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much and shorter
Many of the cells and microorganisms which are transparent to visible light, absorb or reflect the much shorter wavelengths of the ultraviolet spectrum.
Wyatt and Whipple, 1950 ), which is a retardation of the orbital motion of particles by the relativistic aberration of the repulsive force of the impinging solar radiation, causes the dust to spiral into the sun in times much shorter than the age of the Earth.
In contrast, 20 of the 21 lines in the Completion Profile ( excluding center 5 for boys and 4 for girls ) are bunched and extend over a much shorter period, approximately 30 months for boys and 40 months for girls.
The sense of perspective has been created by designing the length of the columns so that those at the far end of the colonnade are much shorter than those in front.
Bow hunting differs markedly from hunting with firearms, as the distances between the hunter and the game are much shorter in order to ensure a humane kill.
This meant the Electron had a lifespan not much shorter than those more popular micros and much longer than competitors such as the Oric-1 and Dragon 32.
The C ≡ C bond distance of 121 picometers is much shorter than the C = C distance in alkenes ( 134 pm ) or the C-C bond in alkanes ( 153 pm ).
Whereas the United States enjoys a long season that generally runs from March to November, other areas often have much shorter seasons.
Considered a " dogfight Sparrow ", the AIM-7E-2 was intended to be used at shorter ranges where the missile was still travelling at high speeds, and in the head-on aspect, making it much more useful in the visual limitations imposed on the engagements.
The latest AIM-120D AMRAAM has a significantly lower range of about, but the AMRAAM is much shorter, lighter, and more flexible in its use against a wide variety of targets, including fighter planes, bombers, helicopters, patrol planes, and reconnaissance planes.
The two texts differ above all in that the Septuagint is much shorter ...
They have fewer teeth and shorter skulls, with much more specialized carnassials meant for shearing meat.
To the west of the Casiquiare, there is a much shorter and easier portage between the Orinoco and Amazon basins, called the isthmus of Pimichin, which is reached by ascending the Terni branch of the Atabapo River, an affluent of the Orinoco.
The Monastic Rule of St. Columbanus is much shorter than that of St. Benedict, consisting of only ten chapters.
These are much shorter than arrows, but can be several times heavier.
These synthesized processors can be implemented in a much shorter amount of time, giving quicker time-to-market.
If sections of the frame move in a simple manner, the compressor emits a ( slightly longer ) command that tells the decompresser to shift, rotate, lighten, or darken the copy: a longer command, but still much shorter than intraframe compression.
Denmark's general coastline is much shorter, at, as it would, among other geographical features, not include most of the 1, 419 offshore islands ( each defined as exceeding 100 square meters in area ) and the 180 km long Limfjorden, which separates Denmark's second largest island, North Jutlandic Island, 4, 686 km < sup > 2 </ sup > in size, from the rest of Jutland.
Slalom is an alpine skiing discipline, involving skiing between poles ( gates ) spaced much closer together than in Giant Slalom, Super-G or Downhill, thereby causing quicker and shorter turns.
Because this epistle is much shorter than 2 Peter, and due to various stylistic details, some writers consider that Jude was the source for the similar passages of 2 Peter.
LB is relatively new and is ineffective in resolving fragments larger than 5 kbp ; However, with its low conductivity, a much higher voltage could be used ( up to 35 V / cm ), which means a shorter analysis time for routine electrophoresis.
Powder used for rocketry can use a slower burn rate since it will accelerate the projectile for a much longer period of time, whereas powders for use in weapons such as flintlocks, caplocks or matchlocks need a higher burn rate since they must accelerate the projectile in a much shorter distance.

much and River
To the west, the Union gained control of the Mississippi River after the Battle of Shiloh ( April 1862 ) and Siege of Vicksburg, splitting the Confederacy in two and destroying much of their western army.
George French Angus may have collected a description of a bunyip in his account of a " water spirit " from the Moorundi people of the Murray River before 1847, stating it is " much dreaded by them … It inhabits the Murray ; but … they have some difficulty describing it.
Taking advantage of civil war in the Jin Dynasty, the contemporary non-Han Chinese ( Wu Hu ) ethnic groups controlled much of the country in the early 4th century and provoked large-scale Han Chinese migrations to south of the Yangtze River.
While the Chicago River historically handled much of the region's waterborne cargo, today's huge lake freighters use the city's Lake Calumet Harbor on the South Side.
Champlain went on to greater fame as the founder of New France's province of Canada which comprises much of the present-day lower St. Lawrence River valley in the province of Quebec.
The British remained in control of the Delaware River for much of the rest of the war, disrupting commerce and providing encouragement to an active Loyalist portion of the population, particularly in Sussex County.
There are numerous islands in the Detroit River, and much of the lower portion of the river is incorporated into the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge.
However, today, the Detroit River is rarely referred to as a strait, because bodies of water referred to as straits are typically much wider.
In 2001, the Wyandotte National Wildlife Refuge was absorbed into the much larger Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, which is a cooperative effort between the United States and Canada to preserve the area as an ecological refuge.
Allen spent much of the summer of 1774 writing a " pamphlet " entitled A Brief Narrative of the Proceedings of the Government of New York Relative to Their Obtaining the Jurisdiction of that Large District of Land to the Westward of the Connecticut River.
While it is difficult to comprehend how Vancouver missed the Fraser River, much of this river's delta was subject to flooding and summer freshet which prevented the captain from spotting any of its great channels as he sailed the entire shoreline from Point Roberts, Washington to Point Grey in 1792.
Greater Poland comprises much of the area drained by the Warta River and its tributaries, including the Noteć River.
During the American Civil War, the oil-producing region spread over much of western Pennsylvania, up into western New York state, and down the Ohio River valley into the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and the western part of Virginia ( now West Virginia ).
By 1901, the San Joaquin Basin was the main oil-producing region of California, and it remains so in the 21st century, with huge oil fields including the Midway-Sunset, Kern River, and Belridge fields producing much of California's onshore oil.
He saw action in the Seven Years ' War, and subsequently surveyed and mapped much of the entrance to the Saint Lawrence River during the siege of Quebec.
He showed a talent for surveying and cartography, and was responsible for mapping much of the entrance to the Saint Lawrence River during the siege, thus allowing General Wolfe to make his famous stealth attack on the Plains of Abraham.
When the Arabs conquered the region much later, their name for the river became Guadalete ( River Lethe, in Arabic ).
The isolation threshold should be at Heinjoki to the east of Vyborg, where the Baltic Sea and Ladoga were connected by a strait or a river outlet at least until the formation of the River Neva, and possibly even much later, until 12th century AD or so.
* 1874 – A flood on the Mill River in Massachusetts destroys much of four villages and kills 139 people.
The health of the Murray River has declined significantly since European settlement, particularly due to river regulation, and much of its aquatic life including native fish are now declining, rare or endangered.
The Murray River flowed to the north around the Cadell Fault, creating the channel of the Edward River which exists today and through which much of the Murray River's waters still flow.

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