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The museum s first notable addition towards its collection of antiquities, since its foundation, was by Sir William Hamilton ( 1730 – 1803 ), British Ambassador to Naples, who sold his collection of Greek and Roman artefacts to the museum in 1784 together with a number of other antiquities and natural history specimens.
That exhibition served as a bridge to the museum s plans for an expanded exhibition on first ladies history that opened on November 19, 2011.
* Florida International University's Wolfsonian museum hosted the Thoughts on Democracy exhibition that displayed posters created by sixty leading contemporary artists and designers, invited to create a new graphic design inspired by American illustrator Norman Rockwell s “ Four Freedoms ” posters of 1943.
The Brunnier Art Museum, Iowa s only accredited museum emphasizing a decorative arts collection, is one of the nation's few museums located within a performing arts and conference complex, the Iowa State Center.
In addition, the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi is supposed to provide € 400 million over the course of 30 years for its use of the museum s prestigious brand.
The museum also holds many precise and detailed figure studies done in his youth under his father s tutelage, as well as the extensive collection of Jaime Sabartés, his close friend and personal secretary.
The island s two-floor museum situated in a building near the base of Jacob s Ladder was opened the same year and is operated by the St Helena Heritage Society.
In summer 2010, the world's first permanent airport library opened alongside the museum, providing passengers access to a collection of 1, 200 books ( translated into 29 languages ) by Dutch authors or on subjects relating to the country s history and culture.
* The Gemeentemuseum ( Municipal museum ) is home to the world s largest collection of works by the Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan as well as other modern art.
* The Museum voor Communicatie ( formerly the " PTT Museum ") is the national postal museum and houses interactive exhibits as well as one of the country s best collections of stamps.
The Director is next in command and works with the Board to establish and fulfill the museum s mission statement and to ensure that the museum is accountable to the public.
These positions and all other employees should work together toward the museum s institutional goal.
* Collections Management / Registrar – responsible for the care and maintenance of all objects in the museum s collection, tracks movement of objects in and out of the museum on loan or on exhibition, records information about objects in databases-such as an object's provenance.
The museum s founder, Arthur Hazelius, began the museum by using his personal collection of buildings and other cultural materials of pre-industrial society.
The papers never mentioned who had collected the fossil, and in the first one he even mistakenly credited the painstaking cleaning and preparation of the fossil performed by Anning to the staff at Bullock s museum.
He insisted the artifacts be transferred back to the museum, negotiated for and succeeded in acquiring Fortnam's collections, later gave his father s collections to the museum, and finally, bequeathed his own Minoan collections, not without the intended effect.
In 2008, a print of Lang s original cut of the film was found in a museum in Argentina.
The print was investigated by the museum s curator after he heard an anecdote from a cinema club manager expressing surprise at the length of a print of Metropolis he had viewed.

museum and s
Instead, in 1860 the Armory was officially opened as Malta s first public museum.

museum and project
A project is under way to rebuild ' K7 ', aimed at returning Bluebird to run again at safe demonstration speeds on Coniston before housing her at the Ruskin museum.
The architect made three secretive trips to Paris, to determine the feasibility of the project ; only one museum employee knew why he was there.
Pei finally agreed that a reconstruction project was not only possible, but necessary for the future of the museum.
The Smithsonian project to build a working model of Q. northropi was the subject of the 1986 IMAX documentary On the Wing, shown at the National Air and space museum in Washington, D. C ..
After the project gradually lost the support of many of the museum s trustees, the plans were dropped in 1989.
The first full-scale, stand-alone museum of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history in the United States ( and only the second in the world after the Schwules Museum in Berlin ), The GLBT History Museum is a project of the GLBT Historical Society.
Managers of the complex announced a major renovation project that will include a new visitors center, a 500-room convention hotel and high-tech museum displays.
* The Globalized City, a publication doing case studies on the museum as a large scale development project
* In December 2010, the town museum was involved in a Coca-Cola Christmas project called Santa's Forgotten Letters.
The new museum is located partly in a renovated old textile factory, in reference to Enschede's textile history, and partly in an adjourning new building, designed by the Amsterdam-based firm SeARCH ( project architect: Bjarne Mastenbroek ).
In 2008, the Dodgers announced a $ 500 million project to build a Dodger museum, shops, and restaurants around Dodger Stadium.
For each phase of the project, the museum plans to invite one curator from the chosen region to New York for a two-year residency, where he or she will work with a team of Guggenheim staff to identify new artworks that reflect the range of talents in their areas.
Currently, the Port Alexander Historical Society is undertaking the project of creating a small museum celebrating the town's history.
This planned project will include a museum facility and the runway that will support both museum flight operations as well as serve the private aviation needs of both museum visitors and local aviators.
Recently because of a private gift of $ 300, 000 from a long-time resident, the non-profit organization Little Chute Windmill, Inc. is nearing the completion of the fundraising stage on an ambitious project to build a full-scale working windmill to be known as the Little Chute Windmill and Van Asten Visitor Center, serving as a museum and tourist attraction.
The proposal is a joint state, city and museum project.
The museum began as a project of Massena Jones ( no relation ) in a building he owned across the road from the present site.
Seventy-one sites were offered for consideration by 36 local councils and in January 1999 the then Culture Secretary Chris Smith formally launched a project to construct a new branch of the museum, Imperial War Museum North, in Trafford, Greater Manchester.
Between 2004-2010 the museum was a partner in a national learning project entitled ' Their Past Your Future ' ( TPYF ), part of the Big Lottery Fund's Veterans Reunited programme to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.
This project has been awarded almost £ 3m of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which means two floors of Barnsley's distinctive Town Hall will be transformed into state-of-the-art museum galleries, the first devoted to the borough's stories, past and present.
There are plans for a fourth museum in the town hall, a project known as Experience Barnsley.
This museum was opened in September 2001, after a renovation project beginning in 1997 restored interior and exterior features such as stone sculptures as well as the original floor plan.
The museum is a joint project of the city, INAH and the Universidad de las Americas Puebla.

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