevent further construction on the site, the wealthy politician and archaeologist Sir John Lubbock, who later came to be known as Lord Avebury, purchased much of the available land in the monument, and encouraged other buyers to build their houses outside rather than within the henge, in an attempt to preserve it.
Many think this monument marks where the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports held his court for Shepway, and it is referred to as the “ Shepway Cross ”.
On the death of Lord Nelson at Trafalgar in 1805, Mylne was partly responsible for the state funeral, building Nelson's sarcophagus in the Cathedral basement, although the design of the monument fell to James Wyatt of the Office of Works.
:" The Temple Bar ceremony, which is still occasionally re-enacted at a monument to the Bar, involves the monarch stopping to request permission to enter the City and the Lord Mayor presenting the Sword of State as a sign of loyalty.
Several of the founders of the University of London are directly associated with the founding of the school ; they include Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux ( who appears to be singled out as the ring leader in A tradition for Freedom ), Lord Auckland ( probably George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland ), William Bingham Baring, 2nd Baron Ashburton, Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, Henry Hallam, Leonard Horner ( The Royal Society of Edinburgh has described UCS as his ' monument ' ), James Mill, Viscount Sandon ( probably either Dudley Ryder, 1st Earl of Harrowby or Dudley Ryder, 2nd Earl of Harrowby ), James Lock, Stephen Lushington D. C. L.
The pen held in the hand of his alabaster monument is renewed annually by the Lord Mayor of London.
Image: Palmerston monument. JPG | Lord Palmerston
The second monument, composed mainly of black marble from Cong erected adjacent to the grave, bears the inscription “ To the memory of Thomas Henry Burke, Under Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
According to one nobleman, Lord Bacon, “ He lieth at Westminster in one of the stateliest and daintiest monuments of Europe … So that he dwelleth more richly dead in the monument of his tomb than he did alive at Richmond or in any of his palaces .”
To the Glory of God, and in grateful commemoration of His servants, Thomas Cranmer, Nicholas Ridley, Hugh Latimer, Prelates of the Church of England, who near this spot yielded their bodies to be burned, bearing witness to the sacred truths which they had affirmed and maintained against the errors of the Church of Rome, and rejoicing that to them it was given not only to believe in Christ, but also to suffer for His sake ; this monument was erected by public subscription in the year of our Lord God, MDCCCXLI.
This monument was prepared by himself in his lifetime but now erected and finished by the said Arthur Lord Viscount Chichester, Earle of Donegall, January the 11 Anno Domini 1648 ".
Located between the House of Knights ( Riddarhuset ) and the Chancellery House ( Kanslihuset ), it is, arguably, the most prominent monument of the era of the Swedish Empire ( 1611 – 1718 ), originally design by Nicodemus Tessin the Elder and Jean De la Vallée in 1662-1667 as the private residence of the Lord High Treasurer Gustaf Bonde ( 1620 – 1667 ) it still bears his name, while it accommodated the Stockholm Court House from the 18th century and since 1949 houses the Swedish Supreme Court.
Ancient ruins found nearby include a sepulchral monument dedicated to Postumia Vittorina, a milestone of the Imperator Septimius Severus period and a stone altar dedicated to Lord Mithras.

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