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most and common
As symptomatic of the common man's malaise, he is most significant: a liberal and a Catholic, elected by the skin of his teeth.
The men who speculate on these institutions have, for the most part, come to at least one common conclusion: that many of the great enterprises and associations around which our democracy is formed are in themselves autocratic in nature, and possessed of power which can be used to frustrate the citizen who is trying to assert his individuality in the modern world ''.
Bridges, tunnels and ferries are the most common methods of river crossings.
Certain pianistic traits are common to all five Schnabelian renditions, most notably the `` Schnabel trill '' ( which differs from the conventional trill in that the two notes are struck simultaneously ).
The most common are the twist drill, the solid center shaft with interchangeable cutting blades, the double spur bit, and the power wood bit.
The common ultimate values, ends and goals fostered by religion are a most important factor.
There is a common problem behind most of these federal question and diversity cases.
The basic mystery of dreams, which embraces all the others and challenges us from even the most common typical dream, is in the fact that they are original, visual continuities.
One of the most common of camp maladies was diarrhoea.
the most common type of letter was that of soldier husbands to their wives.
The most common reference to `` wet stock '' was with the meanin' that such animals had been smuggled across the Rio Grande after bein' stolen from their rightful owners.
Today, as Harrison's Principles Of Internal Medicine, a standard internist's text, puts it, `` The most common form of malnutrition is caloric excess or obesity ''.
The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods.
Apollo's most common attributes were the bow and arrow.
When they tried to depict the most abiding qualities of men, it was because men had common roots with the unchanging gods.
The two most common systems are the classification adopted by the website AmphibiaWeb, University of California ( Berkeley ) and the classification by herpetologist Darrel Frost and the American Museum of Natural History, available as the online reference database Amphibian Species of the World.
The suborder Neobatrachia is by far the largest group and includes the remaining families of modern frogs, including most common species.
The analysis of variance has been studied from several approaches, the most common of which uses a linear model that relates the response to the treatments and blocks.
There are dozens of alphabets in use today, the most common being the Latin alphabet ( which was derived from the Greek ).
For most of these scripts, regardless of whether letters or diacritics are used, the most common tone is not marked, just as the most common vowel is not marked in Indic abugidas ; in Zhuyin not only is one of the tones unmarked, but there is a diacritic to indicate lack of tone, like the virama of Indic.

most and controllers
The most popular upgrades were memory, SCSI controllers and CPU accelerator cards.
These system buses are also used to communicate with most ( or all ) other peripherals, through adaptors, which in turn talk to other peripherals and controllers.
Yet, due to easier physical implementation of classical controller designs as compared to systems designed using modern control theory, these controllers are preferred in most industrial applications.
PID controllers are the most well established class of control systems: however, they cannot be used in several more complicated cases, especially if MIMO systems are considered.
The subsystem products were manufactured in Kingston ( displays and controllers ), Endicott ( printers ), and Greenock, Scotland, UK, ( most products ) and shipped to users in U. S. and worldwide.
This type of switch technology happens to be most commonly used in handheld controllers, mobile phones, automotive, consumer electronics and medical devices.
After keyboards, drum pads are the next most significant MIDI performance controllers.
Buttons, sliders, and knobs are the most common controllers provided, but rotary encoders, transport controls, joysticks, ribbon controllers, vector touchpads in the style of Korg's Kaoss pad, and optical controllers such as Roland's D-Beam may also be present.
The most unique aspect of the system is its multicore processing node which integrates six MIPS64 cores, a crossbar memory controller, interconnect DMA engine, Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express controllers all on a single chip which consumes only 10 watts of power, yet has a peak floating point performance of 6 GFLOPs.
SCSI is most commonly used for hard disks and tape drives, but it can connect a wide range of other devices, including scanners and CD drives, although not all controllers can handle all devices.
One of the most common types of speed controllers uses pulse-width modulation ( PWM ).
Also it should be noted that most IP controllers utilize either Linux platform or proprietary operating systems, which makes them more difficult to hack.
The orderwire message, known as AMD ( Automatic Message Display ), is the most commonly used text transfer method of ALE, and the only universal method that all ALE controllers have in common for displaying text.
According to the BLS, " employment of computer hardware engineers is expected to increase 9 percent from 2010 to 2020. Today, computer hardware is somehow equal to Electronic and Computer Engineering ( ECE ) and has divided to many subcategories, the most significant of them is Embedded system design. this field has developed all around us, from tiny controllers to huge computers.
While most were single processor systems, the 635 could be configured with four CPUs and up to four input / output controllers ( IOC's ) each with up to 16 Common Peripheral Interface Channels.
In addition, most electronic speed controllers can use the electric motor as a magnetic brake, offering better control of the model than is possible with a mechanical speed control.
HOTAS controllers, composed of a joystick and throttle quadrant ( see below ) are a popular combination for flight simulation among its most fanatic devotees.
As mentioned, most steering wheel controllers come with a set of pedals.
Some wireless controllers were produced by third parties, in most cases using a radio link instead of infrared.
In the event, the new EISA bus was itself a commercial failure beyond the high end: By the time the cost of implementing EISA was reduced to the extent that it would be implemented in most desktop PCs, the much cheaper VESA Local Bus had removed most of the need for it in desktop PCs ( though it remained common in servers due to for example the possibility of data corruption on hard disk drives attached to VLB controllers ), and Intel's PCI bus was just around the corner.

most and designed
She designed and supervised the building of the Harbert, Michigan, house, most of which was constructed by one local carpenter who carried the heavy beams singly upon his shoulder.
it's a short, light, quick-handling, fast-firing little timber gun designed to push a heavy slug at modest velocity but with lots of killing power and ample range for our most popular big game -- whitetail.
It was of the hunter-killer type, designed to seek out ships and other submarines with its most advanced gear and destroy them with torpedoes.
The most exclusive course is that of the Tres Vidas Golf Club, designed by Robert von Hagge.
This edifice, considered the most important civil piece of art of the time, was designed by Francesco Laurana.
Low-cost time base correctors ( TBC ) specifically designed to work with the Toaster quickly came to market, most of which were designed as standard Amiga bus cards.
Unlike most Common-law jurisdictions, the majority of civil law jurisdictions have specialized courts or sections to deal with administrative cases which, as a rule, will apply procedural rules specifically designed for such cases and different from that applied in private-law proceedings, such as contract or tort claims.
* ACM XRDS, formerly " Crossroads " and renamed and designed in 2010, the most popular student computing magazine in the US.
Using conventional construction techniques, they designed a series of " bioshelter " projects, the most famous of which was the Ark Bioshelter community for Prince Edward Island.
One of the most striking items is a glass mosaic exhibition piece, designed by Briggs himself and entitled " Sulphur Crested Cockatoos ".
* Microsoft Windows contains application compatibility shims to make the platform compatible with most software from earlier 32-bit and 16-bit versions ( e. g. Civilization ( circa 1991, designed for Windows 3. 0 ) running on Windows Vista ).
Various images, originally ivory numbers fully animated against a deep red background, were designed to fit the pace of the channel, and the music soon gained notoriety, and was often satirised and parodied in popular culture, perhaps most famously by comic Bill Bailey who likened the theme music to an " apocalyptic rave ".
In all three cases structural failure due to overloading with a much denser cargo than designed is considered the most likely cause of sinking.
Central banks in most developed nations are institutionally designed to be independent from political interference.
* Advanced composite ceramic and metal matrices have been designed for most modern armoured fighting vehicles because they offer superior penetrating resistance against shaped charges such as high explosive antitank ( HEAT ) rounds and kinetic energy penetrators.
It has been speculated by experts that 6x86 was designed to perform well specifically on business-oriented benchmarks of the time, most notably Ziff-Davis ' Winstone benchmark.
In addition, new technologies and tactics were developed, making most defences obsolete ; this led to the construction of star forts, specifically designed to withstand artillery bombardment though these too ( along with the Martello Tower ) would find themselves rendered obsolete when explosive and armour piercing rounds made even these types of fortifications vulnerable.
This war paradigm reflected the view of most of the modernized world at the beginning of the 21st century, as verified by examination of the conventional armies of the time: large, high maintenance, technologically advanced armies designed to compete against similarly designed forces.
The most significant clippers were the China clippers, also called Tea clippers or Opium clippers, designed to ply the trade routes between Europe and the East Indies.
Since each of these markets differ in their requirements for CPUs, the devices designed for one market are in most cases inappropriate for the other markets.
For example, the Chicago City Railway, also designed by Eppelsheimer, opened in Chicago in 1882 and went on to become the largest and most profitable cable car system.

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