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most and senior
The senior generals sent to the fort to command the enlarged garrison, Gideon J. Pillow and John B. Floyd, squandered their chance to avoid having to surrender most of the garrison and on February 16, 1862, Brig.
* 1537 – The Honourable Artillery Company, the oldest surviving regiment in the British Army, and the second most senior, is formed.
Since the passage of the Act of Settlement, the most senior member of the Royal Family to have married a Roman Catholic, and thereby been removed from the line and later lines of succession, is Prince Michael of Kent, who married Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz in 1978 ; he was fifteenth in the lines of succession at the time of his marriage.
The current most senior living descendant of the Electress Sophia who is ineligible to succeed due to the act is George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews, the eldest son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who married the Roman Catholic Sylvana Palma Tomaselli in 1988 ; he would now be 29th in the lines of succession if he had not lost his place.
His son, Lord Downpatrick, converted to Roman Catholicism in 2003 and is the most senior descendant of Sophia to be barred as a result of his own religion.
The Bishop of London — the most senior cleric of the church with the exception of the two archbishops — serves as Canterbury's provincial dean, the Bishop of Winchester as chancellor, the Bishop of Lincoln as vice-chancellor, the Bishop of Salisbury as precentor, the Bishop of Worcester as chaplain and the Bishop of Rochester as cross-bearer.
Associate Justices have seniority by order of appointment, although the Chief Justice is always considered to be the most senior.
Under 28 USC 3, when the Chief Justice is unable to discharge his functions, or that office is vacant, his duties are carried out by the most senior Associate Justice until the disability or the vacancy ends.
Not only did senior army generals occupy the presidency from 1964 until 1985, but most of the officers who held cabinet posts during that time were from the army.
All ministers are credentialed at one of three levels of licensure, the most senior of which is the rank of Ordained Bishop.
Inviting his most senior officers to dinner, Bonaparte asked them how they were.
Mark Antony had been the most important and most successful senior officer in Julius Caesar's army ( magister equitum ) and, thanks to his military record, could claim a substantial share of the political support of Caesar's soldiers and veterans.
Cardinal bishops ( cardinals of the Episcopal Order ) are among the most senior prelates of the Catholic Church.
This relationship was rooted largely in the generous and lenient treatment of Japanese POWs by the Nationalist government in the years immediately following the Japanese surrender in 1945, and was felt especially strongly as a bond of personal obligation by the most senior members then in power .< ref name =" Journal1 "> Gillin, Donald G. and Etter, Charles.
The Chief of Naval Operations ( CNO ) is a statutory office () held by a four-star admiral in the United States Navy, and is the most senior naval officer assigned to serve in the Department of the Navy.
So, for example, an intensional definition of ' Prime Minister ' might be the most senior minister of a cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system.
In recognition of his senior position in the Allied command, on December 20, 1944 he was promoted to General of the Army, equivalent to the rank of Field Marshal in most European armies.
* Technical director, the most senior technical person within a theatrical company or television studio
Normally, such responsibilities deserving of the Defense Distinguished Service Medal are held by the most senior officers such as the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chiefs and Vice Chiefs of the Services, and Commanders and Deputy Commanders of the Combatant Commands, the Director of the Joint Staff etc., whose duties bring them frequently into direct contact with the Secretary of Defense, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and other senior government officials.
The four ancient patriarchates are most senior, followed by the five junior patriarchates.
In the first two series Mike's position is constantly under threat from senior reporter Brooke Vandenberg, who has a better press profile, but by the last series he has been cemented as one of the network's most valuable stars and considerably more effort is made to pander to his whims.
Capra was assigned to work directly under Chief of Staff George C. Marshall, the most senior officer in command of the Army, who would later create the Marshall Plan and be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.
Furthermore, if the Lieutenant Governor becomes incapacitated while serving in the office of Governor, the next most senior judge of the Supreme Court is sworn in as the Administrator.

most and members
To the members of our Advisory Board, and most specially to its members who constitute our committees of selection, the Foundation is indebted for its successes of choice of Fellows.
Also, although only a few of the students were intimately acquainted with each other in the beginning, most reported that when the semester ended their dearest and closest campus friendships were with members of that class.
On the other hand, the women class members appeared to reach a far greater understanding than have women members in other sections that it is more natural for males as a group to view sex as sex rather than always associating it with love as most women seem to do.
The new Council was itself inescapably of political meaning, which was most clearly revealed in the absence of any U.N.F.P. members and the presence of several Istiqlal leaders.
So in closing, fellow retired members, I advise you to make the most of each day, enjoy each one to the n'th degree.
It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that ninety per cent of the energy of most churches -- whether in terms of finance or spiritual concern -- is poured into the private and domestic interests of the members.
Moritz doesn't even have a nose guard or hip pads but he's one of the most valuable members of the Longhorn team that will be heavily favored Saturday over Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl.
Yet the most difficult problem in the Church's program of evangelism is right at this point -- helping new members to become participating, growing parts of the fellowship.
A few drops of rain just before midnight, when Sarah Vaughan was in the midst of her first number, scattered the more timid members of the audience briefly, but at this hour and with Sarah on the stand, most of the listeners didn't care whether they got wet.
Elaine Stritch, who sings with a persuasively warm huskiness, belts some life into most of her songs, but the other members of the cast sound as lukewarm as Mr. Coward's songs.
The rough-skinned newt ( Taricha granulosa ) from North America and other members of its genus contain the neurotoxin tetrodotoxin ( TTX ), the most toxic non-protein substance known and almost identical to that produced by pufferfish.
Aldous Leonard Huxley ( 26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963 ) was an English writer and one of the most prominent members of the famous Huxley family.
Although most extant species of Asteraceae are herbaceous, the examination of the basal members in the family suggests that the common ancestor of the family was an arborescent plant, a tree or shrub, perhaps adapted to dry conditions, radiating from South America.
Yet this quaint dandified little man who, I was sorry to see, now limped badly, had been in his time one of the most celebrated members of the Belgian police.
It involved most church members — from simple believers, priests and monks to bishops, emperors and members of Rome's imperial family.
Alcott had high expectations but was often away when the community most needed him as he attempted to recruit more members.
* 1975 – Bangladesh's founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is killed along with most members of his family during a military coup.
Enraged Whig Party members riot outside the White House in the most violent demonstration on White House grounds in U. S. history.
Although most of the members of the community signed a document issued by Hasan Ali Shah summarizing the practices of the Ismailis, a group of dissenting Khojas surprisingly asserted that the community had always been Sunni.
However, such a sentence would most likely be recast as the team members take their seats.
The members were given a choice of either offering armed forces or paying a tax to the joint treasury ; most states chose the tax.
The Athenians also arranged for the other members of the league to pay its share of the expense in money instead of in ships and men, and for this the subject city-states had themselves to blame, their wish to get out of giving service making most leave their homes.

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