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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 244
from Brown Corpus
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mystique and sex
Jazz, like sex, is a mystique.

mystique and with
The Emperor of Japan is defined as a symbol, not head, of state by the post-war constitution ( contrasting with the former divine status ) but is treated as an imperial head of state under diplomatic protocol ( even ranking above kings ) and retains Shinto mystique.
In 1981, Kathleen Wheeler contrasts the Crewe Manuscript note with the Preface: " Contrasting this relatively factual, literal, and dry account of the circumstances surrounding the birth of the poem with the actual published preface, one illustrates what the latter is not: it is not a literal, dry, factual account of this sort, but a highly literary piece of composition, providing the verse with a certain mystique.
The impact of these twin haircuts was immediate ; both Childeric and Theuderic, whose exceptionally long hair endowed them with royal mystique in the eyes of their countrymen, were rendered ineligible to hold the throne.
Part of the game's appeal was the use of special moves that could only be discovered by experimenting with the game controls, which created a sense of mystique and invited players to practice the game, although similar controller motions used for grappling maneuvers in the earlier Brian Jacks Uchi Mata were deemed too difficult.
De Gourmont also began a literary alliance with Joris-Karl Huysmans, to whom he dedicated his prose work Le Latin mystique ( Mystical Latin ).
Anonymity is directly related to the concept of obscurantism or pseudonymity, where an artist or group attempts to remain anonymous, for various reasons, not limited to: adding an element of mystique to themselves and / or their work, attempting to avoid what is known as the " cult of personality " or hero worship, where the charisma, good looks, wealth and / or other unrelated or mildly related aspects of the person ( s ) is the main reason for interest in their work, rather than the work itself ; also the ability to break into a field or area of interest normally dominated by males, such as James Tiptree, Jr, the famous science fiction author who was actually a woman named Alice Bradley Sheldon, as seems to also be the case with JT LeRoy.
The participation mystique aspect of art and myth was lost, and along with it, much of man's ability to live creatively in optimistic harmony with the sufferings of life.
The vast majority were concerned with a general description, often including a mixture of science, romance and mystique.
However, a Miss ' Jane Wren ' was listed among the cast on the programmes as playing Tinker Bell: this was a joke which also helped with the mystique of the fairy character, as well as fooled HM Inspector of Taxes who sent Jane Wren a tax demand.
From its earliest days, the Rangers were surrounded with the mystique of the Old West.
But it is true that, unlike his brothers and his ally Doc Holliday, who participated in several gun battles with him, Wyatt was never wounded during his entire lifetime, which only contributed to his mystique.
" Other journalists felt that Pat represented the failings of the feminine mystique, and portrayed her as being out of step with her times.
The Yeren apparently dwells in a region already rich with superstition and strange phenomena, including an inordinate occurrence of albinism in the local fauna, adding to its mystique.
Nachak regarded the film as a negative, dismal depiction of Midwestern America: " film has captured the mystique and eerie loneliness " and " isolation of the Midwest, with its dusty desolation and nowhere-to-go frustration that propels people to violence and despair.
Because of the mystique surrounding tidal islands many of them have been sites of religious worship, such as Mont Saint-Michel with its Benedictine Abbey.
Along with Spa-Francorchamps, it is rare in that the circuit in its modern form is one of the few with a lengthy history in the sport not considered to have lost much of its mystique or challenge in its adaptation for the modern, much more safety-conscious era of 21st century Formula One.
Jc DuBois of Dragon's Anime has criticized those who say that most of Golgo 13's hits are impossible to do since there are problems that would prevent him from shooting straight such as the wind or with the coriolis effect, saying that the " whole mystique of Golgo 13 is that he's just that damn good.
L ‘ architecture mystique de Cîteaux, with the text of Francois Cali, Arthaud, Paris 1956
Sage thought that the mystique built from the lack of playing traditional rock & roll would make people listen to their recordings much deeper with only their imagination to go by.
" Nazarian's research, collected over several years, consisted of books, some 350 articles, interviews with the Tucker family, hundreds of photographs, home movies and information from the Tucker Automobile Club of America who the production company considered important arbiters of the Tucker mystique.

mystique and is
it is a mystique, and their private language is rich in the multivalent ambiguities of sexual reference so that they dwell in a sexualized universe of discourse.
such is the mystique of planning that people expect that fulfillment of the plan will follow automatically upon its announcement.
However, the mystique of the cavalry is such that the name has been introduced for what was always a mechanised force.
Increasing his mystique, not a single word was ever published from Thrawn's point of view, despite Zahn's wide variety of narrators ( Luke, Han, Leia, Lando, Karrde, Mara Jade, and even minor characters like General Covell and Niles Ferrier ); instead, he is only observed by other characters, occasionally New Republic personnel but mostly his loyal second-in-command Captain Gilad Pellaeon.
Although it refers to a means of production ( not to mention an era and mystique ) as much as to an actual sound, the Nashville sound is generally dated from 1957 or 1958.
Rohrer writes, " Many of these readers are disappointed that the novel fails to meet the expectations generated by the mystique it is shrouded in.
Entertainment Weekly gave the film a " D " rating and Owen Gleiberman wrote, " What's most grating about Hackers, however, is the way the movie buys in to the computer-kid-as-elite-rebel mystique currently being peddled by magazines like Wired ".
As a significant part of her " mystique " consists of her refusal to answer questions ( or giving contradictory information ), much of Angelyne's actual biographical information is unknown or doubtful.
The legend and mystique of his life is so great that he has been mentioned in countless books, and portrayed by various actors in numerous movies and television series.
Jean Baudrillard applied commodity fetishism to explain the subjective feelings of men and women towards consumer goods in the " realm of circulation "; that is, the cultural mystique ( mystification ) that advertising ascribed to the commodities ( goods and services ) in order to encourage the buyer to purchase the goods and services as aids to the construction of his and her cultural identity.
In the 1980s total quality management became widely popular, and in the 1990s " re-engineering " went from a simple word to a mystique ( a kind of evolution that, unfortunately, draws bad managers to jump on the bandwagon without understanding what the bandwagon is ).
Tolkien's Red Book, pastiche of scholarship though it is, functions as such a medieval ' spurious source ', but the ' authority ' it imparts is by an appeal not to the tried-and-true but to the modern mystique of ' scholarly research '.
The concept of organizing a codified system is obviously not a Japanese or outwardly Asian one, though many international or foreign styles may adopt the nomenclature and systemization of koryū bujutsu ryūha in order to add an air of mystique or legitimacy to their system, or simply as a way to show respect to their roots and background.

mystique and intended
Kennedy intended to strip away the Klan's mystique ; and the trivialization of the Klan's rituals and codewords likely had a negative impact on Klan recruiting and membership.
Kennedy intended to strip away the Klan's mystique.

mystique and for
Apart from the racing market, most buyers of these boats purchase them for the mystique ; the combination of the racing and smuggling connections, plus the immense power, high top speeds, and sleek shape make these boats popular.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Brando was paid a record $ 3. 7 million ($ in today's funds ) plus 11. 75 % of the gross profits for 13 days work playing Jor-El in Superman, further adding to his mystique.
" Garbo-watching " became a sport for photographers, the media, admirers, and curious New Yorkers, but she maintained her elusive mystique to the end.
The mystique of the Lisbon girls operates also for the neighborhood boys, the narrators of the novel.
Neither do I want to account for Bob Dylan's raspy mystique, the peculiar beauty of a rainbow trout in a riffle, or a thunderstorm's magnetic terror.
Time magazine wrote, " Brown leaves analysis of the surf-cult mystique to seagoing sociologists, but demonstrates quite spiritedly that some of the brave souls mistaken for beachniks are, in fact, converts to a difficult, dangerous and dazzling sport ".
He has generally refused to discuss their content, preferring to keep the words and their inspirations shrouded in mystique and allowing for fan interpretations.
The stargate picks up heavily on this conception, emphasizing the " watery puddle " for the sake of an alien mystique.
Taken in by the Count's poise, sophistication, and mystique, Albert serves as a tool for the Count to immerse himself in Parisian society.
Friedan ends her book by promoting education and meaningful work as the ultimate method by which American women can avoid becoming trapped in the feminine mystique, calling for a drastic rethinking of what it means to be feminine, and offering several educational and occupational suggestions.
Perhaps it is for his attempts to popularize photography and to lessen its mystique that Diamond is best remembered.
* Sainte Rose de Lima, Scène mystique for soprano, female chorus and orchestra ( 1890s ); words by Félix Naquet
* 1993, La Barque mystique for ensemble
* 1993, La barque mystique, for five instruments
Salon. com cautiously praised Angel for merging the two genres-film noir and the superhero graphic-novel-that best showcase Angel's " wounded, night-crawling loner mystique ", but worried that Angel's new mission was overly sentimental: " Is the show going to turn into Touched by Angel?
It is far from the rarest of games for the Atari 2600, yet the mystique surrounding its history grants it a disproportionate amount of interest.
On Folds ' recent iTunes Originals compilation, he confesses that he had attempted to write a song about the abortion for quite some time, but he had trouble getting the song finished because it was too literal, but thanks to Darren Jessee's chorus, the song was given just enough mystique to be the hit that it was.
The cars used for these conversions were originally targeted at well-to-do retirees who wanted a large luxury vehicle ; however, with the " pimpmobile " conversions, the cars came to signify menace, mystique, and glamor.

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