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museum and
That exhibition served as a bridge to the museum s plans for an expanded exhibition on first ladies history that opened on November 19, 2011.
* Florida International University's Wolfsonian museum hosted the Thoughts on Democracy exhibition that displayed posters created by sixty leading contemporary artists and designers, invited to create a new graphic design inspired by American illustrator Norman Rockwell s “ Four Freedoms ” posters of 1943.
The Brunnier Art Museum, Iowa s only accredited museum emphasizing a decorative arts collection, is one of the nation's few museums located within a performing arts and conference complex, the Iowa State Center.
In addition, the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi is supposed to provide € 400 million over the course of 30 years for its use of the museum s prestigious brand.
The museum also holds many precise and detailed figure studies done in his youth under his father s tutelage, as well as the extensive collection of Jaime Sabartés, his close friend and personal secretary.
The island s two-floor museum situated in a building near the base of Jacob s Ladder was opened the same year and is operated by the St Helena Heritage Society.
In summer 2010, the world's first permanent airport library opened alongside the museum, providing passengers access to a collection of 1, 200 books ( translated into 29 languages ) by Dutch authors or on subjects relating to the country s history and culture.
* The Gemeentemuseum ( Municipal museum ) is home to the world s largest collection of works by the Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan as well as other modern art.
* The Museum voor Communicatie ( formerly the " PTT Museum ") is the national postal museum and houses interactive exhibits as well as one of the country s best collections of stamps.
The Director is next in command and works with the Board to establish and fulfill the museum s mission statement and to ensure that the museum is accountable to the public.
These positions and all other employees should work together toward the museum s institutional goal.
* Collections Management / Registrar responsible for the care and maintenance of all objects in the museum s collection, tracks movement of objects in and out of the museum on loan or on exhibition, records information about objects in databases-such as an object's provenance.
The museum s founder, Arthur Hazelius, began the museum by using his personal collection of buildings and other cultural materials of pre-industrial society.
The papers never mentioned who had collected the fossil, and in the first one he even mistakenly credited the painstaking cleaning and preparation of the fossil performed by Anning to the staff at Bullock s museum.
He insisted the artifacts be transferred back to the museum, negotiated for and succeeded in acquiring Fortnam's collections, later gave his father s collections to the museum, and finally, bequeathed his own Minoan collections, not without the intended effect.
In 2008, a print of Lang s original cut of the film was found in a museum in Argentina.
The print was investigated by the museum s curator after he heard an anecdote from a cinema club manager expressing surprise at the length of a print of Metropolis he had viewed.

museum and s
Instead, in 1860 the Armory was officially opened as Malta s first public museum.

museum and first
The first occasion was in 1988 for a museum tour as part of the Australian Bicentenary celebrations ; the second was for the 2006 / 7 Ashes series.
* Canova's Three Graces ( first version ) in the Hermitage museum, St. Petersburg
StuG III with 75 mm gun, first in service for the Syrian army, now in an Israeli museum.
Rutherford John Gettens was the first chemist in the U. S. to be permanently employed by an art museum.
* Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first leader of free modern Greece ( 1776 1831 ), had a large building erected ; intended as a barracks, it was subsequently used as a museum, a library and a school.
The museum was the first institution of its kind in Greece, but the collection was transferred to Athens in 1834.
In 1983, the building became the official museum of the Baltimore Orioles, which signed Ruth to his first professional contract.
The museum first opened to the public on 15 January 1759 in Montagu House in Bloomsbury, on the site of the current museum building.
The British Museum was the first of a new kind of museum national, belonging to neither church nor king, freely open to the public and aiming to collect everything.
In 1662 the Amerbaschsches Kabinett was established in Basel as the first public museum of art.
During his time at the museum he produced numerous publications on bird taxonomy, and in 1942 his first book, Systematics and the Origin of Species, which completed the evolutionary synthesis started by Darwin.
* 1683 The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England, opens as the world's first university museum.
* 1773 The first public Colonial American museum opens in Charleston, South Carolina.
He was elected on the first ballot, becoming the first black player inducted into the Cooperstown museum.
Down the hill from the museum, visitors can wander among the Outer Kerameikos ruins, the Demosion Sema, the banks of the Eridanos where some water still flows, the remains of the Pompeion and the Dipylon Gate, and walk the first blocks of the Sacred Way towards Eleusis and of the Panethenaic Way towards the Acropolis.
The museum opened on 10 August 1793, the first anniversary of the monarchy's demise.
The galleries, which the museum had initially hoped to open by 2009, represent the first major architectural intervention at the Louvre since the addition of I. M.
On 26 December 2009, Moderna Museet (" the modern museum ") opened its first outpost in the old Rooseum building in Malmö.
The first American Methodist bishops were Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury, whose boyhood home, Bishop Asbury Cottage, in West Bromwich, England, is now a museum.
In 2011, Smith announced the first museum exhibition of her photography in the United States, Camera Solo.

museum and notable
Some museum experiences have very few or no artifacts and do not necessarily call themselves museums ; the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, being notable examples where there are few artifacts, but strong, memorable stories are told or information is interpreted.
The town also has a notable archaeological museum displaying finds from the ancient city.
* Castello del Buonconsiglio, which includes a museum and the notable Torre dell ' Aquila, with a cycle of fine Gothic frescoes depicting the months, commissioned by the prince-bishop Georg von Lichtenstein.
The museum contains a notable collection of local photographs by Conor Daniells ; paintings, watercolors, drawings, and graphics by Andy Warhol ; and figures in soapstone, ivory, and wood, with many items collected by archaeologists.
Particularly notable Modernista buildings include the Masia Freixa ( 1907 ), the Vapor Aymerich Amat i Jover textile mill ( 1907 ) ( now the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia ), the Principal theater ( 1920 ), the city hall ( 1902 ), the Alegre de Sagrera house / museum ( 1911 ), the Industrial School ( 1904 ), the Gran Casino ( 1920 ), the Parc de Desinfecció ( 1920 ), and the Independència market ( 1908 ).
It is an abbey turned into a museum, with a notable Gothic-Norman portico and a Byzantine icon which, according to the tradition, was painted by St. Luke himself.
Other notable buildings are the Forbes Mill annex, dating to 1880 and now housing a history museum ; Los Gatos High School which dates from the 1920s ; and the Old Town Shopping Center, formerly the University Avenue School ( the school was established in 1882 ; the current buildings date to 1923 ).
Many of Arras's most notable structures, including the museum and several government buildings, occupy the site of the old Abbaye de Saint-Vaast.
The museum houses the Human History Collection, most notable for antiquities associated with Hadrian's Wall and the two Roman forts established in Carlisle.
The museum is the 86th most notable in the world.
Outstanding examples are the Morelos Theater, historically important for its role during the Mexican Revolution as a convention site ; architecturally, the building is notable for its facade and interior, which houses a small museum.
In 2005, the museum launched a project to develop notable gallery characters to patrol display cases, including ' facsimiles ' of luminaries such as Carl Linnaeus, Mary Anning, Dorothea Bate and William Smith.
Today there are several professional artists working on Föhr and in Alkersum there is a museum that exhibits notable international artists such as Emil Nolde, Edvard Munch or Max Liebermann.
Jablanica and Konjic are notable for battles which took place there during World War II and there is a large museum in Jablanica dedicated to these battles.
In 1968, he joined a syndicate with Rockefeller and others to buy six works by Picasso for the museum from the notable Gertrude Stein collection.
Other notable buildings in the town include Mary, Queen of Scots ' House and Jedburgh Castle Jail, now a museum.
The Museu ( museum ) Paraense Emílio Goeldi, the Teatro da Paz ( a classical theatre ), and the public library and archives are other notable institutions.
Its principal monuments include the medieval Palazzo Comunale and a tall thin tower, the Torre Comunale ; and the Pinacoteca Comunale, an art museum with mostly Renaissance works, notable for its external decoration by Giorgio Vasari.
Other notable historic features include the market cross, known as the buttercross, dating back to 1680, the old town hall ( once also serving as the fire station, and now the town museum ) of 1857 and a number of thatched mud walls.
The Palace contains a notable museum, which used to house a female chastity belt until it was stolen by thieves.
As Regius Professor at the University of Edinburgh for fifty years, Jameson is notable for his advanced scholarship in natural history, his superb museum collection, and for his tuition of Charles Darwin.
* The City museum, including a notable roman mosaic with the legend of Orpheus.
Most notable is a scene set after their first visit at the museum ( and Ray's first encounter with Vigo ).

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