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move and Cornwall
" Mr Cameron replied to concerns about the " Devonwall " constituency by stating that " It's the Tamar, not the Amazon, for Heaven's sake "; a move that was read in the press as indicative of his plan not to oppose the merger of the constituencies in Devon and Cornwall.
Edward appointed Leofric as Bishop of Cornwall and Bishop of Crediton in 1046, but because Crediton was a small town, the new bishop secured papal permission to move the episcopal seat to Exeter in 1050.
Wilkinson nevertheless used Hampton's refusal to move on Cornwall ( which he received by letter on 12 November ) as a pretext to abandon his own advance, and the campaign to capture Montreal was called off.
While studying in France, Tuke decided to move to Newlyn Cornwall where many of his Slade and Parisian friends had already formed the Newlyn School of painters.
These allowed the Class 142 units to be returned to the Northern Rail franchise, and for the Class 143 units to move south to work the Devon and Cornwall branch lines rather than Bristol area commuter services.
All four locomotives were named after castles in Devon and Cornwall, and operate mainly on the Night Riviera sleeper service with the occasional stock move.
Listenership appears to have increased in Cornwall following the move, however it reduced their audience in West Devon ( including Plymouth, where Pirate FM had a separate office and studio prior to the rebrand ).
The Western Army, although still strong, refused to advance further to the East due to the presence of Parliamentarian forces within Dorset and Cornwall ; the Army's commanders felt that, if they tried to push for such a move, their forces would either mutiny or simply desert.
From late February 1945 there was a temporary move to Cornwall where Typhoons were flown in preparation for a planned conversion to Tempests.
The Saxon leaders arrive and ask for a truce of two weeks, and the armies move on to Cornwall.
The Constantines buy and renovate the house and move to Cornwall Coombe.

move and grew
Before leaving, he buried his sandals, shield, and sword under a huge rock and told her that, when their son grew up, he should move the rock and bring the weapons to his father, who would acknowledge him.
Because her father's job required the family to move often, Flockhart and her brother grew up in several places including Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Norwich, New York.
After selling off some of his Connecticut properties, he began buying wild lands further north in the territory, which he sold at a profit as the southern settlements grew and people began to move further north.
Before leaving, however, he buried his sandals and sword under a huge rock and told Aethra that when their son grew up, he should move the rock, if he were heroic enough, and take the tokens for himself as evidence of his royal parentage.
An effort to move the county seat of government to a more central location, which had begun in the 1850s, grew stronger creating controversy among citizens.
This was followed by the Bishops ' Book in 1537, a combined effort by numerous clergy and theologians which, though not strongly Protestant in its inclinations, showed a slight move towards Reformed positions and was unpopular with conservative sections of the Church and quickly grew to be disliked by Henry also.
Several professors helped Covenant move to St. Louis, Missouri where it grew for eight years and in 1964 the institution outgrew its facilities and moved to Lookout Mountain.
These developments were able to improve working environments for Americans but it was through sweatshops that the economy grew and people were able to accumulate wealth and move out of poverty.
However, Cygnus canceled the game when their founder, Scott Host, decided to move back to Chicago where he grew up.
After only two years on the Rio Verde Reservation, however, local officials grew concerned about the Yavapais ' continued hostility, success, and self-sufficiency, so they persuaded the federal government to close their reservation and move all the Yavapai to the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation.
Overtime the settlement grew and in 1860 approximately 275 citizens of Clinch County petitioned the Georgia General Assembly to move the county seat of the county from the nearby Magnolia to Mattox ’ s settlement.
Homer grew to 120 people in 1850, and the coming of the Great Western Railroad to the south of the town prompted the village to move to its present location.
Actress Francine York was born in Aurora to Sophie and Frank Yerich and grew up to move to Hollywood California to star in countless movies such as The Doll Squad, Lost in Space and many films.
In the 1980s the town grew again when followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who had started the city of Rajneeshpuram on the nearby " Big Muddy Ranch ", began to move in.
As the mine and the community grew, new and more efficient methods were sought to move the coal from the mines and so the Utah & Pleasant Valley Railroad was constructed, running from Springville to Winter Quarters and Scofield.
British skiffle grew out of the developing post-war British jazz scene, which saw a move away from swing music and towards authentic trad jazz.
The Tiwanaku believed that Viracocha created giants to move the massive stones that comprise much of their archaeology, but then grew unhappy with the giants and created a flood to destroy them.
Wordplay ( real name Tao Rogers-Wright ) was born in the south of London, where he grew up with his mother until there eventual move to the west of the City in the mid 90s, appearing in a number of advertising campaigns from Going Live!
In 1656, due to the need for space as the city grew, the government decided to relocate Yoshiwara, and plans were made to move the district to its present location north of Asakusa on the outskirts of the city.
As the size of the Communist forces grew and pressure grew from the Kuomintang, the Fourth Army was forced to move out.
With Han assistance, his strength grew, and Chanyu Zhizhi, who had previously been stronger, was in fact forced to move west.
Kidron was critical of the move within IS to a more traditionally democratic centralist structure in the wake of the events of 1968, and as IS grew, he moved away from its core, both physically, obtaining an academic post in Kingston upon Hull, and politically.
Founded in 1958 by Neal Gay as a permanent rodeo ( as opposed to many other rodeos that would move from town to town ), the rodeo struggled in the early years, but grew as the city of Mesquite grew.

move and out
He found nothing, but he still refused to give up and move out.
Out of the corner of his eye, he watched his wingman move out a bit and shoot up with him.
While some think we move too fast and others too slowly, Florida's record is a good one and stands out among the 50.
General manager Pels even suggested that it might be wise to keep the Mexicans in suspense rather than accept their offers to sell out and move away, and try to have a few punished.
Clerks and postmasters shoveled muck out of their offices -- those who still had offices -- and wondered how to move the mail.
the particle would then move toward the nose, where it could be wiped out with a wisp of cotton.
They can hire a horse and go ski-joring behind him, or move out to Oak Hill, where there's a lift.
And the second question is: Why don't those who now live here move out??
Sort out the next move.
I think you fell short of the real truth in the matter: That the move is working out through the fine cooperation of the staff and all the people.
She started to move away, just as a woman came out of the cottage, a big-boned, drab-haired figure with a clean apron tied over her limp print dress.
Go out of the furrow, snake, I said, but it did not move at all.
In 1981, Parsons, Woolfson and their record label Arista, were stalled in contract renegotiations when on 5 March the two submitted an all-instrumental atonal album tentatively titled ' The Sicilian Defence ' ( the name of an aggressive opening move in chess ), arguably to get out of their recording contract.
The North American fur trade relied on birch-bark canoes, York boats, and Red River carts on buffalo trails to move furs out of, and European trade goods in to, the region.
Note how electrons move out of the cell, and the conventional current moves into it in the opposite direction.
Movable bridges are designed to move out of the way of boats or other kinds of traffic, which would otherwise be too tall to fit.
Marlborough, realising the only way to ignore Dutch wishes was by the use of secrecy and guile, set out to deceive his Dutch allies by pretending to simply move his troops to the Moselle – a plan approved of by The Hague – but once there, he would slip the Dutch leash and link up with Austrian forces in southern Germany.
If a " clinch " – a defensive move in which a boxer wraps his or her opponents arms and holds on to create a pause – is broken by the referee, each fighter must take a full step back before punching again ( alternatively, the referee may direct the fighters to " punch out " of the clinch ).
As a result of several franchise shifts, the Brewers were one of only two Western League teams that didn't fold, move or get kicked out of the league ( the other being the Detroit Tigers ).
According to Martha, by this time she and Bill fought all the time and she told him to stop drinking or move out so he moved out into a room in their pool house.
However, the Western Allies ' air-to-ground aircraft were so greatly feared out of proportion to their actual tactical success, that following the lead up to Operation Overlord German vehicle crews showed reluctance to move en masse during daylight.
He had them move out to the north, spreading out Octavian's ships which up until now were tightly arranged.
Witnesses who were not called to the Widgery Tribunal stated that Wray was calling out that he could not move his legs before he was shot the second time.

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