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name and Monte
At Monte Bibele not far away one grave contained La Tène weapons and a pot with an Etruscan female name scratched on it.
Finally, on 7 February 1550, the cardinals chose Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte, who took the name Julius III.
Scholars generally agree that these copies were written at Monte Cassino and the end of the document refers to Abbas Raynaldus cu ... who was most probably one of the two abbots of that name at the abbey during that period.
The bank was closed in 1796 but re-opened in 1804, when Milan was capital of the Napoleonic Italian Republic, as the Monte Napoleone: from this the street derived its current name.
They gave to the Quirinal its medieval name Monte Cavallo, which lingered into the 19th century, when the hill was transformed beyond all recognition by urbanization of an expanding capital of a united Italy.
Vesuvius is a distinctive " humpbacked " mountain, consisting of a large cone ( Gran Cono ) partially encircled by the steep rim of a summit caldera caused by the collapse of an earlier and originally much higher structure called Monte Somma .< ref name =" OS storia ">
A short-lived ABC television series of the same name ran from 1969 to 1970, starring Monte Markham as Longfellow Deeds.
He joined the Benedictine Order in 1756 at the Abbey of St Maria del Monte of Cesena, where he received the monastic name Gregory.
After his transformation into the Count of Monte Cristo, he reveals his true name to his enemies as each revenge is completed.
* Monsieur Zaccone: Dantès, in the guise of the Abbé Busoni, and again as Lord Wilmore, tells an investigator that this is the Count of Monte Cristo's true name.
In a short time the name returned to the original El Monte.
In 1925, El Monte Union High School adopted “ The Lions ” name for its teams, and the Gays provided a lion mascot for big games.
The name honors the Gonzales family, owners of Rancho Rincon de la Puente del Monte, on which Gonzales was built.
Informally the name also refers to a larger district, the Monte Carlo Quarter ( corresponding to the former municipality of Monte Carlo ), which besides Monte Carlo / Spélagues also includes the wards of La Rousse / Saint Roman, Larvotto / Bas Moulins, and Saint Michel.
Founded in 1866, Monte Carlo has a name of Italian origin meaning " Mount Charles ", in honor of the then-reigning prince, Charles III of Monaco.
Monte Carlo has featured in numerous films and television series, most recently in the 2011 movie of the same name.
Its name was later changed to " Hartford ", and it served as the main link from the famed Monte Cristo timber and mining resources to the world.
Monte Facho is the name of the mountain on Cape Finisterre, which has a peak that is 238 meters above sea level.
Cale also played in La Monte Young and Tony Conrad's ensemble the Theater of Eternal Music also known as the Dream Syndicate ( not to be confused with the 1980s band of the same name ).
This paper is a very early documented use of random sampling ( which Nicholas Metropolis would name the Monte Carlo method during the Manhattan Project of World War II ) in scientific inquiry.
Bramante was born in Monte Asdrualdo ( now Fermignano ), under name Donato di Pascuccio d ' Antonio, near Urbino: here, in 1467 Luciano Laurana was adding to the Palazzo Ducale an arcaded courtyard and other features that seemed to have the true ring of a reborn antiquity to Federico da Montefeltro's ducal palace.
A longtime fireworks aficionado, Plimpton wrote the book Fireworks, and hosted an A & E Home Video with the same name featuring his many fireworks adventures with the Gruccis of New York in Monte Carlo and for the 1983 Brooklyn Bridge Centennial.
( Bocaue, Polo, San Jose del Monte, Santa Maria de Pandi, Obando and Marilao ) Malolos already existed as a Chinese settlement bearing the name Li-han, was civilized by the Augustinians in 11 June 1580 and then renamed Lihan as Malolos.

name and del
Almagro undertook his first conquest on November 1515, when he left Darien in command of 260 men and founded Villa del Acla, located in the place of the same name, but due to illness he had to leave behind this mission to the licenciate Gaspar de Espinosa.
Her name was Patrice Amati del Grande, and she became his companion after he separated from his wife.
Bernal Díaz del Castillo remarked on her beauty and graciousness ; she was the only one of the slaves whose name he remembered.
The ' fantastic descriptions ' of the isthmus by Balboa, as well as those of Columbus and other explorers, impressed Ferdinand II of Aragon and Castilla, who gave the territory the name of Castilla Aurifica ( or Castilla del Oro, Golden Castille ).
The State of Panama took in March 1841 the name of ' Estado Libre del Istmo ', or the Free State of the Isthmus.
It was also at this conference that FARC added the initials " EP ", for " Ejército del Pueblo " or " People's Army ", to the organization's name.
They might also have used smoke signals on other occasions, thus it is possible that Magellan saw such fires ( which inspired him to name the landscape Tierra del Fuego ) but he may have seen the smoke or lights of natural phenomena.
The South Sandwich Islands ( Spanish name: Islas Sandwich del Sur ) comprise 11 mostly volcanic islands ( excluding tiny satellite islands and offshore rocks ), with some active volcanoes.
The name Tierra del Fuego derives from the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan sailing for the Spanish Crown, who was the first European to visit these lands in 1520.
Nevertheless, the first direct mention of playing cards was in 1299 in a manuscript written in Siena titled " Trattato del governo della familia di Pipozzo di Sandro ", in which the existence of naibbe is mentioned, which is the first term used for playing cards ( naipes in Spanish ), originating from the Arabic word naib (` deputy ') suggesting the name of the game -` the Game of Deputies '.
Maestro Italo Marchini questioned her about this in 2002 at the Villa in Torre del Lago and she stated that in Italian the name would be Turandotta.
The Medici family came from the agricultural Mugello region, north of Florence, being mentioned for the first time in a document of 1230. The origin of the name is uncertain, although Medici is the plural of medico, also written " del medico " or " Delmedigo ", meaning, " medical doctor ".
Allende was a talented athlete in his youth, being a member of the Everton de Viña del Mar sports club ( named after the more famous English football club of the same name and which regularly competes at the highest level in Chilean football ), where he is said to have excelled at the long jump.
Murcia has a railway station called Murcia del Carmen, located in the neighborhood of the same name.
* London Island, an alternative name of Cook Island, Tierra del Fuego
The cast of virgins are also members of the Fuencisla in Velarde street, the los Remedios in front of San Juan Gate, the Socorro at the San Andrés Gate or del Carmen on the street of its own name, among others.
The fort completed in 1719 was renamed Real Fuerza del Pilar de Zaragosa ( Fort Pilar is its popular name today ).
Nowadays the Olot Art School exists as a design and arts schools with the name of Escola d ' Art i Superior de Disseny d ' Olot and occupies the " Claustres del Carme " mentioned above.
The film was banned in Chile during Pinochet's dictatorship, even though neither Chile nor Pinochet are specifically mentioned by name in the film ( although the Chilean cities of Viña del Mar and Santiago are ).
The marina from which Marina del Rey takes its name.
The city's name combines the Spanish words for " river " and " view ," although grammatical Spanish for " river view " would be Vista del Río.
The CDP's name del río is Spanish for " of the river ".

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