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most and notable
But the most notable thing about the incantation of these ex-liberals was that the one-time shibboleth of socialism was conspicuously absent.
By fall, 443 survivors of this arduous journey were clustered about Fort Snelling, but most of them were sent on to Galena and St. Louis, with a few going as far as Vevay, Indiana, a notable Swiss center in the United States.
Great actors and actresses -- the most notable being Sarah Bernhardt -- were hired to repeat their stage performances before the camera.
If it were primarily a believing fellowship, it would recruit believers from all social and economic ranks, something which most congregations of the New Protestantism ( with a few notable exceptions ) have not been able to do.
the drought-seared North Central states are the most notable exceptions to the uptrend.
Lincoln's most notable criminal trial occurred in 1858 when he defended William " Duff " Armstrong, who was on trial for the murder of James Preston Metzker.
Possibly the most notable current version of " America the Beautiful " is the setting for band and symphonic orchestra by the late arranger / conductor / composer Carmen Dragon.
Cyrillic is one of the most widely used modern alphabetic scripts, and is notable for its use in Slavic languages and also for other languages within the former Soviet Union.
The most notable example has been the objection of many provinces of the Communion ( particularly in Africa and Asia ) to the changing role of homosexuals in the North American churches ( e. g., by blessing same-sex unions and ordaining and consecrating gays and lesbians in same-sex relationships ), and to the process by which changes were undertaken.
The most notable Logician was Gongsun Longzi.
April 1 is most notable in many countries for being April Fools ' Day.
A notable example is Emanuel Swedenborg who wrote some 18 theological works which describe in detail the nature of the afterlife according to his claimed spiritual experiences, the most famous of which is Heaven and Hell.
There are at least two versions of the movie, with one having some scenes deleted by State censors, the most notable of which depicts the killing of a renegade farmer by a police officer, who shoots the farmer in the back.
This can have important consequences when dealing with issues such as consensual sadomasochistic sexual activity, the most notable case being the Operation Spanner case.
However, it does seem clear that his first notable work, Summa Quoniam Homines, was completed somewhere between 1155 and 1165, with the most conclusive date being 1160, and likely was developed through his lectures at the school in Paris.
One of Alan's most notable works was one he modeled after Boethius ’ Consolation of Philosophy, to which he gave the title De Planctu Naturae, or The Plaint of Nature, and which was written most likely in the late 1160 ’ s.
Alexander Jagellon never felt at home in Poland, and bestowed his favor principally upon his fellow Lithuanians, the most notable of whom was the wealthy Lithuanian magnate Michael Glinski, who justified his master's confidence by his great victory over the Tatars at Kleck ( 5 August 1506 ), news of which was brought to Alexander on his deathbed in Vilnius.
Still, if the courage of Agathocles in entering into and extricating himself from dangers be considered, together with his greatness of mind in enduring overcoming hardships, it cannot be seen why he should be esteemed less than the most notable captain.
He befriended English poet Matthew Arnold and English philosopher Herbert Spencer as well as being in correspondence and acquaintance with most of the U. S. Presidents, statesmen, and notable writers.
Many of his most notable sculptures were roundly criticized during his lifetime.
The suite of ten piano pieces Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky, has been arranged over twenty times, perhaps the most famous and notable being that of Maurice Ravel.
It is now in its 27th year and is most notable for its marquee on the silver sands playing fields.
The most notable exception was the XG-1 lightgun, which came bundled with the Atari XE Game System.
The most notable of these are Skyfox ( shown on the back of the original system box ) and Electrocop ( artwork has since been uncovered ).

most and these
Why did these yokels still wear boots, anyway, when most had scarcely sat a horse in years??
In most Western cultures today these twins have been sent away to the libraries and museums.
The men who speculate on these institutions have, for the most part, come to at least one common conclusion: that many of the great enterprises and associations around which our democracy is formed are in themselves autocratic in nature, and possessed of power which can be used to frustrate the citizen who is trying to assert his individuality in the modern world ''.
One of the most distressing of these scenes occurred at Spring Green toward the end of the open warfare, on a beautiful day in June.
I am not aware of great attention by any of these authors or by the psychotherapeutic profession to the role of literary study in the development of conscience -- most of their attention is to a pre-literate period of life, or, for the theologians of course, to the influence of religion.
This understanding, of course, may in its turn take many forms and some of these -- especially those most interesting to the student of comparative literature -- are essentially historical.
A second truce had been arbitrated in April, 1298, by Jean D'Arlay, lord of Chalon-sur-Saone, the most staunch of Edward's Burgundian allies, and these last were represented in the discussions at the Curia by Gautier de Montfaucon, Othon's neighbor and a member of the Vaudois coalition.
Over these voluntary agencies, in 1917-18, the CTCA served as a co-ordinating body in carrying out what Survey called `` the most stupendous piece of social work in modern times ''.
Easily the best known of these three novels is The Space Merchants, a good example of a science-fiction dystopia which extrapolates much more than the impact of science on human life, though its most important warning is in this area, namely as to the use to which discoveries in the behavioral sciences may be put.
Although the United States and the U.S.S.R. have been arguing whether there shall be four, five or six top assistants, the most important element in the situation is not the number of deputies but the manner in which these deputies are to do their work.
Among the most frequently quoted Biblical sentences are the Beatitudes and yet so few persons, other than scholars, really understand the true meaning of these eight blessings uttered by Jesus at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount.
He is most effective in the ordinary business of the House, and in the legislative accomplishments of this session, he easily rose to great occasion -- even at the height of unpleasantness and exciting legislative struggle -- and as the Nation witnessed these contests, he rose, even as admitted by those who differed with him, to the proportions of a hero and a noble partisan.
Our plan is to keep abreast of these advances, and select for development those fields which seem most promising for our special capabilities.
Every taxpayer is well aware of the vast size of our annual defense budget and most of our readers also realize that a large portion of these expenditures go for military electronics.
But now many of these same builders are finding they can cut their costs more by teaming up with a dealer who has volume enough to afford the most efficient specialized equipment to deliver everything just where it is needed -- drywall inside the house, siding along the sides, trusses on the walls, roofing on the roof, etc..
Since most European cars average more miles per gallon of gasoline than American cars, it naturally follows that the cost per kilometer for these models will be less, but the greater seating capacity of the large American cars will equalize this, provided your group is sufficiently large to fill a 7-passenger limousine.
In most cases, these soils are taken up as liquids through capillary action.
There are, of course, certain times during the 24-hour daily cycle when most of these conditions will be met.
The most active preparations obtained by these two groups of investigators appear to be similar in potency, composition and physical properties.
The most obvious of these is the quadratic complex of tangents to Q, each line of which is transformed into the entire pencil of lines tangent to Q at the image of the point of tangency of the given line.
While some suppression and some denial are not only necessary but healthy, the worker's clinical knowledge must determine how these defenses are being used, what healthy shifts in defensive adaptation are indicated, and when efforts at bringing about change can be most effectively timed.
If adjectival meanings show relatively low retentiveness of stems, as I am confident will prove to be the case in most languages of the world, why should our basic lists include 15 per cent of these unstable forms, but only 8 per cent of animals and plants which replace much more slowly??
But there was no pressing need to maintain these same standards with regard to most of the rest of the world.
There is a common problem behind most of these federal question and diversity cases.

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