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most and famous
A similar tone of underlying futility and despair pervades the spy thrillers of Eric Ambler and dominates the most famous of all American mystery stories, Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon.
The most famous document that comes out of this dispute is perhaps Sir Philip Sidney's An Apologie For Poetrie, published in 1595.
The most surprising thing about the Twenty-second Congress of the Soviet Communist Party is that it is surprising -- perhaps quite as much, in its own way, as the Twentieth Congress of 1956, which ended with that famous `` secret '' report on Stalin.
The most famous ballet of that time was called Ballet Comique De La Reine ( 1581 ).
The most unusual of them is the Ithaca 49 ( about $20, $5 for a saddle scabbard ) -- a lever-action single-shot patterned after the famous Winchester lever-action and featuring the Western look.
Colorado's Grand Canyon, probably the most famous landmark of the United States, can be the highpoint of your Western vacation.
One of the most damaging tsunami on record followed the famous Lisbon earthquake of November 1, 1755 ; ;
Of course, 1600 Pennsylvania, the White House, is the most famous address of the free world.
The most famous undergraduate of South Philadelphia High School is a current bobby-sox idol, Dreamboat Cacophonist Fabian ( real name: Fabian Forte ), 17, and last week it developed that he will remain an undergraduate for a while.
The 1858 senate campaign featured the seven Lincoln – Douglas debates of 1858, the most famous political debates in American history.
The famous Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook stated that love is the most important attribute in humanity.
The most famous work of Algerian cinema is probably that of Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina, Chronicle of the Years of Fire, which won the palme d ' Or at the Cannes film festival in the year 1975.
The most famous such organism is Amoeba proteus ; the name amoeba is variously used to describe its close relatives, other organisms similar to it, or the amoeboids in general.
Aldous Leonard Huxley ( 26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963 ) was an English writer and one of the most prominent members of the famous Huxley family.
Significantly, Huxley also worked for a time in the 1920s at the technologically advanced Brunner and Mond chemical plant in Billingham, Teesside, and the most recent introduction to his famous science fiction novel Brave New World ( 1932 ) states that this experience of " an ordered universe in a world of planless incoherence " was one source for the novel.
The Vikings, the Portuguese, and the Spaniards were the most famous among early explorers.
This was expressed by Korzybski's most famous premise, " the map is not the territory ".
Nobel held 350 different patents, dynamite being the most famous.
Milne is most famous for his two Pooh books about a boy named Christopher Robin after his son, Christopher Robin Milne, and various characters inspired by his son's stuffed animals, most notably the bear named Winnie-the-Pooh.
Probably the oldest, and most famous, list of axioms are the 4 + 1 Euclid's postulates of plane geometry.
Conium maculatum has been used as a sedative and in treatments for arthritis and asthma in addition to its most famous use: as a “ humane ” method of killing criminals and philosophers.
Miss Marple, another of Christie ’ s most famous characters, shares these characteristics of careful deduction though the attention paid to the small clues.
Along with Miss Marple, Poirot is one of Christie's most famous and long-lived characters, appearing in 33 novels, one play, and more than 50 short stories published between 1920 and 1975 and set in the same era.
Like Agatha Christie, she isn't overly fond of the detective she is most famous for creating – in Ariadne's case the Finnish sleuth Sven Hjerson.

most and parody
The most notable example of these was Henry Fielding's Shamela ( 1741 ), written as a parody of Pamela.
His cover of Chinga Chavin's " Asshole from El Paso ", a parody of Merle Haggard's " Okie from Muskogee " is, perhaps, his most famous song.
Arguably the most paradigmatic motive of modernism is the rejection of the obsolescence of tradition and its reprise, incorporation, rewriting, recapitulation, revision and parody in new forms.
During the magazine's most successful years, parody of every kind was a mainstay ; surrealist content was also central to its appeal.
Using money from a tax refund together with a loan from Eastman's uncle, the young artists self-published a single-issue comic intended to parody four of the most popular comics of the early 1980s: Marvel Comics ' Daredevil and New Mutants, Dave Sim's Cerebus, and Frank Miller's Ronin.
" His most famous film, Le Voyage dans la lune ( 1902 ), a whimsical parody of Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon, featured a combination of live action and animation, and also incorporated extensive miniature and matte painting work.
" Stealing like a Hobbit " is the name of a parody song, by Luke Sienkowski, that was most requested in 2003 on the Dr. Demento Show.
Castellaneta chose the title I Am Not Homer as a parody of Leonard Nimoy's famous first autobiography I Am Not Spock, as well as to show that most of the comedy featured " is not the typical Homer comedy.
One of Weaver's most enduringly popular recordings is the Spike Jones parody of Rossini's William Tell Overture.
Ken Roberts, best known as a soap-opera announcer ( Love of Life ; The Secret Storm ), was the narrator of some segments during season one, most notably the parody of the genre that had given him prominence, Love of Chair.
In 1919, Marcel Duchamp, one of the most influential modern artists, created L. H. O. O. Q., a Mona Lisa parody made by adorning a cheap reproduction with a moustache and a goatee.
* The Chinga Chavin song " Asshole From El Paso " ( most famously recorded by Kinky Friedman ), a parody of Merle Haggard's " Okie from Muskogee ", mentions El Paso in both the lyrics and the title.
Of all EarthBounds elements, however, the most lauded was its humor, being universally praised by all critics for its comedic, albeit confusing, depictions of Western culture and parody of the RPG genre.
The Gekigangar anime show is in fact an homage ( and parody ) of many Super Robot mecha anime of the 70s and 80s, most particularly the Go Nagai / Ken Ishikawa collaboration Getter Robo.
* Lloyd Robertson-Robertson, who had once stated that it was an honor to appear on Air Farce to parody himself, appeared in several Air Farce sketches, most notably in one where he, as the CTV news anchor, asks a correspondent, " Do you think I'm as handsome as Peter Mansbridge?
The most notable example of the Fleischers ' adaptation of the Disney style was their Color Classics series, which was essentially a copy and direct parody of Disney's Silly Symphonies.
Some of the most memorable sketches included Gina Riley, Jane Turner and Magda Szubanski's Kath and Kim, which would later give rise to the spin – off series of the same name ; Dumb Street, a parody of Home and Away and Neighbours ; a lampoon of Skippy ; Moon and Vizard breaking up in their parody of Kung Fu ;
His most famous parody was that of Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone in The Godfather movie trilogy.
Almost 60 masses have survived complete ; most of them are parody masses based on secular works written by himself or other composers.
One of Bell's most famous caricatures is of John Major as a dire superhero wearing his Y-fronts on the outside of his clothes, in a parody of Superman.
Reed's most famous poem is Lessons of the War, a witty parody of British army basic training during World War II, which suffered from a lack of equipment at that time.
In 1988 a humorous book called The Book of Revelations ( Mark Leigh and Mike Lepine ) printed a parody of both Beatrix Potter and Sven Hassel entitled Peter Rabbit-Tank Killer, lampooning the fashion of the period for unscrupulous publishers and literary estates to draft in famous authors to pen " continuations " of their most successful characters and series.
This featured his most successful chart single, " Amityville ( The House on the Hill )," a parody song named in reference to the film The Amityville Horror ( itself based on alleged supernatural activities surrounding the DeFeo murder case ) was a # 12 hit in the UK Singles Chart, and hit the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U. S. in 1986.

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